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Why You Should Use Wood For Your House Extension Project

Last modified: 2020-03-02 | Approximate reading time 2 mins

Are you wondering which material you should choose for your house extension? Looking to know more about the possibilities of using wood? tells you why you should consider using wood to build your home extension. 

For a while, wood as a construction material gave way to other components such as concrete, steel and stone.  Wood was considered old-fashioned, relegated to the cracking floors of old mansions. Nowadays wood is being used everywhere, from house sidings to roofs, including ever-popular home extensions.

Environmentally friendly

One would think that wood products cause more harm than good to the environment. Such is not the case. Deforestation is an important problem these days. However, most wood being used for construction comes from forests that are being progressively replaced after the trees are cut down. In Canada, certification systems such as the FSC indicate that products which obtain their seal of approval are only using wood from companies which adhere to strict environmental standards.

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When compared to other building materials, wood requires a lot less energy throughout its life cycle: cutting down, transportation, transformation, etc... It has a much lower environmental impact than other popular materials such as steel or concrete. A study led by the CORRIM (Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials), demonstrated that residential constructions made out of steel or concrete contribute to greenhouse gas releases that are 26 %- 31 % higher than for wood materials.

Wood building materials are durable

It's hard to believe that around the world, buildings made out of wood have been standing for thousands of years. There's an idea that over time, humidity, pests and fire become inevitable. Of course, nowadays, the wood is treated to prevent these types of situations. In doing so, wood has proven that it can be a long-lasting natural building material. There are several other advantages that are important to take into account concerning constructions that are built out of wood.

First, a home extension built using wood will need almost zero maintenance. Wood has also proven itself to be extremely good in terms of energy performance, meaning that you will save money on utilities. Here are 6 beautiful examples of house extensions that were built out of wood:

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