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Home automation contractors in Canton-Tremblay, QC

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Here's a list of home automation contractors in Canton-Tremblay, QC

Dynamique Électrique

Business description

Dynamique électrique est un entrepreneur spécialisé dans le domaine de l'électricité et l'automation & contrôle auntant en résidentiel, commercial ou industriel. Nous sommes bien établis dans la région, oeuvrant depuis 25 ans dans le domaine. Notre réputation c'est forgée avec la satisfaction de notre clientèle. Nous prônons des valeurs essentiels pour nos clients, soit l'économie, la qualité et l'efficacité de nos installations. Nous cherchons toujours à donner la solutions la plus économique pour nos clients selon la qualité requise. Il nous fera plaisir de participer au succès de vos projets.

Offers the following services:

  • Electrician
  • Heated floors
  • Home Automation

Member of since 2018

Visit his profile page: Dynamique Électrique

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Average rating: 4/5

bonne satisfaction pour l'estimer recu de la part de DYNMIQUE Électrique... travaux à venir.

Résidencia Maison Intelligente inc.

Offers the following services:

  • Alarm system
  • Home Automation

Member of since 2016

Visit his profile page: Résidencia Maison Intelligente inc.

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Jinov Technologie Domotique

Business description

Pour un système de sécurité à la fine pointe de la technologie! Gérez votre maison avec votre téléphone intelligent! La technologie est à votre portée! Pour un service à la clientèle professionnel et une installation personnalisée par des techniciens chevronnés Il faut choisir : JINOV Technologie Domotique

Offers the following services:

  • Alarm system
  • Home Automation

Member of since 2019

Visit his profile page: Jinov Technologie Domotique

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Junic's Alarm Systems

Business description

Junic’s Alarm Systems is recognized for independent alarm company that strives on best, state of the art security system installation and best response time

Offers the following services:

  • Alarm system
  • Cabling - Networking
  • Home Automation

Member of since 2017

Visit his profile page: Junic's Alarm Systems

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Did you know?

Cheaper than a conventional surveillance system and more technologically advanced, residential home automation is spreading quickly all over the world. Control of doors, lights, faucets, or different equipment of the house; home automation allows you to control all of your equipment from a smartphone, computer or tablet.

Why install a home automation system?

Since the advent of smartphones, another field has seen great breakthroughs. Home automation is now widely used in the residential sector, a success that stems in particular from its efficiency and ease of use. Here are several options that are available through home automation:

-  Locking and unlocking doors

If you often lose your keys, then home automation will certainly make your life easier. Once the system is installed, you will be able to lock and unlock all the doors in the house directly from your phone. This gives you great flexibility as you will be able to open the doors of the house to your friends, neighbors and family, even if you are thousands of miles away.

- Automating your lighting system

Many homeowners are concerned about the energy consumption of their homes. Of course, family members do not always think to turn off the lights and home automation may well allow you to permanently solve this type of problem.

In a residential home, some homeowners opt for the installation of smart lamps. It is then possible to control its energy consumption by adjusting the intensity of the lights at each moment of the day. In addition, connecting your lights to your phone is a great way to make it seem like you are at home when you are actually away, thus avoiding burglaries.

- Strengthening security

Because of the monthly fees and often exorbitant installation fees, many people give up using a surveillance company to protect their home. Home automation systems do not require a subscription, since you are the one who monitors your home from your smartphone.

For example, consider installing motion detectors on doors and windows. If suspicious activity occurs in and around your home, then a notification will be sent directly to your phone. In the event that you have equipped your home with cameras, you will be able to see what is happening in real time and alert the authorities in case of danger.

To learn more about home automation, check out our article: 5 ways to use  home  automation


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