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Custom Kitchen Cabinets: Ideas for Styles and Materials


6 min read

Custom Kitchen Cabinets: Ideas for Styles and Materials

KitchenCustom Kitchen Cabinets: Ideas for Styles and Materials

Kitchen cabinets can be the centrepiece of the space, and beautiful, well-designed ones will make a huge difference in both the layout and feel of the room. Custom kitchen cabinets are an excellent way to add a unique element to your home as well as increasing the resale value.

Further, well-made cabinets will last longer and thus, will make renovations in a few years' time unnecessary. Although these may initially cost some funds upfront, if you’re interested in the investment, it’s definitely worth it.

Ideas for custom kitchen cabinets

choisir des armoires de cuisine_Des armoires de cuisine sur mesure: idées de styles et de matériaux

Before moving forward with your custom cabinet project

Since custom kitchen cabinets are so costly, it’s necessary to make careful considerations before going right into a purchase. For this reason, choose a design, as well as a colour and material that is right for your kitchen while also fitting in with the rest of your home. We’d suggest going for something neutral or making the chosen material the star of the show. If you’re feeling really bold, go ahead and opt for a timeless pattern that won't get old.

If you’re working directly with a designer, make sure to ask their opinion regarding the specifics. Remember, this is their field of expertise and we’re certain they’d be happy to offer some concrete ideas.

1- Clean and simple

clean kitchen

source: unsplash

If your home décor has taken a modern or industrial approach, then we suggest going with a kitchen cabinet that is sleek, clean and simple. If you’ve got plenty of natural light shining into your kitchen and have an array of other elements that are white, we’d suggest going with a bold but neutral colour such as a dark grey or even as far as a black. Working with crisp and clean lines is the best way to define a modern kitchen cabinet.

Even if you’re looking for something non-traditional, like floating shelves, for example, you can still use a straight-lined design to combine with contemporary, modern or industrial décor. Bear in mind that modern kitchen cabinets are generally free of busy or ornate designs, which are serious mainstays of traditional models. Consider trying recessed panel doors and smooth edges.

When you’re picking out your hardware, think about modest and uncomplicated pieces that don’t demand an overt amount of attention. If other elements of your kitchen are busy, such as the backsplash or the flooring, all the more reason to go ahead with cleaner custom cabinets!

2- Colours!

If you’re looking for a custom kitchen counter with a more vibrant vibe, then you might be seriously considering colour. Colour adds a bit more character to a room than a simple modern white cabinet does, and continues to define your unique sense of style. First, take stock of the other elements in your kitchen and pay attention to any accent colours in other pieces of décor or artwork around the room.

These accent colours can serve as inspiration for your custom cabinet colour. If your home is working with rustic décor, we’d suggest keeping tones fairly earthy and neutral, thinking soft greys, yellows and greens. Navy and emerald green are other options if you’re looking for something that stands out a bit more.

When thinking about incorporating a solid colour, there are three main categories you can choose from: light, medium and dark. Light colours are usually neutrals, which remain soft and clean. Medium tones are fairly common in home décor; jewelled tones are just one option among several. On the other end of the spectrum are dark colours. Dark shades won’t be for everyone and should be reserved for the homeowner looking for a bit of drama.

3- Wood Cabinets


source: unsplash

Oakwood was a popular staple in the early ’90s. Coming into 2020, this material is being widely used again, with Cerused as well as driftwood finishes. This type of cabinet was a mainstay in homes and is currently having a serious resurgence. With a renewed attention to vintage materials in home décor trends, it’s no wonder that oak wood is making a comeback.

Not only does oak offer a fairly neutral palette to work with, but it’s also not as one-dimensional as paint and offers a textural quality. Custom oak cabinets are extremely versatile and can be used among various types of home décor including French cottage, rustic as well as Scandinavian inspired. As oak could remind you of kitchens past, this option isn’t for everyone. Trying a different type of wood for your cabinet is also possible, including maple, cherry or otherwise.

4- Overarching or transitional styles

Of course, when it comes to wanting custom cabinets, it’s not necessary for you to pigeonhole yourself and work with just one style. Transitional styling is quite popular, meaning that you can dabble in a bunch of various elements from different décor trends. Consider your favourite aspects of these trends and go from there. It’s easy to pull apart pieces from minimalism and contemporary styles while keeping things a little bit more traditional.

Again, if you’re working with a designer, ask them how they can incorporate some of your favourite elements. Making and matching different cabinet elements can help keep things comfortable while also offering you a bit of interest, especially if you find yourself to be an indecisive person.

5- Open shelving

open concept

source: unsplash

Now, we recognize that open shelving doesn’t connote a traditional kitchen cabinet. However, this type of shelf is gaining popularity and a custom design can still be created by a professional. If you’re especially interested in having non-traditional elements in your kitchen or you have dishware that you want to display, this option could be perfect for your home. Open concept shelving has plenty of benefits, especially offering smaller kitchen the illusion that they have more space than they actually do.

Since these shelves will be open, it may be necessary for you to take a long, hard look at where you place them in your kitchen. Open concept shelving can completely transform a room, but if placed in an awkward spot, it could overwhelm the room. Check out our article on the subject, as this might offer a bit more insight into whether or not open concept shelving is right for you.

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Last modified 2024-07-03

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