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Here are some Deck contractors in Saint-Georges-de-Clarenceville, Quebec

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Did you know?

Building a patio may seem simple, but this task is not within the reach of everyone. In many parts of Canada, there are well-defined rules regarding the installation of a patio. These standards may vary from one municipality and one province to another, hence the importance of seeking more information before embarking on this type of project. Only a specialized contractor can guarantee work that is safe and of good quality.

How to choose the construction material for your patio

There are various materials on the market for the construction of a patio. Available in many shapes and colours, you will easily find a patio whose design perfectly complements the appearance of your home. Here’s a glance at 3 key materials for the construction of a patio:

- Fibreglass patio

Lightweight, durable and easy to maintain, fibreglass patios come in a variety of colours. Fibreglass is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays, frost and corrosive products, making it ideal for patio construction. Another advantage of fibreglass is its ease of maintenance; water and liquid soap will suffice for cleaning your patio.

- PVC patio

PVC is waterproof, non-slip and very soft to the touch. It is particularly known for its resistance to wear, but also to calcium and chlorine. For this reason, PVC patios are preferred for installation near pools and spas. The life of a PVC patio varies between 10 and 15 years.

- Wooden patio

Wood is timeless, so there is no risk for your patio to go out of style after a few years. Resistant and warm, this material will adapt perfectly to your wooded or flower garden. You will have the choice between several wood essences: treated, roasted or composite, which are differentiated by their prices, their characteristics and their manufacturing processes.

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