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Steps to Building an Inground Pool | Renovation Quotes

Steps to Building an Inground Pool | Renovation Quotes

Exterior renovationsSteps to Building an Inground Pool | Renovation Quotes

While the summer heat is much appreciated throughout Canada, that doesn’t make it easy to bear. Have you ever dreamed of lounging by the pool while the sun is at its hottest? Does the idea of spending your summer weekend entertaining around a pool sound enticing? Imagine taking a cool dip or swimming a few laps to help alleviate the intense summer heat!

These are some reasons why having a pool is a great excuse to open up your yard and make room for memories to come.  Knowing how much a pool can transform your home, we’ve compiled this informative guide to give you the necessary steps to follow in building your dream backyard oasis!


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First off, we should define the basics and this begins with the type of pool you choose. Remember that all the work required for the job will be determined by the type of pool you choose. Moreover, the size, shape, and material are factors that will all impact the overall price and time for construction. While, technically, the construction of a pool can be done on your own, we strongly discourage taking on such an intensive job by yourself. Instead, you should contact qualified professionals. With significant jobs of this nature, risks are great in terms of both size and risk and using a professional to carry out the work will almost completely mitigate those risks.

While pools are available in pre-fabricated models that sit above the ground, this guide will best serve homeowners considering adding an inground pool on their property. Inground pools are often constructed out of three materials; concrete, vinyl and fibreglass which tend to be very solid, well-made options that are often guaranteed to stand the test of time.  The inground option is also much bigger than the inground one so while you will need a sizeable backyard to properly accommodate this type of pool, you will benefit from the space to entertain big parties.

Tracing the pool's contours

This is the first major step after having conceptualized the basics like what materials you’d like to use as well as the area you have to work with. By now you should have also chosen a fairly precise location in your yard. You should also have a good idea of the shape you want, whether it’s something curvier and kidney-shaped or something classic and rectilinear. Now the contractor will be tasked with measuring and delimiting the dimensions of your pool. If any base changes, such as the location, need to be completed, this will be the easiest point to do so.


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The landscaping

Once the tracing and elemental planning are complete, the heavy work can get underway. The excavation will serve to delineate the location and the depth of the basin. This earthwork stage is crucial and will allow you to make modifications to your pool's edges and its depth, or continue with the original design. It is ideal to keep some excavated earth for later use as you can use it to backfill the area. It’s also preferable to leave additional space in your work area when digging around the pool to facilitate the work and any unforeseen changes as well as space for laying pipes.

Drainage for your pool

When water is present, it is important to install a system of drains to help remove surplus water that can lead to flooding and significant damage. This is essentially what kind of drainage needs to be employed to guarantee you will avoid having a flooded yard. The drain can be located alongside or in the foundation of the basin to divert water that could put extra pressure on the walls of your pool. If your land sits over a water table, on clay soil or a slope, installing proper drainage will prove an indispensable investment!

The structure

By this point, everything is just about ready to begin building the pool of your dreams. You can finally start on the foundation of your pool. As mentioned earlier, there are three foundation materials to choose from: concrete, vinyl, and fibreglass. Of course, the installation process for the floor and walls will depend on your choice of material and may differ accordingly. A very important step during this part of the process is to ensure that there is an effective seal on any edges as well as any elements which will be submerged for extended periods.

The pipes

As stated earlier, your pool will need piping to function effectively. Of course, a crucial part of this will be a filtration system, something we suggest you both research heavily and be prepared to spend. This is because the filtration system is the most important part of preserving water quality, ensuring that it is safe to swim in. When connecting the whole pipe system, you can either link it directly to your home or a local area close by.


Now all the necessary parts for the proper functioning of your pool have been laid down. The job now shifts to aesthetic landscaping as you start to cover any holes in the ground and fill in any gaps around the pool with soil. It is extremely important to verify that all aspects of the pool are in place, such as drainage pipes and any parts that need to be sealed.

The coating

This is one of the final stages that will transform your pool into the dream pool you envisioned. The wall and floor coating you use will depend on the material used during the construction phase. Any waterproofing you’ve done needs to be perfect to be able to use any material like liners and tiles.

Filling the pool

The big moment has finally arrived! Your pool is reflecting the image you had in your mind and there’s only one thing you want: to jump in as quickly as possible, but you still need to be patient. Once the workers have finished up, your empty basin needs to be filled with water. Be aware that depending on the size of your inground pool, filling it up with the appropriate level of water could take as many as several days. Your dream pool will now be ready to use and keep you cool throughout every hot day!

Author: David Ben-Zaken

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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