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Quartz countertops: 10 examples

Last modified: 2023-02-02 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Quartz countertops are popular for kitchen remodelling projects, valued as much for their durability as they are for the pattern and colour variations in which they’re available.

If you're interested in quartz countertops and are looking for inspiration for your abode, this article will help you get a better idea of ​​the options available.


10 quartz countertop inspirations

1- A classic quartz countertop

comptoir en quartz_Inspiration réno: 10 exemples de comptoirs en quartz

Source : Canva

Let's lay the foundation for a quartz countertop: it's often a white countertop, sometimes accented with pops of colour. Quartz generates a slight sheen when exposed to a light source.

The golden faucet and handle of the cupboard work to intensify the luminous effect that’s generated by the quartz counter. The black sink bottom and the striped soap bottle create a two-tone effect between black and white, giving the kitchen a modern look.


2- A quartz countertop for a bathroom

comptoir de quartz dans salle de bain_Inspiration réno: 10 exemples de comptoirs en quartz

Source : Canva

A quartz countertop is not limited to the kitchen, but can also be used in bathrooms! Again, the golden elements of the handles, as well as the mirror frames, offer a nice accent alongside the wood storage spaces. Quartz is an excellent option if you’re looking to add a polished material that gives the bathroom a clean look.


3- A quartz countertop in a natural stone room

comptoir de quartz pierres naturelles_Inspiration réno: 10 exemples de comptoirs en quartz

Source : Canva

Here we have the example of a quartz countertop used in conjunction with a granite floor and a marble wall: the characteristics of these three surfaces create an interesting contrast without being too intense. Quartz offers a smooth surface, allowing for the creation of a beautiful variation of textures with the wall and the floor.


4. A completely white quartz countertop

comptoir en quartz blanc_Inspiration réno: 10 exemples de comptoirs en quartz

Source : Canva

If desired, a quartz surface offers the advantage of being absolutely devoid of detail, allowing it to be treated from a practical rather than a decorative point of view. Quartz's appeal as a decorative element stems less from the quartz itself, but more from the fact that it serves as a "whiteboard" for any other decor you may want to use.

In this example, the quartz blends perfectly with the wall, while redirecting the attention to the plants. You may have already noticed it in the previous examples, but quartz and houseplants go well together. So, don’t hesitate to give your spaces a little life!

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5- A marble-like quartz countertop

comptoir en quartz marbré_Inspiration réno: 10 exemples de comptoirs en quartz

Source : Canva

If you want to give your room the cachet of marble without splurging on it, consider buying coloured quartz, which can give a marble look so desired by lovers of this material. Quartz requires less maintenance than marble, which can be an advantage for you if the kitchen’s in an area of ​​your home that you use frequently.


6- A black quartz countertop

quartz noir_Inspiration réno: 10 exemples de comptoirs en quartz

Source : Canva

A black quartz countertop brings a touch of sophistication without losing the seamless look of the material. The backsplash and other elements of the piece come together perfectly to offer a pleasant counter space without being visually overwhelming.


7- A quartz countertop in a colourful kitchen

comptoir de quartz et armoires rouges_Inspiration réno: 10 exemples de comptoirs en quartz

Source : Canva

Since it’s possible for a quartz countertop to be completely white, it can be used to help other colours in the kitchen pop! The cabinets and island add vibrant colour and create a stark contrast to the pristine whiteness of the kitchen counter.


8- A grey quartz countertop

comptoir de quartz gris_Inspiration réno: 10 exemples de comptoirs en quartz

Source : Canva

Earlier, we mentioned that quartz comes in many colours - if you're interested in grey quartz, this could be a nice option. Halfway between the softness of white quartz and the sophistication of black quartz, it gives you the best of both worlds by creating warm decor, without being too bright.


9- A rose quartz countertop

comptoir de quartz rose_Inspiration réno: 10 exemples de comptoirs en quartz_Soumission Rénovation

Source: Pinterest (cassiopeia)

This choice creates a very specific aesthetic, a little bolder than conventional colours, but which will undoubtedly appeal to big fans of the rose gold aesthetic. Once again, we find the marbled aspect in this massive counter with a sink fashioned from the same material. A bold choice if you want to emphasize originality!


10- A quartz counter for a natural decor

comptoir de quartz dans une pièce de bois_Inspiration réno: 10 exemples de comptoirs en quartz

Source: Source : Canva

Together, we saw how quartz could be used to give an almost minimalist look to many home interiors: let's end this article with a demonstration of a quartz countertop in a room made of wood. It fits in perfectly because, as in the case of colour, it redirects attention to more present elements of the room, such as the wood.

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