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Why Opt for White Brick Walls?

Last modified: 2022-12-09 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

Cynthia Pigeon

As far as interior design goes, there are two schools of thought when it comes to white walls. Some love the way their seemingly timeless shade enhances and brightens a room, while others find them rather boring, uninviting even. A clever way to reconcile these opposites is to add texture. Rather than simply painting your walls white, opt for a cladding that'll add volume, patterns, and elegance to any space within your home, like a white brick.

Interior Wall Cladding: White Brick

Source : Canva

One of the universal principles behind creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere, regardless of the decor, is to showcase different elements. There's nothing like natural materials to get you started.

Whether you choose imitation white brick wallpaper or a veneer wall panelling that’ll echo its porous, weathered look, definitely opt for warm shades of white. Just a dash of beige or a smear will draw out that original brick colour as a base, and you'll avoid negating the intended cozy vibe you're looking for. In fact, blue-tinted whites tend to create a sterile, and sometimes aggressive, aesthetic. Such shades of white are more likely to be found on materials with a glossy finish, such as cabinets or countertops.

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Advantages of White Brick

Source : Canva

White Brick: Synonymous with Versatility 

First off, if you happen to be an avid interior design website or magazine peruser, you’ll notice that white brick walls elegantly suit most interior decors: 

  • Minimalist and zen;
  • Classic and romantic;
  • Rustic and contemporary;
  • Industrial and urban;
  • Coastal and cottage-core.

Whether featured room-wide, on a single wall, or around the fireplace mantel, this neutral and versatile wall cladding is perfectly suited to mix and match with a variety of materials that make up your decor, such as wood, metal, concrete, linen, and far more.

White Brick: Ideal for Big or Small Spaces

Although nothing beats a natural source of light to boost productivity and well-being, white brick is ideal to offset a lack of windows, thus creating a sense of spaciousness and brightness, even in small or enclosed spaces.

On the flip side, for similar reasons, it'll be just as beneficial to put in a massive space, such as a commercial office. It'll blend in with any other colours you may want to showcase in regard to your corporate branding, all the while creating a cozy and inspiring setting to entertain your clients.

White Brick: A Smart Choice

  1. In Quebec, brick made available on the market for interior walls is more often than not imitation brick. Yet, it’s durable and mostly made of recycled drywall, cement, or polyurethane, and is sold in a variety of shades, sizes, and shapes. 
  2. Since brick wall panelling is lightweight and easy to install, you'll save on labour costs by DIY-ing the work. Also, these panels can be easily painted should you wish to change your decor, thus cutting back on future home improvement costs.
  3. Its sleek look will enhance the value of wall ornaments, such as photos, knick-knacks, or paintings. Not unlike an art gallery, you'll be able to direct attention to your favourite furniture pieces or valuables.
  4. Ultimately, it's common knowledge that genuine brick (should you choose this option instead) provides excellent soundproofing and thermal control. 

Installing and Cleaning an Interior Brick Wall

Source : Canva

For regular maintenance, like your weekly household chores, simply vacuum the brick cavities to remove the dust. For optimal results, don't use acid-based products; you risk destroying or making the brick’s interior lining crumble. Instead, wash it with a brush (with bristles that are neither too soft nor too coarse) and soap and water, then thoroughly rinse.

T.S.P. all-purpose-type cleaners can be effective when removing stubborn stains or the lingering smell of cigarette smoke. However, remember to thoroughly clean the wall with water, and note that this extensive cleaning process will be somewhat labour-intensive!

Faux brick cladding can be mounted on most surfaces (wood, gypsum, etc.) with no additional structural reinforcement required. For information on the type of adhesive or which mortar to use, consult the instructions provided on the packaging or inquire with the retailer directly.

For more detailed instructions, check out these two articles on the subject matter:

Naturally, if you want to lay real brick indoors or outdoors, it's possible to do so. However, costs are significantly greater, both in terms of purchasing the material and hiring a professional to lay it and assess the structural wall support.

Check out these two articles regarding masonry to help you shed light on your decision:

Cover image source: engin akyurt - Unsplash

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