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Our service now covers areas all across Canada

How can I sign up for your service?

To open an account with us, you simply have to fill out the form which is available online, or you can contact us directly by phone (1 844 828-1588).

What are the requirements to be a part of the network?

When you sign up for our platform, we check several things. If applicable, we verify that you have the right licences for the work you do and that these licenses are valid, we ask that you have a valid civil liability insurance (not WSIB) and lastly, we verify that you have a good reputation and that you have not been involved in a lawsuit in recent years. We also ask that you provide your GST/HST tax number before we activate your account. 

How much does your service cost?

Signing up to is free. You only pay for the projects that you are interested in and that you accept. Therefore, you can retain full control over how much money you are willing to spend and you can stay on budget. Also, since you pay on a per-project basis, you know exactly what your return on investment amounts to. There are no monthly fees and we don’t charge commissions. If you sign a contract, the money’s all yours!

Is there a trial period? 

Signing up for our service is free and since there are no subscription fees, the only moment where you will pay is when you decide to accept a project. With this being said, we do have a trial offer for the first 50$ in your account. This is considered the trial period and once your account has reached that amount, you will decide if you want to keep accepting more projects.  If you do not wish to continue on with the service, you will not have to pay the 50$ amount.

How does the service work?

Customers land on our website and fill out the form, where they describe their project and indicate their needs. Next, our team validates the project and sends it into the database. Whenever a client has a project which is in your area and is within the services that you offer, you will receive an email informing you about this project. This message will include basic information, such as a brief description of the work to be done, the geographical location and the time delay to know when the client is looking to complete the project.

If you click “yes” and accept the project, we will send you a more detailed description of the project, including the client’s name, phone number, email and full address so you can contact them directly in order to meet for a quote. If you are not able to reach the client and present the quote, you can make a request so that the project will be credited to your account. 

How many contractors are referred for each project?

When filling out the project form, the client will tell us how many contractors they want. This number will vary from 1 to 4. If you accept a project, try to contact the client as soon as possible in order to maximize your chances of setting up a meeting and eventually, signing a contract. We send a limited number of contractors but this doesn’t mean that the clients aren’t looking elsewhere.

However, the number of contractors referred by our platform is always limited to a maximum of 4. 

How can I increase the number of clients that are referred to me?

We use a wide set of criteria to determine the rankings for our best contractors. Here are a few tips you can use to get more clients: (1) When we send projects, answer quickly (2) Offer a detailed quote which shows that you consider the client’s need. Having a fair price will help you sign more contracts (3) Make sure that your client gives you a good rating when we contact them through our Quality Control program.


Do I have to be registered as a contractor in RenoQuotes network to post my jobs?

Yes, you must be a contractor in the RenoQuotes network to post a job! But the good news is that it's free and without obligation! Just start here:

How much does it cost to post a job?

To publish a job offer, entrepreneurs must subscribe to a package, here are the different packages they can subscribe to and what they contain:

  • Starter 50$/month

    • 1 active job offer

    • 1 location per job

  • Basic $100/month

    • Up to 4 active offers

    • 2 locations per offer

  • Professional $150/month

    • Up to 10 active offers

    • 4 locations per offer

  • Business $250/month

    • Up to 20 active offers

    • 6 locations per plan

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Of course you can! If you haven't found your ideal candidate, you can cancel your plan at any time! However, there will be no refund if the package is terminated, the termination will only result in the non-renewal of the package next month and not the amount paid for the month in which the termination is made.

How do I post a job?

To post a job offer, you must first choose one of the packages that best suits your needs. Then, you can click on "create an ad" and enter all the necessary information. All you have to do is publish it!

Can I offer other types of jobs than those related to construction? (Ex: a secretary)

Absolutely, the purpose of this module is exclusively to allow you to publish ads in the field of construction/renovation, but you can also publish job ads that are related to your activity such as a secretary job to help you in the management of your business for example.

Can I edit my ad after I post it?

Yes, just click on "Edit Ad" and you will be able to make your changes and then post it again.

How will I know when a candidate has applied for my job? 

When a candidate applies to your job offer, you will be able to access their contact information directly on the platform. All applications are grouped in one place and you can even add annotations such as the date of the interview, the status of the application or a comment.

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