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Are you currently facing a problem with the electricity in your home or a in building that is under your responsibility? In certain parts of Canada, the law specifies that work touching on electrical systems must be carried out by certified electricians. is here to refer electricians that have all the necessary certifications. Regardless of the nature of the problem which is leading you to search for this type of contractor, we can help you in your search process.

Fill out the project form so we can refer you to the right specialists for your situation. In the upcoming days, several electricians will contact you to evaluate the problem and to present a quote.

Here are a few examples of the services that can be offered by master electricians:

  • Renovation and modernisation of the electrical panel
  • Light fixture installation
  • Light fixture repairs
  • Designing and installing lighting systems
  • Changes in terms of cables and circuits
  • Connecting spas and pools
  • Home automation
  • Electric heating
  • Fans
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • LED lighting
  • Etc., an online quoting service that helps you find good electricians

Before we let a contractor join our network, we make sure that they have all the necessary certifications to carry out this type of work, and that these certifications are still valid. We also check to see that their company is registered and that they have access to a liability insurance policy. Lastly, we verify whether the contractor has faced complaints or legal proceedings.

Electricity: both an asset and a source of danger

Renovation projects touching on electricity should never be botched, as a simple mistake can lead to severe consequences. Even years later, a faulty connection can cause circuit problems or worse, fires.

Finding a general contractor that offers electrician services

Are you planning a large-scale renovation project? Hiring a general contractor can be a good option in this case. They have the right skills and most of all, the authorizations to carry out projects that imply different trades. The general contractor and his employees will complete the tasks that are a part of their specialities and for the rest, they will rely on trustworthy sub-contractors. This means that if they aren’t qualified for electricity projects, they will find the right people.

3 things you should know about electricity work

  • Even though you aren’t allowed to complete the work yourself, you can still try to find the source of the problem, if said source is not obvious at first glance. For example: the main signs that indicate a problem with an electrical panel, leading to it needing repairs or a full replacement:
    • If the panel is equipped with fuses instead of circuit breakers (this technology is considered obsolete)
    • Lights and appliances that flicker
    • The presence of water or rust
    • Short circuits that occur on a regular basis
    • Some circuits are not working anymore
  • Modernizing your electrical system can have a positive impact on your ecological footprint and on your utility bills. When the opportunity comes up and such options are available, it is recommended that you go for systems that favour energy conservation.
  • Time permitting, get several electricians to check out your problem (3 being the ideal number), in order to compare prices that each company charges for the work. Don’t forget to take into account everything that is included in the quote, to get a better idea of the work that will be carried out.

Check out our blog section to find out more information about electricity related renovation projects, including the average budget to plan for this type of renovation project and advice from specialists, covering a wide variety of subjects.

Here is a photo gallery showcasing different projects carried out by contractors that are a part of our network:

Electrician_Renovation 01 Electrician_Renovation 02 Electrician_Renovation 03 Electrician_Renovation 04

Are you a certified electrician?

We want to work with you! Fill out our registration form. It’s easy and comes with no obligations. Click here to learn more. 

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