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Installing New Windows: Different Models Available

Installing New Windows: Different Models Available

Interior renovationsInstalling New Windows: Different Models Available

Replacing all the windows in a home is such an expensive endeavour, so clearly, no one goes about it blindly. Since the financial aspect of choosing new windows cannot be taken lightly, it is best to mull it over before landing on a specific window model.  

If window material is at the top of your priority list, you should definitely consider other aspects to ensure that you do not regret this long-term investment. 

Choosing Your Windows: A Question of Need and Means

Which model suits your needs and your budget?

Before decidedly landing on a specific window type, start by outlining the pros and cons of each type of available material. To make things easier, check out the chart below:

Type of Window




  • Affordable
  • Great energy conversion efficiency
  • Can be painted (exterior frame)
  • Is not a channel for cold drafts

  • Less aesthetically pleasing


  • Very sturdy
  • Large glass surface (a result of the thin frame)
  • Resistant to temperature changes
  • Does not warp
  • Resistant to strong gusts of wind
  • Long-lasting durability (40-50 years)
  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Higher price point
  • Conductive material = energy conversion efficiency is not as good
  • Opening and closing the window requires more of an effort (due to the 4 panes)



  • Can be restored
  • Good insulation
  • Aesthetically interesting
  • Durable
  • Good quality-price

  • Very expensive
  • Hard to maintain


  • As sturdy as aluminum
  • Stable (and airtight)
  • Can be repaired similarly to wood
  • Can be painted
  • Low maintenance
  • Wear-resistant

  • Releases volatile organic compounds during the manufacturing process
  • Available in only a few models
  • Very expensive

Obviously, selecting a window model does not solely revolve around your needs in terms of maintenance or insulation, but involves choosing a window model that suits your budget. Even though the total cost of your project will depend on numerous factors, such as the number of windows that need to be replaced, size, type of installation required (window replacement, full frame, storm window), and window material will also have to be factored in here.

Since most things simply come down to a matter of money, note that PVC windows are more affordable. When it comes to aluminum windows, your budget will have to be a little bit higher. And for those opting for wood-framed or fibreglass windows, you will have to drop even more money. Indeed, these last two models are currently the most expensive options on the market.

Want more information regarding installation costs? Check out our article How Much Does it Cost to Install a Window?

Selecting a Model

exterior window view_installing new windows: different models available

Photo: Unsplash

Choosing a window model also means selecting the type of opening you want. About this, let us just say that the options are just as numerous as they are diversified: sliding or hung window, casement or crank, tilt and turn, and many more. Contrary to popular belief, the availability of certain window models depends on one material to the next. That is something else you will need to factor in when purchasing new windows.

The Sliding Window

The sliding window, which has a lateral opening, allows for no obstructions once opened. Due to its simple and neutral features, this model can easily be integrated into any decor. On the other hand, note that sliding window models tend to collect dust quickly and are relatively hard to clean. 

Lastly, bear in mind that this type of window has a lower energy efficiency rating than its counterparts. Also, this model is not the best, insulation-wise.

The Hung Window

Amongst the other available models, note the hung window. Just as popular as the sliding window, this model is ideal for rooms with limited space and, this type of window is known for its easy-to-maintain features. Since it offers the same amount of clearance when opened and lacks a casement, it offers great airflow. However, this model does not appear to be the highest ranked in terms of sealant. 

The Casement Window

The casement or cremone bolt windows are usually a crowd favourite for those looking for a window type that guarantees a good security level. Airtight and space clearing due to its specific way of opening (outwardly), it still remains rather hard to clean since the window panes are huge. 

Its equivalent, the French casement window, is a window type that is particularly cherished for its capacity to suit historical or heritage-style homes. Note that casement window panes are harder to clean, especially should they be considerably large.

Curious about the pros and cons of architectural, fixed, and tilt and turn windows? Feel free to contact professionals in the matter for more information. That way, you will be able to know if the ever-so-desired model is really capable of fulfilling your needs and that of your home. 

More Elements to Consider When Selecting Your Windows

Energy Star certification 

white window_installing new windows: different models available

Photo: Unsplash

Should your main goal be to choose a model that will lower your energy consumption, opting for Energy Star-certified windows is a good start. Veering toward this option may lead to an annual heating bill that is 10% lower. 

This money-saving option aside, note that this type of window also allows for fewer drafts, which helps maintain an overall constant and comfortable ambient temperature. Also, its soundproofing feature is distinctively better. And, let us not forget about the window’s Energy Star certification limiting the possibility of condensation, as well as its eco-friendly manufacturing process. 

Window Spacers and Weatherstrips

Since the devil is in the details, let us mention that the window spacer (what surrounds the window glazing and acts as a sealant) is not without importance. With this in mind, the best window spacers that money could buy are not metal-based. As a matter of fact, spacers are extremely effective in limiting the condensation that occurs at the window bottoms.

As for weatherstrips, it is highly recommended to choose a rubber model for two simple reasons: They are durable and unperturbed when faced with weather variations.

Are you looking to get a cost estimate for your window replacement project? Try out our cost calculator.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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