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Renovation & Landscaping

Heating and Air conditioning

Snowmelting and Infloor Heating


1 Install Snow-melting in the Driveway  
2 Install In-floor Heating  
3 Renovation & Remodeling
4 Heating and air-conditioning
5 Landscaping

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When hiring a General Contractor, most people have three main criteria:
 Quality, cost, and schedule. 

Finding a General Contractor who can deliver on these is not easy. The good news is, you already have – welcome to Amaris Group inc. As a leading General Contractor in Toronto and the GTA, we have the knowledge, experience and relationships to deliver superb work, on time and at a fair price.
Keeping your project on track, on time and on budget requires as much knowledge and craft from the General Contractor as any of the building trades involved in the project. Prodigy offers full-time onsite management and expertise with project superintendents who have an average of 5 years of field experience. We also assign a project manager to oversee overall administration and ensure that your project has limited risk exposure.
Our company’s main priority as Construction and HVAC Company is to provide our clients with the highest quality of design and materials, yet at the best price possible.  We bring an insider’s knowledge of costs and an excellent network of professional trades to deliver consistently competitive pricing on a variety of projects. We offer creative thinking on alternatives and options to stay within budget and at the same time say ahead of the competition in terms of quality of the structure.
We can come and take measurement of your house and prepare complete "permit ready" drawing (from scratch) Showing the changes that you are planning to make. Drawing that we prepare would include all architectural structural and building code. Related specifications needed as well Amaris Group will take care of applying for and obtain a building permit for tour project.
Once the designer and architect have conceptualized and planned your dream home, the Project Manager selects the appropriate trades to build your home exactly to spec and, of course, to the highest quality.

Buying an old home can be a solid investment, but going through a home renovation can be tough. Whether it’s a failing roof, a leaky basement or needing a home renovation facelift, there are always unique challenges in each home we work with, from design, realistic budgets to ‘surprises’ during the construction phase, like coding violations or mold issues.
 Luckily our 10 years in design-build has allowed us to simplify the process for our homeowners. We like to keep our process as straightforward and easy as possible, stamped with our quality & warranty guarantees with our team of licensed professionals.


Above all, the foundation of our work is based on an unwavering commitment to quality and to our clients. For us, building your home is a collaborative process every step of the way. Our relationship with our clients is a partnership built on trust, a shared vision and integrity. The Amaris Group team of experts sits down with each client to ensure we intimately understand your vision, needs and budget. You will work with a group comprised of the most esteemed professionals in their respective fields.
It is a team of not just builders, but a carefully selected group of visionaries whose mission is to build you a masterpiece.                  CONSTRUCTION

www.AMARISHVAC.COM       Heating and Air-Conditioning


  • Agrandissement de maison
  • Aménagement paysager
  • Aspirateur central
  • Balcon
  • Béton
  • Calfeutrage
  • Céramique
  • Charpente
  • Chauffage
  • Climatisation
  • Clôture
  • Coffrage
  • Décorateur
  • Démolition
  • Drain
  • Ébéniste
  • Ébéniste, sans installation
  • Électricien
  • Entretien de maison
  • Epoxy
  • Escalier - Rampe
  • Excavation
  • Fondations
  • Foyer et Poêle
  • Géothermie
  • Gouttières
  • Gypse, Murs et/ou Plafonds
  • Homme à tout faire
  • Insonorisation
  • Inspecteur en bâtiment
  • Isolation
  • Maçonnerie
  • Muret
  • Nettoyage à pression
  • Nettoyage conduit aération
  • Patio
  • Peinture
  • Pierres naturelles
  • Plancher
  • Plancher chauffant
  • Plombier
  • Porte de garage
  • Portes et fenêtres
  • Puits de lumières
  • Réfrigération
  • Rénovation extérieure
  • Rénovations
  • Rénovations - Garage
  • Revêtement extérieur
  • Soudeur
  • Tapis
  • Terrasse
  • Tireur de joint
  • Toiture
  • Ventilation
  • Vitres


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