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Planning For A Master Walk-In Closet

Planning For A Master Walk-In Closet

Interior renovationsPlanning For A Master Walk-In Closet

Closets are some of the most fundamental spaces in any home as they allow for the storage of your wardrobe and much more, from footwear to jewelry and other accessories.

A great closet has room for all your knicks and knacks and then some but overall it should be both beautiful and functional at the same time. In this sense, a walk-in closet is ideal as it can give you the room necessary to store as much as possible in one place.

A walk-in closet is one that you can easily stand in while accessing whatever is stored inside. This means that this space is significantly larger than the average coat or linen closet.

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Layout ideas for walk-in closets

The first thing to consider is how space is to be divided because a harmonious space is an optimal one. If you are sharing the walk-in closet with your significant other, at the very least, it needs to be split in two; one side for them and one for you. This way it will be easier to navigate the space and will make getting ready much less hectic. We suggest considering a tall set of drawers that provides storage but also functions as a separator.

To have the most efficient walk-in closet, it’s important to use some strategies for organizing the space. Figuring out where to situate the shelves, hanging rods and where to place any drawers is tough but will save you from a headache down the line. First off, hanging rods are important for shirts, pants, and any other articles that should be hung rather than folded. If you choose to place the rods at the top, remember that shelving units shouldn’t be directly under, to allow the items to hang freely, but can be on either side.

Also, keeping these areas closer to doorways can make the closet space feel more open. Nevertheless, some designs do incorporate the hanging rods for areas near the bottom of the unit and these will be more suited towards trousers. It’s worth noting that folding and hanging trousers can almost double the storage space as it leaves shelves and drawers open.

Adjustable hanging rods, shelving and solutions for dirty laundry

Adjustable closet hanging rods can be a very great option as they require very little effort to install and can be adjusted to almost any length. And of course, if you believe multiple hanging areas are necessary, do not hesitate to install them as shelves can be inserted if they are not used as often.

Other spots should be used to incorporate both shelves and drawers so you can maximize the space for small items. While shelves are often used for everyday items like t-shirts and sweaters, you can also fill a shelf with a tie or belt rack to optimize space. In fact, it can be ideal to use separators in a drawer or two so you can neatly store items like jewelry or sunglasses.

Shallow drawers also make a great space for undergarments as they can be grabbed more easily without rifling through everything in the drawer. Keep in mind that a nice set of drawers or a built-in dresser can create a beautiful focal point for your walk-in closet.

If you wish to use the closet to store your footwear as well, it is ideal to use open shelves that can display your shoes, making it easier to select the right pair. This would be a great place to install a cube organizer as they are a great way to display your shoes.

For dirty clothes, using a hamper will help take up less space. In this case, the hamper would be ideally situated at the bottom of any shelving unit. Although a bit more costly, tilt-out hampers offer a stowaway solution when they’re empty so they remain completely out of sight. Also, it would be wise to designate the top shelves of the unit for overflow storage or for seasonal items like hats or luggage.

Do you need some advice on how to maximize the storage space in your walk-in closet? Check out our article Home Renovation: 8 Storage Tips for Closets.

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Configuring your walk-in closet

When planning for your walk-in closet, space is by far the most important factor. The space you have to work with inside your bedroom will define whether your closet is a small, medium or large-sized one. Small walk-ins are usually about 4ft by 5ft across which makes for a very tight space, one which can store its share of items but only along one wall.

Often designed for depth, it’s a better idea to use the back wall for a full-length mirror than for storage space as a mirror is a great addition. Lastly, with its small size, this style of closet is well suited for a sliding pocket door.

Medium-sized walk-in closets, on the other hand, are considerably roomier and are often 4ft by at least 6ft. At this size, you can easily have hanging space on both sides, which will give you more layout options for drawers and shelving.

A large walk-in closet is quite lavish since its size significantly outdoes small and medium closets with minimum dimensions of 6.5ft by 12ft. At this size, you can have tons of options for storage solutions and can mix and match hanging options with drawers and shelves.

The greatest option of such a large closet would be the space for an island or a peninsula. Peninsulas act as storage, filled with drawers, while also helping to break up the closet into two distinct spaces.

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Walk-in closet: what is the cost?

Since many solutions are custom-fitted and dimensions are a major factor, it’s not sensible to determine the exact cost of a walk-in. However, realistic estimates can range from at least around $1000 for a small space with some organizers for basic storage, all the way to the tens of thousands for a custom dressing room-like closet tailored to every storage need.

A great walk-in closet should complement your lifestyle and the rest of your home while making you feel like you’re in your own little boutique. To do this, you should take careful time to plan based on your existing space’s dimensions. Remember that a closet should always be well lit, with somewhere to sit while putting on socks and shoes, it should make effective use of all its space, and feature a full-length mirror.

Would you like some inspiration for your next walk-in closet? Check out our article on the subject!

Author: David Ben-Zaken

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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