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Are you searching for a foundation expert? We can help you find a qualified professional. Fill out the project registration form and we will put you in contact with specialists that are a part of our network.

Here are a few of the services that are offered by our foundation contractors:

  • Foundation repairs
  • Floor leveling
  • French drain (installation, repair, replacement)
  • Pyrite problems
  • Crack repairs
  • Foundation stabilization work
  • House leveling
  • Underpinning
  • Foundation replacement
  • Structural reinforcement
  • Excavation
  • Roughcast
  • Waterproofing foundations
  • Concrete slab
  • Foundation walls
  • Architectural concrete

Do you have a foundation renovation project? will help you find specialists

We select contractors according to a precise set of criteria. First, they must absolutely have the proper licenses to complete the types of services that they offer. Next, their company must be registered. We also check to find out whether they have faced any complaints or litigations in the past.

In the registration form, contractors must fill out information about their liability insurance policy, to prove that they have one. Lastly, we conduct surveys with our clients to get comments about the contractors that we refer. Our main goal as a company is to create a network of trustworthy contractors. That’s why we focus so much on these approval steps and don’t accept just anyone.

Whether your foundation project is small or large-scaled, the process you have to go through is the same: simply fill out the project registration form and after a short amount of time, you will be put in contact with certified contractors. They will then come over to the jobsite to offer a personalized quote.

To this end, never accept a quote from a contractor that hasn’t visited the jobsite, especially when it comes to foundations. All calculations and services that are included in the quote should be based on an in-person inspection.

5 things to know about foundation renovation projects

  • Cracking of a concrete foundation is a normal phenomenon. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your foundations are in bad condition. If you inspect your foundations on a regular basis, you can find and repair cracks before they spread too much.
  • Why is it so important to waterproof your foundations? Water and humidity tend to cause damage to concrete. Since this part of the house is often exposed to these elements, protecting it is very important. Several waterproofing methods exist. To find out which one is most recommended in your case, get advice from specialists. In big-box renovation stores, you will find products that are made to be applied on foundation surface. However, you must remain vigilant as in many cases, they are not efficient.
  • How can you tell if a crack is active or passive? It is important to figure out the difference, as treatment for an “active” crack is not the same as treatment for a “passive” crack. In order to identify an active crack, start by measuring the crack during the summer. Next, come springtime, check to see if it has expanded. If so, this means that the crack is active. If you notice few changes, the crack is probably passive, at least for now. Of course, active cracks must be repaired quickly, whereas passive cracks can wait.
  • What are the signs that indicate that your house is sinking?
    • You have trouble closing doors and windows
    • You are noticing large cracks in the foundations
    • Water infiltrations
    • Floors are not leveled
    • The roof is distorted
  • What are the different types of roughcast? Roughcast is used to protect the foundation's exterior surface. It also fills decorative purposes. At least three different products are available on the market:  
    • Cement roughcast, which is applied using a trowel
    • Acrylic render, which is a mix of acrylic polymer and Portland cement. This product is applied on a fiberglass mesh.
    • Crushed stone render, which the eco-friendliest option. This product is also applied using a trowel and it looks a lot like granite.

Check out our blog section to find out more information about foundation related renovation projects, including the average budget to plan for this type of renovation project and advice from specialists, covering a wide variety of subjects.

Here is a photo gallery showcasing different exterior renovation projects carried out by contractors that are a part of our network:

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Are you a foundation specialist?

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