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Renovation Contractor - How To Stand Out From Your Competition | Renovation Quotes

Renovation Contractor - How To Stand Out From Your Competition | Renovation Quotes

Advice for contractorRenovation Contractor - How To Stand Out From Your Competition | Renovation Quotes

Owning a renovation business in a sea of contractors can be challenging. With easy access to information online, clients can make snap judgments about you and your business, all with the click of a button. But with the over-accessibility of information comes a problem; in a saturated market, how does a new business engage with clients and stand out from the rest?

We at are here to provide the key skills necessary to create a personal brand, focusing on your people skills over practical skills to make room for prospective clients who will understand you, as this will foster a sense of connectedness and engagement.

How to stand out from the competition

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Have Confidence

Confidence is key, as they say, and remaining confident in your personal brand as well as the services you offer will lead clients to trust you. If you exude confidence, it shows that you whole-heartedly believe in the services that you offer. If you don't believe in yourself, how do you expect someone else to believe in you? Remain likeable while being confident, as your prospective customers are judging every move you make.

The more genuine and interested you appear, the more your clients will like and trust you. From the first smile you exchange to the way you shake their hand, these little gestures seem insignificant, but in the end, will set you apart from the rest and keep clients coming back!

Get Online

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If your business isn't already online, now is the time to make it happen! As we've said previously, we are an internet-focused society, and staying relevant means tapping into free, available online resources. 

Use social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn to get word about your renovation business out there. If you're not comfortable working with a computer or social network, consider hiring an intern to complete these jobs for you.

Also worth considering is building your own website, a task that can be contracted out. Having a space where customers can write testimonials on your Facebook page or website is another excellent way to reaffirm that you stand behind your work. The short amount of time it will take to use social networks versus the potential business it could create is incomparable. 

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

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In an industry where so much of what is offered is similar, what are you able to offer a client that no one else can? It is important to differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd, providing unique services adds value to any renovation business. A good method is offering extra assistance for little to no charge.

Consider finding smaller, less noticeable jobs around the home and offer to complete them without cost: vacuum the floors in the room you were working in, tighten up loose siding, sprouting or screws, dust the ceiling fans and other hard to reach places. 

Providing an extra bit of finesse to the jobs you've already booked can push clients to become return customers. As well, they could potentially recommend your services to all their friends! 

Be a Problem Solver

Is there something within the contracting market that clients feel is "expected"? Poor behaviour, unreliability, hidden fees etc? Attempt to dispel your client's fear through affirmative action! 

Make good use of your time by finding out customer anxieties surrounding contractors and contract work: be receptive to prospective needs, stand behind the work that you do and take responsibility for every action.

With that in mind, use your responsibility and reliability as a selling point by assuring your prospective customers that you will only charge them once they are completely satisfied. This gains instant trust with any client and demonstrates that you stand firmly behind your work. Taking responsibility also forces a close connection to your customer as well as your crew: if the customer is happy, everyone is happy.

Commit To Your Brand

One last point for you, as a contractor, is to stand behind your brand! Now that your business is up and running, it's important to keep up with that initial confidence and focus by remaining firmly positioned behind the business principals you've set in place. Don't go back on your word, and most importantly, trust yourself and what you've built. If you're confident in the product you've created, then rest assured that your clients will be too.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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