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This contractor has the "Trusted" certification because they're part of a premium program where we verify them every week on 21 points to make sure they are trustworthy.

Here's the list of those 21 points
  • Statement of claim/Suit/Writ/Declaration/Motion of Statement of claim
  • Judgment
  • Counterclaims
  • Seizure/Notice of execution/Execution report
  • Withdrawal/Discontinuance
  • Inscription in appeal
  • Discharge
  • Settlement out of court
  • Credit inquiries
  • Legal hypothec and crossed legal hypothec
  • Construction liens
  • Mechanics' liens (Maritimes only)
  • Alberta Builders’ liens filed (Calgary and Edmonton land title offices)
  • Income Tax Act Federal legal procedures since 2010 (statement of claim, judgment, etc.)
  • Excise Tax Act (GST) Federal legal procedures since 2010 (statement of claim, judgment, etc.)
  • Accounts in collection
  • Bankruptcy, proposal, notice of intention, receiving order, receivership, interim receiver
  • Crossed legal actions
  • Release of goods
  • Advance notice of exercise of rights
  • Orders

  • 4155 Rue des fougeres QC, G6W 1M5
    581-xxx-xxxx (Click here to show)

    Spécialisé dans la vente, l'installation et la réparation de porte de garage commerciale et résidentielle

    • Garage door
    RBQ : 5737-1304-01 - Last verified on : 2021-08-20 21:25:43
    APCHQ : 206161-06 RE


    2019-07-31 Neuville

    Garage door

    «Excellent entrepreneuf. je suis très satisfait de son travail. Rapide, professionnel et à bon prix.»
    2019-05-27 Les Rivières

    Garage door

    «J'ai retenu ce soumissionnaire. Le produit était conforme à ma commande et l'installation est complétée à ma grande satisfaction. Le tout, conforme à la soumission initiale et sans supplément. Excellent fournisseur que je recommande. »
    2018-12-07 Loretteville

    Garage door

    «Beau travail. Seulement un petit oubli de finition.»

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