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Everything You Need to Know About Glass Partitions: Prices & Features

Everything You Need to Know About Glass Partitions: Prices & Features

Exterior renovationsEverything You Need to Know About Glass Partitions: Prices & Features

Both architecturally beautiful and light-filled, glass partitions and sunrooms add value to any property. Whether you decide to choose to add a sunroom or a glass partition, it's important to be aware of each of their particularities.

Glass Partitions vs Sunrooms

Everything About Sunrooms

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A sunroom is basically a structural steel frame with glass sides. Often mistakenly referred to as a solarium, however, unlike a solarium, which has a rigid roof, this structure has a glass roof.

Due to its steel structure, which supports the glass, it's very resistant and can even be elegantly integrated into the roof of a house (especially if the attic is converted into a living space). In addition to its strength, the steel structure has the added benefit of being easily adaptable to the various shapes of the buildings on which it's installed. Note that it's embedded in the building itself.

The difficulty in building a sunroom is that it requires the complete renovation of a wall. Ideally, it's best to build the sunroom as soon as the house plans are designed. As per the National Building Code of Canada, such a structure can be built on a traditional foundation, on a properly insulated reinforced concrete floor, or on a floor built on stilts, which is also anchored to the property.

Looking to use your sunroom year-round? To do so, you'll need to install an efficient heat source. Although it's less common, it's possible to use the sunroom to create a flowing space between two buildings sheltered from the outside elements.

Building an Interior Glass Partition

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This large-scale glazing can be used in many different ways. First and foremost, it can be used to partition the space and divide rooms in a more original fashion than through a traditional wall. Moreover, the interior glass partition enables one to create several distinct areas within the same room. Also, the amount of natural sunlight generated by the glass is very beneficial to the overall luminosity of the room. In addition, since the room isn't closed off by a solid wall, the space is aired and its dimensions are enhanced. Note that a terrace or a sunroom will also benefit greatly from the installation of a glass partition because of the proximity of these locations to the outside and the surrounding wilderness.

Last but certainly not least, is the versatility of the interior glass partition, which can be appreciated for multiple reasons. First of all, it must be said that its purposes are more than diversified. Then, let's mention the fact that they're suitable for both large and small spaces while being customizable according to individual tastes and needs. A large glass partition can be fitted with a door or simply have an opening to allow access from one room to another.

What are the specifics of sunrooms and glass partitions?

Source: Canva

Choosing the glazing

Regarding the choice of glazing, it's best to choose tempered glass or laminated glass, both of which won't shatter if broken. For year-round sunrooms, double- or triple-layer glazing is best because it provides a higher level of insulation.

Materials Needed to Build a Glass Partition or Sunroom

In terms of materials used in the construction of a glass partition or sunroom, the most common materials used are steel and wood. Sunrooms and glass partitions are renowned for blending perfectly with classic or industrial-like styles.  

Sunroom with a Glass Roof

The primary benefit of such a roof is evidently the sunlight. Indeed, a glass roof will bring unparalleled light flow to a room. As sunlight is synonymous with increased heat inside an enclosed space, you can therefore enjoy a cozy, ambient temperature from early spring to late fall.

However, since temperatures tend to climb dramatically during the summer, a ventilation system is required during the warmer season to avoid burning up during heat waves. During the winter, consider the fact that a glass roof will require much more energy than a traditional roof since it isn’t insulated.

How Much Does it Cost?

For a year-round sunroom, you’re looking at anything between $36,000 to $48,000, while a 3-season sunroom will be between $14,400 and $24,000. As for an interior glass partition, the cost varies hugely depending on its dimensions.  

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Last modified 2024-03-26

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