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Wall coverings

3 min read

10 Original Paint Colours for Your Bedroom

Wall coverings

3 min read

10 Original Paint Colours for Your Bedroom

Wall coverings10 Original Paint Colours for Your Bedroom

With fall at our doors, the feeling of wanting to cuddle up in a cozy blanket with a hot beverage is being felt by many. While in relaxation mode, your bedroom's ambiance will play an important role on your mood. This is why the colour of your walls should be chosen according to what you want to reflect.

Instead of completely white walls, a bit of colour could bring a big change to your environment, creating a soothing and comfortable place that is perfect for relaxing. 

10 original paint colours to paint your bedroom

Soft beige/ Sand

Far from being boring, beige gives just enough contrast in a room when paired with bright white. A paler taupe colour is not only versatile and subtle, but it will remind you of the warmth of sand under your feet.

Peinture murs chambre à coucher_paint walls bedroom

Photo: Pinterest

1) Peach

If a pastel bedroom is what you're dreaming of, peach is the perfect colour for you. Combine it with a few accessories in a linen or oat colour, like a carpet or a throw blanket, paired with pale wood furniture and you'll have yourself the perfect cocoon.

chambre à coucher murs couleur pêche-peach coloured bedroom walls

Photo: domino 

3) Blush Pink

Similar to peach, blush pink brings warmth and dreamy vibes to any decor you'll pair it with. Accent colours in creamy or pastel tones will add value to the final look.

Chambre à coucher murs roses cendré- blush pink bedroom walls

Photo: liliinwonderland

4) Terracotta

On the more earthy side, terracotta offers a bolder look for your bedroom. Although it isn't often considered as a first choice of colour, when mixed with appropriate decor, it can radiate style and personality, adding a touch of originality to your home.

Mur terracotta peinture chambre à coucher_terracotta bedroom walls

Photo: hello-hello

5) Pale yellow

If you are an avid lover of the summertime, a soft yellow shade could help you get through the cold winter months. If you have a very luminous space, add as many plants as you wish to create a fresh look!

Mur blanc et jaune chambre à coucher_white and yellow bedroom walls

Photo: eigenhuisentuin 

6) Sage

Step out of your comfort zone and opt for a unique colour like sage. Green can seem harsh when applied to all four walls, and might not be people's first choice as a wall colour. However, when used as an accent, you will add a natural brightness to your room.

Chambre à coucher peinture vert_green bedroom walls

Photo: this1870house

7) Lilac

Inspiring tranquillity and relaxation, lilac-coloured paint will bring a soothing touch to your room. When used with colours like violet or white, it can be paired without overwhelming your decor.

Chambre à coucher peinture lilas_lilac bedroom walls

Photo: Pinterest

8) Powder blue

Much like white, powder blue is a soft shade that brings light to your space. It is perfect when looking to add a touch of life without having to commit to bolder colours.

chambre à coucher murs bleu poudre_powder blue bedroom walls

Photo: myscandinavianhome

9) Pale gray

For a neutral tone with a personal touch, gray offers a compromise between colourful and sober. For people wanting to stay away from an all-white look, a pale gray shade with silver hues would work perfectly for your bedroom.

Chambre à coucher gris pâle peinture_gray bedroom walls

Photo: mooielight

10) Charcoal

Contrary to popular belief, even though it may seem austere, charcoal-coloured paint can complement smaller spaces. By opting for a darker tone, you will easily be able to create different contrasts by adding paler and brighter accessories.

Chambre couleur charbon_black bedroom walls

Photo: livingaftermidnite

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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