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What is an interior system?

Last modified: 2020-01-13 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Have you met an interior system contractor before? This is a profession where precision is essential to ensure quality finishes inside the home. The installation of the interior system consists of erecting walls, partitions, suspended ceilings, but also aims at the work of insulation and soundproofing. 

In the construction of a new house or a renovation, the interior system of a house ensures its inhabitants' optimal comfort: aesthetically, thermally and sonically. 

Curious about this subject? Here’s a shortlist of the work that can be done during the installation of an interior system inside your home. 

Architects and contractors building loft

Interior system: acoustic soundproofing

Good soundproofing improves rest and tranquillity while at home. For effective soundproofing, the best idea would be to include the installation of soundproofing materials during the initial design stages of a renovation project. 

It may be difficult to improve the soundproofing of an existing home, as this involves major renovations. However, a home that allows for noise to penetrate into the interior can become hellish over time. Fortunately, there are many ways to fix it, starting with an indoor contractor to tell you what needs to be done. 

Soundproofing a room requires eliminating the specific vibrations that create noise. Whether you choose to insulate walls, floors or ceilings, there’s a multitude of products on the market with sound-absorbing materials. This includes wall panels, acoustic tiles, wool fibre, rock or mineral. The choice should be made in collaboration with your contractor, as dependant on your budget and the surface to be soundproofed.  

wall mouldings interior system

Mouldings and ornaments

Mouldings are the decorative finishes that can be found in various areas around the home, including on the top or bottom of walls, ceilings, as well as around doors and windows.  Mouldings are a perfect way to personalize the interior of your home, as they add character to your rooms with a unique finish.

Although it seems simple, the application of your moulding requires great attention to detail. This process is a question of assembling the pieces appropriately in order for edges to be harmonious. The materials necessary for this task are a saw, glue, hammer, and nails. Additionally, your budget will have a big impact on the choice of your mouldings. Know that the price of this work can vary a lot, and will be dependant on whether you choose prefabricated mouldings or custom-designed mouldings. 

interior system ceiling walls moulding

Interior system: installation of a suspended ceiling

Also known as a “false ceiling,” a suspended ceiling is located under the base ceiling. Composed of lightweight materials such as plasterboard or mineral fiber tiles, a false ceiling is usually installed in offices when the height of the ceiling allows for it. Suspended ceilings are also found in homes as a way to conceal ducts or visible plumbing. In addition, the void created between the ceiling and the false ceiling allows for the installation of a soundproofing system or invisible thermal insulation. 

Depending on the area to be covered, the installation of a suspended ceiling will require some time, because you’ll need to install the tiles one by one. The smaller the tiles, the longer the work will take. If you run out of time, you could eventually hire an interior system contractor who will professionally install your suspended ceiling. 

Contractors installing walls

Applying drywall joint compound 

Drywall and joints are an integral part of the interior system. If you have the time, patience and the right tools, it’s possible to carry out the process yourself. Depending on the area you’re working with, it will take about 4 days to fully complete a joint draft project. 

In reality, the work it takes to complete this project isn’t overly time-consuming. In fact, it's the time it takes for pieces to dry that will lengthen the project, as drying between each layer takes between 18 to 24 hours. To complete this project, it's recommended that you be equipped with a good fan, as this will allow you to speed up the drying time and save a few hours. If you feel you don't have the time to complete this project, we’d recommend working with a plastering and joint drafting professional, as they will have the dexterity and precision to complete the job. 


Installing gypsum boards

Used in new construction and renovation, gypsum panels are part of the composition of the interior partitions. Once installed, you can create a finish on the surface with products like latex or acrylic paint, wallpaper or ceramics. 

On walls or ceilings, the installation of gypsum boards represents a decisive step when it comes to the installation of an interior system. As mentioned, this type of work requires great rigour and a certain thoroughness. You will have the choice between ordinary gypsum, fireproof, water-repellent or reinforced to satisfy all your needs. 

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