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Purely esthetical or essential, done on a whim or carefully thought out... The world of interior renovations is vast and answers to a wide variety of... Read more
Whether going to work in the morning or finishing your day with a quick wash of your face, you might not realize how much time we spend in our... Read more
The basement is a very unique place with regards to the rest of the home. Darker and more isolated than other areas, it is generally used for storage,... Read more
Everyone set ups their bedroom according to their own preferences. Some people want to adapt it to their own tastes, by putting a lot of effort... Read more
We can’t deny that painting usually turns out to be a time-consuming activity. Most homeowners love the idea of a fresh coat of paint, but the... Read more
There are several reasons that may motivate a homeowner to consider adding a floor to their home. A growing family or a desire to rent the new... Read more
In the process of insulating a house, the R-factor is the most important element to consider. The higher the R-factor, the better the insulation... Read more
Why move when we can transform and extend the living area of our house? Whether for economic, practical or aesthetic reasons, many people embark on house... Read more
Shingles are in place to protect the layers of roof below and more importantly, the inside of your home. They work against weather damage,... Read more
With city populations rapidly growing, and space becoming dense and limited, many are choosing to live in a townhouse or condo in lieu of... Read more
Doors and windows are often regrouped in the same category as they both represent creating openings towards the outside. They are a part of the décor... Read more
You know the popular saying, home is where the heart is. Indeed, we believe that the majority of homeowners, as well as renters, would agree.... Read more
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