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What Are Fascias?


3 min read

What Are Fascias?

RoofWhat Are Fascias?

In the previous article, we covered soffits (How to Install a Soffit from A-Z). However, little emphasis was placed on another element that acts hand in hand with soffits in order to protect your roof.

Although they function together to keep air circulating and prevent water infiltration, they each have a name and proper function.

To learn more about soffits, check out the above-mentioned article. The next few paragraphs will focus on fascias, their role, and proper maintenance techniques.

difference between fascias and soffits_What Are Fascias?

What Is the Purpose of Fascias?

It is part of the roof; the gutter is fitted to its surface. Therefore, it creates a watertight barrier between the gutter, soffit, and house. Since it is exposed to all weather, it serves to prevent the various elements from penetrating the house and causing structural damage.

For instance, the fascia can be affected by snow, rain, ice — which tends to accumulate in the gutters — and insects or any type of dirt which can eventually turn into mould. Besides that, it has an aesthetic function: It creates a harmonious transition between the roof and the soffits.

Tips for Installing a Fascia

Installing should be meticulously done. If not done properly, it will not adequately serve its purpose of protecting the home and such installation errors will be apparent. Homeowners who are inexperienced in remodelling should have experts execute the work.

As a matter of fact, the fascia is installed in conjunction with the soffits and the J-trim (soffit mouldings). It's part of the finishing step.

Here are the basic installation steps for these items:

  • For a stronger hold, add a one-and-a-half-inch strip along the ledge should the fascia board be too thin;

  • Lay it so the aluminum sheets fit under your flashing for additional structural integrity and aesthetics;

  • Notch each end and slightly raise the aluminum according to your template;

  • Lay the fascia from back to front, overlapping the sheets by an inch and a half.

roof fascia_What Are Fascias?


The key to maintaining your soffit and fascia is to clean your gutters! Gutters collect and hold much of the dirt that accumulates around your roof. Empty them regularly and make sure they are not damaged or broken. And, watch out for any signs of rust.

Also, small creatures often times nest in soffits during the colder months. The extra weight, which cannot be withstood, results in structural damage. Therefore, attempt to relocate them by reducing their food sources and blocking access.

gutters_What Are Fascias?

What About the Gutters? 

Gutters are also used to protect the underside of the roof against the elements. For aesthetic reasons, many people will match the colour and style of the gutters to the rest. Oftentimes, repair and maintenance contractors will also offer services for soffits and fascias.

Should you want more information regarding gutters, here are a few articles previously published on our blog: 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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