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Home Renovation: 8 Storage Tips for Closets


6 min read

Home Renovation: 8 Storage Tips for Closets

StorageHome Renovation: 8 Storage Tips for Closets

One of the most frustrating things for any homeowner to experience is opening their hallway, bedroom or foyer closet to try and find something specific. Most of the time, a closet is where you'll place all the things you want to forget about.

Eventually, your closet may resemble a disaster zone. No matter how big or small your wardrobe might be, it is important to give it the respect it deserves and keep things as organized as possible.

Nothing is better than a tidy and well-maintained space, things will run smoothly when you’re searching for an outfit in the mornings or trying to find those missing, but necessary, items over the weekend. Keeping your closet organized is key to making the most of your time and energy. Not sure where to start? 

8 ways to organize and create storage in your closet

1 - Empty out what you don’t need

empty closet_Home Renovation: 8 Storage Tips for Closets

source: Pexels

Organizing your closet might seem like a quick job, but it would be best to allow this project to span over a few days. This is because the first day should be dedicated to emptying things that you no longer use or need. As we mentioned, it is easy enough to hide knick-knacks, bad gifts and hardly used items deep in the recesses of your closet.

For this reason, you should start this organization project by completely emptying everything out. If you’re working with clothing, try everything on before tossing it into a bin for donation.

Always consider recycling materials before throwing them away, as thrift shops can surely do good with large bags of clothing, accessories or unused appliances. Search online for your local consignment shops or other donation options. Keep some baskets or bags nearby to collect the things you no longer want.

Next, consider measuring the space, both width and height, thoroughly. This will offer you a better idea of the best ways to organize your closet. Dust, sweep or mop the inside of your closet to start with a clean slate. Having a completely clear space will allow you to visualize how to best move forward with reorganizing.

2 - Declutter

Now that everything is out of your closet, it is time to really work on decluttering the items that you’ve collected. Now, you may be a homeowner who experiences anxiety around the thought of being without something you might need. Let’s face it; if the item ended up in the deep recesses of your wardrobe, chances are you don’t need it. Choose what you put back into your closet wisely. If you’re having a tough time with this part of the process, keep a large bin of “maybe” clothing, and go through it in a few months. If you haven’t touched these items since the original declutter, chances are you no longer need to keep them.

3 - Shoe storage solutions for closets

Shoes are an awkward thing to manage, especially if you have a bit of a sneaker or high heel addiction. Also, for those living in multi-season climates, you likely have several pairs for all types of weather. Whatever the case, there are plenty of in-closet shoe storage solutions. Consider hanging shoes on the back of the door in this storage hack.

Place rails along the door and nail them in place, using S-hooks to hang shoes or simply hanging them by their heels. If you’ve got bigger pairs of boots that aren’t as attractive, consider building shelves above clothing racks to accommodate them while also keeping them out of sight.

4 - Opt for closet organizers

closet organizer_Home Renovation: 8 Storage Tips for Closets

source: Pixabay

So, it’s obvious that we’re not the only ones to consider organizing a closet. There are plenty of options on the market for pre-built closet organizers that will include specific spots for specific items like shoes, sweaters, jeans and belts.

Regardless of if you have a pre-built organizer or not, it is recommended that you group related items together and store each group of items based on accessibility alongside the time of year. Reserve the front and middle or easily accessible sections of your closet for the items you require most often. If it’s the middle of winter, there is no point in keeping your summer clothing smack dab in the center. As we mentioned when storing out-of-season items, use the top of your closet.

5 - Set the bar higher

The bar that runs the length of your closet is usually in place for hanging all your important clothing. However, it always seems to sit at the exact same height. Have you ever thought about hanging the rod just slightly higher? Of course, this solution won’t work in every closet, but you can try this out in those that are a bit taller or with slightly more space. This way, you can slide a dresser or shoe rack underneath your hanging garments and maximize storage. 

6 - Shelf and closet dividers

Shelf dividers are your best friend, especially in a situation with a closet that only has one shelf. Most of us have experienced the feeling when a neatly folded pile of clothes comes crashing down. Shelf dividers are a simple fix to this common issue. If you’ve got more than clothing in your closet, including paperwork, bank statements or other important documents, organize and store these in a separate area of your shelf dividers. File any papers you won’t immediately need away in a cabinet or drawer.

7 - Remove your closet door

open concept closet_Home Renovation: 8 Storage Tips for Closets

source: Pexels

If you live in a particularly small space, it is recommended that you remove your closet door altogether. Replacing your door with a curtain or a screen will save you space in both your apartment and your closet. If you’re choosing this option, treat your closet like a small room and pay attention to all the elements involved including lighting, wall colour and flooring.

Also, consider colour coordinating your wardrobe to easily find things. Making your closet an extension of your room is a wonderful way to open things up while being certain that nothing is hidden behind closed doors.

8 - Dedicate time to organizing your closet

Organizing your closet is an ongoing process, and therefore, time should be dedicated to this project every week. Spending about 15 minutes a week will allow and ensure that you don’t have to do a major decluttering job in the coming months. The more organized your closet, the less time you’ll have to dedicate to this process.

Would like to have more information on how to design a walk-in closet? Check out our article on the subject.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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