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If you are a contractor or a client, here is the information that you need to know:


Check with your provincial authorities to find out about current recommendations for renovation projects. In some parts of Canada, contractors are allowed to present quotes and carry out renovation projects starting in the upcoming days and weeks.

For example, in Quebec, all renovation projects will be allowed to start on May 11th 2020. In Ontario and Alberta, there is no set date for construction and home renovations to be relaunched. As such, strict guidelines are still in order. Please consult your provincial government website for specific information.

In the meantime, RenoQuotes is here to put you in touch with our network of contractors. We encourage clients and contractors to follow the rules and guidelines enforced by provincial authorities.

Consult our article for tips on how to organize your project remotely: How to Receive Quotes Remotely

Be sure to check out the following article for general information about renovations during this extraordinary situation: Renovation projects in the time of COVID-19


Guidelines vary from one province to another. As the information is changing daily, we encourage you to consult your local government website for specific information.

In any case, you will have to adapt your practices when presenting quotes and carrying out the work. In some areas, only remote communications are permitted. For advice on how to present a quote remotely, check out this article: 3 tips to present quotes remotely

If you meet with a client in person and start working on a project, strict hygiene and social distancing measures must be adopted. Here's another article that could interest you: What you need to know about construction sites reopening

Do you need financial help for your renovation company? Check out this article: Guide to financial assistance programs for Canadian businesses

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How Chooses The Contractors in Their Network

Last modified: 2020-05-22 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Amanda Harvey

One of the reasons some homeowners struggle to move forward with renovation projects is due to issues with contractors. It's hard to hand over an important project to someone you don't know personally, and once deadlines come and go, needs are neglected or trust is broken and the magic of your new renovation will feel spoiled.

That's why it is of the utmost importance that home renovations revolve around positive feelings and straightforward connections. At, we recognize this, and thus, we pride ourselves on the reliable network of contractors we've built.

Here are the ways how chooses their network of contractors

For the contractors we include in our network, we have a strict ranking system based on multiple factors that are important to fostering trust and positive experiences. Firstly, our contractors must have a good record with the civil court. This means that there are no withstanding complaints against them, as well as them not having breached terms of a contract in recent time. This ensures that our contractors value their clients and follow through with projects.

We also look to the Better Business Bureau to gather information on the contractors we choose. If a contractor has received a complaint with the BBB, we will not accept them into our trusted network. The BBB's mandate is to foster honest, respectful and responsive relationships between business and consumers, to move forward with a trustworthy marketplace for all.

We are lucky to have something like the BBB in order to create an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can rely on and trust each other. Much like the Better Business Bureau, we at use our service to create and nurture trust among clients and contractors.

Liability insurance for contractors

As the construction and contracting industry can be aggressive and challenging, valid liability insurance must be held to protect the contractors, as well as the homeowners' assets. The contractor must have this coverage to protect against potential injuries, accidents or property damage that may be suffered while working on your home.

Another important note is that it is possible for contractors to accidentally damage property by way of mishandling materials or tools. At, it is necessary to provide evidence of liability insurance before becoming a member of our network. This protects our clients from any form of damage or injury claims.

Construction and renovation licences

All contractors working within the network must have a valid license for the province they are working in as well as for the work they are doing. The licenses required vary from province to province, as well as between municipalities.

However, regardless of where a tradesperson is working, if they are in the network, they will be in possession of the correct paperwork. Make sure that if you are hiring a tradesperson of any sort, they provide the correct license to work on your home or project.

Customer reviews

We pride ourselves on the reviews our clients provide regarding work our contractors have done for them. Take this one for example, which is the type of positive experience we look to foster with our service. Previous customer experience is important to us, so if you do move forward with your home renovation project, make sure we have contacted you through our Quality Control program. If not, get in touch and we would be happy to record any and all feedback you are willing to provide about your experience.

With the help of your comments, we will be able to continue to improve our services and offer only the best of the best to all past and future clients. Hopefully, these guidelines regarding how we carefully choose our trusted contractors prove that we value the customer experience, and only want what's best for our clients.

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