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The main steps to take to remodel a house

Last modified: 2022-05-24 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

You may have watched a home renovation program and think that you know a thing or two about how long it takes to refurbish and remodel a house. Well, if you’re basing your knowledge off this half-hour program, you may want to do some additional research.

Regardless of if you’re renovating to make your home more beautiful or comfortable, or how big your home refurbishment project is, it will take time and effort.

If you’re on a budget, and can’t afford to hire an architect, then you can take on a home renovation project yourself. The key to a perfectly executed home renovation or refurbishment is to take the time to plan the project steps. If you have no idea where to start, do not fret because we’re here to help!

Here Are The Main Ways To Remodel a House!

It All Starts With Planning

As we mentioned in our introduction, careful planning is a crucial step in the undertaking of any home refurbishment. The best way to tackle a home refurbishment is to divide up your home into sections and look closely at each one individually.

Brainstorm what you think you’ll need to update the look of your home and refurbish according to the plans you draw up. Ensure that you take all budgeting into consideration. Further, make a list of projects that you want done by a professional, alongside those which you will be able to do yourself.

Another key step in the planning process is applying for permits. For electrical work and some plumbing jobs, it is necessary to have a permit as it will be illegal to proceed without one. This is also true of any exterior renovation.

To avoid legal trouble and the chance of having to spend much more than you’ve budgeted for, consider building permits before starting any big home refurbishment projects. Of course, if the project you're taking on is small and won't involve anything of this nature, you don't need to worry too much about finding yourself a permit. Lastly, write specific end goals for all your spaces as well as your house overall. If you know exactly what you're getting yourself into, it will allow for the most well-rounded outcome.  

House Refurbishment Budget: How to Control the Costs of a Remodeling Project

source: Pexels

As we mentioned, budget is key to the outcome of home renovations and refurbishments. Since you want your home refurbishment to be as economical as possible, it would be recommended that you carefully research the cost of all materials and appliances involved. If you are shopping online, make sure to factor in the cost of shipping. Further, never overestimate your budget, as this is a key mistake made by many homeowners. Keep it underestimated, as it is common for additional and unexpected costs to arise during the refurbishment process.

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Research and Bargain

Again, research is another important part of the planning process of a refurbishment. It’s likely that for any size project, you’ll be doing some initial research. If you have your heart set on a specific piece of furniture, a style of trimming or a material for flooring that you saw in a high-end magazine, you should be able to find a similar piece for a cheaper price from a manufacturer.

When something comes into fashion, especially within the realm of home décor, many suppliers will replicate popular styles for inexpensive prices. Look online, check out thrift stores and antique shops and see what treasures these places might hold. There are plenty of ways to have a beautiful home while keeping things economical!

An Easy Way to Remodel: Use Paint!

If you’re looking to add a breath of fresh air into the rooms of your home but don’t want to rip up the floors and the walls, why not consider a coat of paint or two? Especially if you haven’t updated the colour in quite some time, paint can drastically shift the way that your home looks and feel on the inside.

Painting greatly affects the way that the light refracts off the walls of your home, so consider colour in relation to the layout of your home. Lighter colours will work to open things up while darker ones will make rooms feel cozy. If you’re already on a budget, it might be risky to go all out with colour, so consider an accent wall or keep things monochromatic.

Look through some design magazines for inspiration regarding the latest colour trends, but also make sure to stay true to yourself and your personal design vision. Also check out our article, 5 ways to remodel your bathroom using paint



source: Pexels

Paying attention to how your store your things is one of the most underrated ways to refurbish and remodel the inside of your home. Small to mid-sized renovation projects will often involve decluttering spaces, and it is recommended that you think about inventive and creative ways to add storage to your rooms. Have you considered open concept shelving?

Are you utilizing your kitchen cabinets to the best of your ability? If you’re working with old and clunky storage units, consider giving these an update by building your own with refurbished or found materials. Open concept shelving is great in the living room or bedroom, displaying the necessary items while helping you to avoid clutter.

If you’re fine with the shelving and storage units you already have, maybe consider re-staining or repainting the units for an updated look! Increasing the efficiency of things you already have in your home is an excellent way to give it an update without going overboard.

Floor Renovation: a Cost-Effective Way to Renew Your Home

If you are renovating several aspects of your home, it would be best to leave your flooring installation or update until the end of the job. Installing the flooring as late as possible during home refurbishments and renovations will save them from damage that could occur over the course of the project.

If you’re not interested in started over regarding the ground you walk on, but you’re sick of the floors consider giving them a thorough clean, refinishing and re-staining them. We may not consider how much time we spend walking on our floors, but if you think long and hard you’ll understand why they look so dull. 

Here are some articles on floors from our renovation blog: 

Looking for specific ideas for renovation projects that can renew your home? Check out our article 8 renovation projects that will renew your home

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