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The Best Outdoor Privacy Screen Options for Your Deck or Terrace

The Best Outdoor Privacy Screen Options for Your Deck or Terrace

Exterior renovationsThe Best Outdoor Privacy Screen Options for Your Deck or Terrace

When it comes to relaxing in your backyard, prying eyes from neighbouring lawns can quickly become uncomfortable. Luckily, nowadays, there are numerous solutions like outdoor privacy screens for decks and terraces. Not only will these shield you from curious stares, but they’re also a nice, decorative feature. Discover below the best solutions available to fully benefit from your deck, meaning, in complete privacy. 

How to Build an Outdoor Privacy Screen for Your Deck or Terrace: Different Options Available

a privacy screen for your deck or patio

Source: Canva

Whether you live in the city or the countryside, proximity to neighbours is a real problem when you want to benefit from your backyard. Between the next-door neighbour’s bedroom window that looks out onto your garden and the neighbour’s backyard that’s facing your deck, it’s rather difficult to preserve the space’s private setting. As such, the need for privacy is a factor to keep in mind when setting up a deck or patio. 

There are several ways to shield yourself from prying eyes. As a matter of fact, adding a privacy screen is a worthwhile option that allows you to not only hide your deck but also add some flair to the overall décor. A lot of materials like wood, composite wood, or metal can be used to build one. You only need to make sure that it’s built for outdoor use and is corrosion-resistant.

Wooden Privacy Screen

a privacy screen for your deck or patio

Source: Canva

Traditionally, wood has been a very sought-after material for privacy screens. It's a timeless, warm material. And, horizontal wood slats are super trendy right now. The closer they are together, the more privacy they offer to the space altogether. Using wood is advantageous since stain adheres easily to it. As such, you can change its colour over the years to revamp the look of your backyard. More so, you can hang herb baskets on your wooden privacy partition.

Composite Wood Privacy Wall

a privacy screen for your deck or patio

Source: Canva

Composite wood is perfect to build a privacy wall on a deck. It’s extremely resistant to adverse weather conditions, moisture, mould, and insects. This material requires no maintenance and is available in a wide range of colours.

Metal Privacy Screen 

a privacy screen for your deck or patio

Source: Canva

Metal privacy walls are increasingly used in Quebec to maintain a feeling of privacy in outdoor settings. They're especially valued for their durability, strength, and resistance to the harsh east coast winters. They're also easy to maintain and add a touch of elegance to the décor. Metal screens are generally made of steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, and are available in a variety of customizable patterns. You can choose between steel, corten (weathered) steel, or aluminum. For an even more stunning look, they can be made with other noble materials such as wood or stone.

Other Privacy Screen Design Ideas

Source : Canva

Aside from deck privacy screens, other options are available to shield yourself from prying eyes in your backyard:

Green Wall

The green wall or vertical garden will shield your deck from neighbours while also giving you additional gardening space. You can build it yourself or hire a professional to carry out the task. Before jumpstarting anything, inquire as to what type of greenery you should use for such a project and make sure that you’re selecting a low-maintenance model. Still, note that this type of outdoor setting is seasonal, and can’t be used year-round. 

Hedges & Shrubs

a privacy screen for your deck or patio

Source: Canva

There’s nothing more traditional than the cedar hedge to hide your deck from nearby stares. It grows really fast and can withstand the harsh Canadian climate. If you have enough space, you can also plant perfectly pruned shrubs along your yard line to have a more airy-type fence. 


a privacy screen for your deck or patio

Source: Canva

Besides serving as an effective privacy screen, a stone privacy wall used on decking will also act as a buffer between your yard and your neighbours, and any noise emitted from within. Stone is a sustainable material that’ll add value to your property.


Outdoor curtains can also be used to maintain your privacy within the bounds of a backyard setting. Furthermore, such material could benefit the décor. Adding these to your space will create a feeling of inherent privacy and coziness. Based on the level of privacy you’re looking to create, you can choose a more or less opaque fabric. Also, it’s best to opt for waterproof and sun-resistant fabrics. 

Willow or Bamboo Screening

a privacy screen for your deck or patio

Source: Canva

Dry materials like willow or bamboo sticks will provide the sense of privacy that you’re looking for without so much as completely obstructing your view. These types of outdoor screens are available in roll form and are typically suspended for a curtain-like look. Some are also available in thicker and sturdier formats, which are used on walls or part of a pergola. 

Outdoor Privacy Screen or Partition: Examples & Pricing

a privacy screen for your deck or patio

Source: Canva

There are numerous types of privacy screens on the market, each with distinctive shapes and designs. Here are a few along with their pricing:

  • The Sprig 0.3” x 2’ x 4’ outdoor decorative panel: Made with glass-reinforced polypropylene with an interlocking branch pattern. Plan on spending $44.98 for this one. 

  • The 3-panel Arrow privacy screen: This one is available in several colours and has an 85% privacy rating. Its modern look is perfect to create an interesting visual appeal. Its price comes out to $275.84.

  • The 2-panel Arrow Corten screen: It provides excellent privacy while also being visually appealing. Plan on spending $344.81 for it. 

  • Moderna privacy screen: Made with a privacy panel and Hideaway posts, these screens are very versatile and can be used as a wind wall, barbecue enclosure, and decorative feature. It costs about $617.96 per unit. 


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Last modified 2024-03-21

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