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Renovation tips

4 min read

Renovation and Commercial Design: 6 Magazine-Worthy Ottawa Businesses

Renovation tips

4 min read

Renovation and Commercial Design: 6 Magazine-Worthy Ottawa Businesses

Renovation tipsRenovation and Commercial Design: 6 Magazine-Worthy Ottawa Businesses

When we discuss decor or design on the blog, we usually focus on the home front. This allows our readers to find sources of inspiration to create the perfect layout for their interiors and exteriors. But what about those looking for ideas for their business?

When it comes to businesses, truth be told the appearance of your retail space plays a very important role in attracting customers. Whether it's a restaurant, a café or a store, having a look that stands out will get you a lot of attention on social media as well as on decor blogs.

In medium-sized cities like our country’s capital Ottawa, you’ll find a nice selection of boutiques and cafes, each more original than the next. This is why we’ve put together this list of 10 shops that could be featured in magazines!

Renovations and commercial design: 10 Ottawa stores worthy of magazines

1. The Thirsty Maiden

When it comes to the cafe scene in Ottawa, The Thirsty Maiden is a newer spot on the town. Locally owned and operated, It’s no wonder that in a short period T’s gained quite a bit of popularity. The interior of the cafe is simply stunning, complete with wood floors, exposed brick and a comfy selection of seating; almost like a home away from home. The Thirsty Maiden also offers outdoor seating in what could be described as an industrial area. A hidden gem with rave reviews for both the ambiance and the food, we can’t wait to visit!

the thirsty maiden ottawa

2- North & Navy

From the exterior, North & Navy looks like a little home tucked away on a residential street. But the interior boasts an up-scale dining experience that is a must for tourists and locals with a bit more of a budget. The cozy space carefully balances the line between rustic and elegant, complete with a marble bar and timeless dishware, almost as if having dinner in someone’s fancy family dining room. The food itself is inspired by Northern Italian cooking, with fresh seasonal vegetables, seafood and game championing the menu.

north & navy ottawa

3- Ebb & Flo

Ebb & Flo is a fresh and fun boutique that carries unique local and international pieces. The business is family-owned and homegrown on Canadian soil, with the Ottawa location as their second space. This shop is forward-thinking, considering the environmental implications of the pieces it showcases. The boutique itself is open and bright, with pieces carefully arranged so that it’s easiest to shop.

ebb and flow

4- Le St Laurent

The lush atmosphere of Le St Laurent resembles a scene out of Mad Men. This fine-dining restaurant boasts Ottawa’s only rooftop experience. Situated in the penthouse of a new condo, Le St Laurent has spectacular West-facing views over treetops and homes in the Ottawa region. The stunning interior is a green dream complete with a wide variety of plants, beautiful forest-coloured leather seating and dark cast wood floors and walls; not to mention the intricate light fixtures. We hear the food is divine as well!

le st laurent

5- French Girl Hair

This micro-salon is the perfect example of when a business owner is a passionate entrepreneur. French Girl Hair is a sustainable, green-friendly salon, working with cruelty-free products and a member of the Green circle community. The interior of the space is cozy, but elegant nonetheless. With a clean-lined, minimal aesthetic, we adore the light wood floors, gorgeous white tile wall and simple brass and copper accessories.

french girl hair ottawa

6- Plant & Curio

Plant & Curio is on a mission to be a fun & friendly local plant shop for Ottawa residents. Well, it’s safe to say this has been a success. This space has such a warm and welcoming interior, complete with an adorable multi-colour mural, a surprising array of displayed plants and a self-potting station for those who end up taking a green friend home. If you’re in the Ottawa area and looking for a locally made pot or gorgeous plant, look no further!

plant and curio

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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