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Everything you need to know about fanlights

Last modified: 2022-06-13 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Because of their popularity, hinged, sliding or hung windows rarely need presentation. But what about the fanlight?

This lesser-known type of window deserves its share of attention, especially since it has several aesthetic and functional advantages. So here’s everything you need to know about the fanlight, that window you don’t hear that much about.

Everything you need to know about fanlights

The advantages of a fanlight

fanlight_Everything you need to know about

This type of window is located at the top of a front door, an interior or garage door, another larger window or a bay window. In terms of how it is opened, it can be fixed or openable.

While it does not offer a direct view of the outside world, it still allows more natural light to enter the house's interior. Some owners decide to integrate it into the upper part of the entrance door in order to illuminate their hallway.

What’s more, an opening model (oscillating or casement windows) can help let in fresh air when needed. In this regard, it should be noted that some models can be opened mechanically or with a remote control, which is very convenient because of the particular location of this type of window.

Apart from its ability to provide a supply of brightness and/or fresh air, it has very noteworthy aesthetic qualities. Its location allows to create a visual break and avoid the inherent monotony in the presence of a very large window without divisions.

In some cases, it may also be decided to incorporate this type of window to avoid the purchase of a custom-made door. Indeed, for owners wishing to maximize the natural light input offered by their front door, it's the only other option available. It should be noted that even for those with the required budget for the purchase and installation of a custom door, this is not always possible for technical reasons.

Secondly, this window is available in several shapes and sizes. It is, therefore, possible to opt for models whose shape is rectangular, half-moon, ellipse or elongated arc-shaped (with or without divisions), as well as for models of small or large sizes.

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The fabrication materials of a fanlight

fanlight_Everything you need to know about

A window or door fanlight can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, PVC or aluminum. If it's integrated at the top of a door, the material selection will naturally depend on the manufacturing material of the door.

PVC fanlights

PVC fanlights are an option often chosen because of the low maintenance they require. It is also necessary to emphasize the diversity of colours in which it is possible to manufacture a PVC fanlight. Offering a good price/quality ratio, it is highly resistant to moisture, insects and corrosion.

Its durability, as well as its insulation performance, are also among its qualities. Finally, remember that she will not be prone to condensation problems, which is certainly an advantage worth mentioning.

Wood fanlights

As for the wooden fanlight, it will require the application of a layer of dye or paint to be preserved correctly. More expensive than its PVC counterpart, it has a unique charm as well as good insulating properties. Finally, let's mention that a large number of finishes are available, which makes them an option worth considering.

Aluminum fanlights

It is also possible to purchase an aluminum fanlight, which guarantees very good durability and requires little maintenance. What’s more, its resistance to corrosion is another major asset in its favour.

Since nothing is perfect, we need to specify that its energy performance will usually be lower than that achieved by a PVC fanlight. Finally, be aware that in case of breakage, the only solution is often the complete replacement of the fanlight.

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