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Interior Paint Colour Trends for 2023

Interior Paint Colour Trends for 2023

Interior renovationsInterior Paint Colour Trends for 2023

Are you a fan of refined and minimalist designs or are you more partial to those that mirror your flamboyant personality? Rest assured, there’s something for everyone this year. Natural, back-to-basics, and high-spirited colours are trending and to be featured on your walls! Here’s a rundown of the paint colour trends major retailers have forecasted for 2023.

What are the 2023 colour trends?

Sherwin-Williams Interior Paints

pink-tinted brown interior paint

Source: Canva

According to Sherwin-Williams, this upcoming year will be loaded with inviting, cozy colours instilling a sense of calmness. 

Their 2023 Colour of the Year is Redend Point—SW 9081. The latter favours a brown-tinted pink for an earthy, understated yet bold look. You can pair it with a variety of styles, even the most glamorous of settings, just as you would smaller areas such as a bathroom.

The brand has described it as such: “[...] a nourishing and intriguing hue [...]. It is subtle, warm and restorative, suitable in commercial or residential spaces where mind and soul can relax and be refreshed.”

Redend Point can be paired perfectly with the following colour palette: Pure White, Hushed Auburn, Malted Milk, Toile Red, Urbane Bronze, Carnelian, Cool Beige, and Foothills.

Best Wall Colours According to Farrow & Ball

orangey-red interior paint

Source: Canva

Instead of settling for just one featured colour, Farrow & Ball showcases 11 new shades, each one mapping out the 2023 trends relevant to the company. This palette includes a tint similar to that of Sherwin-Williams’ Colour of the YearBamboozle No. 304 (an orangy red)—however, it mostly showcases various greens and blues. 

All are inspired by moments of joy and well-being, these versatile choices will add a certain depth, richness, and light to your walls and furniture. 

2023 Colour of the Year: Dulux and Sico Are On the Same Page

teal blue, rugged aqua turquoise interior paint

Source: Canva

Paint companies Sico and Dulux also announced this year’s colour trends respectively. Melt Water and Vining Ivy are practically identical: a sort of teal blue, rugged aqua turquoise. 

Their creators wish to convey what really matters: nature, tranquillity, and balance. With everything going on in this world, these characteristics and mindsets have been, according to them, especially sought-after by the general public for the past two years.

Albeit dark and eloquent, both colours mainly evoke a sense of calmness and a feeling of freshness. These paints can also be paired with the new biophilic design trend where nature and raw materials like wood are showcased, along with the timeless Scandinavian aesthetic, which is defined by its refined lines and light hues. 

However, Sico predicts that some classics will still make a strong comeback to liven up your favourite living spaces, such as grey, some pastels, sage green, terracotta, and copper brown. Basically, dark and earthy tones predominantly.

If these shades are doing nothing in terms of inspiring your new wall colour, how about as an accent colour for your backsplash, to add a hint of luxury to your kitchen island, or even to add a punch of colour to your front door?

Behr’s Popular Wall Colours

light beige interior paint

Source: Canva

As for Behr, peace of mind is also a must-have in 2023, albeit in a more neutral colour palette. So for those who prefer a cozy, all-encompassing ambience, you’ll be happy to know that the Colour of the Year is Blank Canvas DC-003. A light, warm white with a hint of beige, its slogan perfectly encapsulates its founding intentions, “Find your center.”

Interior designers recommend pairing Blank Canvas with: Vine Leaf (forest green), Vintage Pewter (a slightly darker beige), Midnight Blue (its name says it all), Gratifying Gray (beigy-grey), or Cracked Pepper (dark grey with a hint of blue). 

What About Benjamin Moore’s “Colour of the Year”?

pink-tinted coral interior paint

Source: Canva

This year, Benjamin Moore is daring with a bright and dazzling colour! Raspberry Blush is in fact a blend of a nice pink-tinged coral that leaves no one indifferent. Whether it’s coated on all walls of a room, or little by little, here and there, it’ll make for a great choice.

It’s a colour driven by art and music, who better to describe it than the company itself:

Never a backdrop, Raspberry Blush is the definition of charismatic colour. This unapologetic shade of red-orange had us thinking: bold, bolder, boldest. This sentiment flows through the rest of the palette as we immerse ourselves in hues that make a statement. Inspired by an artist’s desire to communicate through colour, shape, and sound [...] To commemorate this year’s selection, Benjamin Moore enlisted electro-funk duo Chromeo to underscore the upbeat and optimistic tone of the palette and the dynamic role colour plays in self-expression—much like music.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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