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A Shifting Approach: Pros and Cons of a Construction Company Takeover

Company Takeover
Company Takeover

A Shifting Approach: Pros and Cons of a Construction Company Takeover

Information and news on the construction sectorA Shifting Approach: Pros and Cons of a Construction Company Takeover

An entrepreneurial takeovertransferring business ownershipis an increasingly sought-after course of action in the construction industry. One way to look at this trend is by recognizing that a lot of contractors are nearing retirement age, therefore taking a step back and leaving a sort of legacy for the new generation. However, this transition isn’t done without hardships and poses a few specific challenges. In this article, we’ll take a look at the main challenges facing construction contractors deciding to entertain entrepreneurial takeovers. 

What is an entrepreneurial takeover?

Company Takeover

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An entrepreneurial takeover, or a business takeover, is pretty self-explanatory; it means taking over an existing company instead of creating a new one from the ground up

This approach appeals to contractors with an entrepreneurial spirit, seeking to broaden their professional realms. By incorporating new ideas and energies into existing operational methods, but still benefiting from a strong foundation, the buyers can unleash the company’s latent potential by way of different approaches:

  • Perfecting operations

  • Market growth

  • Launching new products or services 

Entrepreneurial takeovers are an appealing alternative to traditional entrepreneurship, boasting a pathway to company ownership with, potentially, a shortcut to success and financial gain

A Look at Family and Corporate Takeovers

A family business or corporate takeover are two distinct concepts, yet they're just as fascinating as an entrepreneurial takeover. They both offer a unique perspective on how to perpetuate and revive a business in an industry where continuity and innovation are both the same. 

Family Business Takeover

In this context, it’s turning over a business from one generation to the next, within the same family. This practice combines the same challenges as a standard takeover, but includes managing family-related matters, while emphasizing heritage preservation. 

Family business takeovers ensure the sustainability of the company in question while reinforcing family ties around a common goal. You’re often called to navigate between respecting traditions and innovating, which requires open communication and meticulous planning to prevent conflicts and ensure a smooth transition. 

Such an approach not only sustains the business within the family’s realm, but also allows you to fine-tune commercial practices to meet modern-day market expectations and challenges. 

Corporate Takeover

A corporate takeover highlights a collaborative approach—taking over a business during which a group of individuals, often employees, combine forces on account of a common will to assume control of the company for which they work. It prioritizes a property handover that’s not only inclusive, but one that’s also anchored in a deep knowledge of the company. 

This takeover model has several advantages, such as:

  • retaining the workforce;

  • sustaining company culture; and

  • providing a smooth transition.

This is made possible only since the new owners are already familiar with the ins and outs of the company

However, this sort of company takeover requires one to methodically manage the different professional relationships between the partners, as well as establish a clear-cut outline of responsibilities and policies to ensure a successful takeover.

Why take part in construction entrepreneurship?

Company Takeover

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Taking over a construction company may have several advantages. Firstly, it allows you to acquire an already established company with a roster of clients and ongoing contracts. This means you’re bypassing startup procedures and leaping over a need to foster a new client base.  

In other words, you're capitalizing on the expertise and know-how of an established business. The company staff and partners can be a fount of knowledge to the new owner, who may benefit from their construction industry experience.

Furthermore, taking over a construction company can be the perfect way to diversify or spread your professional doings. For example, if the existing company curates to a specific construction field, as a buyer, you can use this base as a way to expand your services offered. 

Lastly, taking over a construction company can also be a worthwhile financial investment. By reaping the benefits of a solid and established client base, buyers can swiftly profit off their investments and start generating new revenue. 

What are the challenges facing business buyers?

Company Takeover

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Managing Change

One of the first hurdles buyers are often faced with is managing change. Taking over an existing business means establishing new policies and management structures, as well as developing new systems and processes. This transition can be difficult as it requires the staff to adapt accordingly and have a willingness to comply with the new modes of operations. Therefore, buyers must communicate effectively with their employees and establish a trustworthy environment to facilitate the transition. 


Financing is another huge hurdle facing entrepreneurial contractors taking over a construction company. Construction will often require a hefty amount of capital, and combined with the current state of the economy and inflation, affects all sectors, whether that be equipment acquisition, hiring qualified labour, or purchasing materials. As such, it’s important to find reliable financing sources to ensure the success and growth of the company. This might include bank loans, investor partnerships, or government subsidies. 

Managing Human Resources

Another challenge facing entrepreneurial contractors is managing human resources. Taking over a company often means inheriting the current team, including its strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it’s crucial for buyers to have a thorough understanding of the team’s skills and needs to maximize productivity and employee satisfaction. If the employees retained are working on tasks that aren’t aligned with your vision as the new owner, they’ll need to be guided as they transition into their new role within the company. This may require investing in professional training and development programs, as well as establishing a collaborative and motivational work environment. 


There’s a fierce competitive aspect to the construction industry, meaning buyers are faced with a competitive environment from the get-go. They need to stand out by offering quality services, maintaining competitive pricing, and establishing strong relationships with existing and potential clients. This can extend to marketing and business development efforts, as well as maintaining strategic partnerships with other industry stakeholders.

Considering Environmental Challenges

Lastly, a massive obstacle facing construction company buyers is taking into account environmental challenges. The construction industry is increasingly conscious of the environmental repercussions of its activities, which implies considering these challenges in the realm of a strategic vision and implementing sustainable and eco-friendly practices. Buyers must be aware of these challenges and implement responsible practices in their daily operations. This can include using sustainable materials, limiting waste, and adopting green technologies. 

Selling a Business: How to Find a Buyer Using the CTEQ, an Economic Development Agency

Company Takeover

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The Centre de transfert d’entreprise du Québec (CTEQ) plays a crucial part in entrepreneurial takeovers. The agency’s mission is to guide and facilitate the process of a company takeover between a seller and a buyer. As such, the CTEQ acts as the middleman, promoting successful company transfer transactions. 

The agency’s primary purpose is to inform contractors, raising awareness as to the importance of taking over an established company. Most notably, they organize a type of National Entrepreneurship Week (la semaine nationale du reprenariat) to promote entrepreneurship and sustainability of Quebec-based companies. Said week is the perfect time for sellers and buyers to meet, exchange information, share their experiences, and create new business opportunities for themselves.

In other words, the CTEQ plays a supporting and guiding role by providing customized consulting services to sellers and buyers. There are several different ways this type of support is provided, including:

  • Training programs

  • Seminars

  • Discussion groups

  • Information sessions

Therefore, the CTEQ helps entrepreneurs prepare and structure their company takeovers, offering the right tools, resources, and advice. 

Lastly, the CTEQ has a database of companies for sale and prospective buyers seeking acquisition opportunities. As such, on account of this networking platform, the CTEQ fosters meet-ups between sellers looking to leave their companies in the rightful hands, and buyers looking for investment opportunities. From there, the CTEQ facilitates the pairing between interested parties and contributes to successful company takeovers.

Overcoming Challenges to Succeed in Construction Entrepreneurship 

There are specific and numerous challenges to overcome if you want to increase your chances of succeeding as a construction entrepreneur. Handling change, financing, managing human resources, competition, and environmental challenges are just some of the obstacles you must face as a buyer to successfully take over a company. However, with proper planning, effective communication, and a willingness for innovation, you can overcome said hurdles and prosper as a construction entrepreneur.

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Last modified 2024-02-09

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