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5 Reasons Why You Should Renovate During the Winter

5 Reasons Why You Should Renovate During the Winter

Exterior renovations5 Reasons Why You Should Renovate During the Winter

A common misconception is that it is best to plan home renovations in the summer, rather than during other parts of the year. Although certain tasks, such as paving an entrance or inspecting a roof, require conditions that are specific to the warmer season, in many cases, renovating during the winter can prove to be a good option.

5 reasons why you should plan your renovation projects in the winter

1. Contractors have more availability

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After working on renovation projects non-stop throughout the summer, contractors often find themselves experiencing a slump once the fall is over. The upside for you, the client, is that a contractor who is not overwhelmed can better focus on your renovation project. Moreover, you will soon find that it is much easier to find a qualified workforce able to work according to your availability. In the summer, the contractor is the one that arranges the schedule during this busy time.

A renovation project that is launched in winter is a project that will start quickly and end in a timely manner. Indeed, the contractor can put more workers at your disposal, which will inevitably accelerate the progress of the work. This is obviously not the case in the summer when the contractor must divide their workers between several worksites, providing more time for the completion of the work. In this way, the inconvenience will be short-lived for the occupants of the house, who will soon be able to enjoy their peace.

Meticulous work, a more attentive contractor and the opportunity to request additional modifications after the start of the project; these are the other advantages that are associated with launching a renovation project in the winter. This goes to show that renovating in the summer is not always such a good idea!

2. Renovating during the winter is often cheaper

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Have you ever compared quotes for a winter and summer renovation project? You will see very quickly that there is a real price difference for the same type of work. Since during winter, projects are scarce, contractors have no choice but to lower their fees to keep their workers busy. The lucky ones who take advantage of these reduced rates have understood that in order to reduce the cost of their renovations, it is best to renovate during the winter.

These lower prices apply both for the labour and for the construction materials. Since the winter season is less busy, the entire construction sector is operating at a slower pace. As you can see, winter is definitely one of the best periods of the year to shop for most building products and materials.

3. Shorter deadlines for obtaining a building permit

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Once again, the winter period being less busy, municipal services will not be overflowed and will be able to study your request more quickly. While in summer, getting a building permit takes a few weeks, it should only take a few days if you apply in the winter.

Consequently, there will be fewer risks of starting the work later due to delayed permits. In that sense, renovating your home during the winter is also a question of serenity and peace of mind, with a decrease in unforeseen and last-minute problems.

4. The opportunity to fully enjoy your summer

Source: Canva

Depending on the size and complexity of your renovation project, it can take weeks or even months to carry it out. During this period, you must be available at all times (which will prevent you to go on vacation).

In Canada, the summer lasts only three months and it would be very unfortunate to spoil these few good days to live in a house that is under construction. In addition, a renovation project is anything but relaxing. So you will lose precious days of rest and relaxation with your family. On the other hand, winter lasts almost six months. Six months during which you will certainly be able to start and finish your renovations in order to spend a peaceful spring and summer.

5. Comfort assured

Many prefer summer renovations in order to avoid the accumulation of dust, which is more difficult to evacuate during the winter. Think again! Whether the work is done in winter or in the summer, contractors have special equipment to recover the dust produced during the work and prevent it from spreading.

Better control of the temperature and the humidity rate inside the house, the possibility of installing tarps in front of doors and windows to limit the penetration of fresh air; contractors can offer various solutions to optimize your comfort as they are carrying out the renovation project, even in the winter.

Winter-Appropriate Renovations

Renovation projects that can be carried out in the winter

Since you are certainly less busy in winter than in summer, with trips and all the summer outings, here is a non-exhaustive list of work to be done in winter:

Renovation projects to avoid in the winter

Of course, certain types of renovations are not recommended in the winter due to rain, snow and various factors that would make these tasks more complicated or even impossible. Here is an overview of the projects to avoid during the winter period:

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Last modified 2023-11-20

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