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Price calculator - Home extension project

The main factors that can influence the price of a home addition renovation project:
  • The type of home addition
  • The quality of the materials
  • The home addition’s surface area (the more habitable surface area, the less expensive per square foot)
However, there are other factors that are not taken into account in our cost calculator such as:
  • The mechanical aspects of the home addition project (eg: the length of the extra plumbing)
  • The delay to complete the work (eg: requiring that the work be done in the summer, which can be more expensive)
Note: This cost calculator includes the cost to provide the materials as well as the execution of the work.
Average price:
Including materials and labour
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Are you planning a home extension project? This type of project is quite substantial and requires the expertise of contractors which have acquired a lot of experience in the field of renovation. has a network which includes a number of certified contractors that can carry out home addition and extension projects:

  • Building a new floor
  • Adding a floor on top of a garage
  • Extension towards the sides
  • Extension towards the back
  • Converting a basement
  • Converting a garage
  • Cantilever house addition

For any type of plan, we will put you in contact with renovation specialists that will collaborate with you to carry out the transformation as you envision it.

Does your house no longer meet your needs?’s home extension experts are there to help you

Are you imagining a new master bedroom? A veranda? A home office? Are you thinking about expanding your kitchen? Instead of buying a new house, building a home extension could be an option to consider, as it may involve fewer costs.

House extension projects often require the expertise of several trades in the field of renovations. We refer contractors operating in all fields of the residential renovation industry: electricity, doors and windows, woodworking, framework, plumbing, paint, flooring, foundations and many more., an online quoting service that helps you find general contractors for your home addition

Home extension projects are often carried out by general contractors that oversee the whole renovation process. We have several general contractors in our network. Fill out the project form to get references.

5 things to know about home extension projects:  

  • Consult your local authorities to know about the current regulations for home additions. In some cases, you will have to apply for a special permit before starting the work.
  • Make sure that the architecture of your extension is well harmonized with the rest of the building. This aspect will mostly affect the exterior part of your home, with the choice of windows, exterior siding and roof covering for this new section. Adding extra floor space to a house will increase its resale value, as long as the esthetical aspect is taken into account. It is also important to know that certain municipal or neighbourhood rules exist which regulate esthetical choices for exterior modifications on houses.
  • Be sure that you are making a winning decision. Certain types of extensions are more advantageous than others.

These are the most financially advantageous home extensions:

  • Cantilever extensions
  • Towards the back of the house
  • On top of the garage

The least advantageous extensions:

  • Building an extension that doesn’t correspond to the house’s style
  • Transforming a bungalow
  • Enlarging an apartment


  • Make a preliminary budget. Expansion projects generally incur considerable spending as there are many steps and aspects to take into account. To see whether your project is doable, calculate exactly how much money you will be able to devote to this transformation. This way, when you meet contractors for the quotes, you will be able to see if your ideas work with your budget.
  • For a large-scale project, it is important to choose a contractor with whom you will establish a good level of communication. Meet several companies before you make your choice. By submitting your project to, you will be put in contact with 3 certified contractors with whom you will set up meetings to get quotes.

Check out our blog to learn more about house extension projects, from average prices for each type of material to maintenance tips.

Here is a photo gallery showcasing different renovation projects carried out by contractors that are a part of our network:

Home 01 Home 02 Home 03 Home 04

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