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What is the price to raise a house?

Although you may not have heard of it before this point, house lifting is a common practice. In fact, many homeowners undergo this project, working with a contractor to safely raise a house and carry out the work needed on a foundation.This renovation technique is an excellent option if you’re hoping to make your home bigger or deal with ongoing structural problems.

As long as it’s not too old, the lifting method can be completed on almost any house. Raising a building in this way implies that work needs to be done in the basement. With this in mind, we should mention that an engineer's plans must be followed to a t to avoid causing damage. 

Ready to take this on? Here is all you need to know before embarking on a house lifting project!

What is the price to raise a house?

Why raise a house?

The raising of a building is a delicate operation that will require a certain budget as well as a contractor with great expertise in this area. There are several situations in which an owner can ask to raise their house, and they are:

Flooding prevention 

In Canada, basement flooding is a recurring problem. The average insurance claim resulting from basement flooding is estimated at $ 140 million per year, which implies about 30,000 to 40,000 cases.

In the spring, it’s common to see some home’s foundations drowned in the water, which can significantly reduce their lifespan. Indeed, some residences are built near the level of the water table and thus, drainage installation is not necessarily sufficient to deal with flooding issues.

Lifting the home can be a great option for permanently ending the flooding. Gaining height as well as the possibility to add a new drain under a foundation slab.

To increase its size

With the constantly rising price of real estate, expanding your home can be a good solution to increase market value. Thus, you may decide to raise your house to add a floor below, either by building a basement or a ground floor. If you’re looking to make a profit on this space, you can also make it a separate apartment rental. 

Solving a soil contamination problem: pyrrhotite and pyrite

Pyrrhotite and pyrite are two minerals found in the stone causing swelling and cracking of your concrete slab. Pyrite produces sulfuric acid by oxidizing on contact with moisture and oxygen, while pyrrhotite is composed of iron sulfide and is characterized by a bronze yellow color which blackens in air.If you notice cracks or crumbling in your foundations, then your floors may be contaminated. An expert should be called in to determine whether or not pyrrhotite or pyrite is present. Depending on the condition of the foundations, several solutions can be offered, including raising the house, which is a renovation technique commonly used to solve this kind of problem. 

What determines the price of a house lift?

There are several factors that contribute to how much it costs to lift a house, including the square footage as well as the number of floors. Naturally, a larger house will cost more to lift. Some additional cost factors include:

  • Damage: foundational damage will add costs to this project
  • Timing: a pre-scheduled job will cost less than a rushed job
  • Working with a specialist: depending on the configuration of your home, a specialist such as an architect, engineer or plumber may be necessary to complete the work.
  • Landscaping: the removal of trees, bushes or other greenery could affect the cost of this project

The cost of a house lift

Contrary to popular belief, raising a house can be a less expensive solution than the cost of digging a basement. Additionally, the lift will offer you more space and natural light, unlike a buried basement. This will inevitably increase the value of your home, if you want to sell one day.

Remember, this project will definitely require a permit and permit applications are not free. Do bear in mind that a permit will cost anywhere from $150 to $500, so remember to factor that in when drawing up your budget. 

We’d recommend comparing quotes before making a choice. Plan to spend between $30,000 and $90,000 to lift the house only and between $80,000 and $250,000 for an extension (including electrical and plumbing work).

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