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Price guide

6 min read

Fencing: Models and Pricing

Price guide

6 min read

Fencing: Models and Pricing

Price guideFencing: Models and Pricing

Whoever has a backyard knows that privacy is of utmost importance to be able to enjoy the warm weather without fearing gawking eyes. There are a lot of options out there, which can definitely elicit quite a few queries. The trick is to find a fence that falls within your budget, while also aesthetically pleasing and somewhat durable.

How much will fencing your yard cost based on the material chosen?

Chain Link Fence

Fencing cost and model

Source: Canva

This option is the least expensive choice on our list. Albeit the bottom-of-the-line model is available for roughly $25 per linear foot, you can spend up to $35 per linear foot for a sleeker model. Note that the costs listed include installation. If you choose to install slats to improve the level of privacy your fence provides, you can spend about $60 for a pack that’ll allow you to cover 10 feet. Be mindful of the above-mentioned costs as they’re subject to change according to the height of your fence, which could be 4, 5, or 6 feet high. 

As for the gate, pricing starts at $200. The price won’t only reflect the type of gate chosen (single or double) but also its height. 

Chain link fencing is sturdy and requires little maintenance. However, note that you’ll need to compromise when it comes to aesthetics, as it does very little in that sense. Although this type of fencing is available in colours other than those most used (white, black, green, and brown), it’ll cost you a bit more if you steer away from this list. 

Aluminum Fencing

fencing model and cost

Source: Canva

By all means aesthetically pleasing, aluminum fencing also has the added bonus of being rust-proof and requiring little maintenance. Since it’s the most durable model on the market and it’s available in a wide variety of colours, this type of fencing will withstand time and bad weather without a problem. 

This type of fence costs $35 per linear foot for a standard model but could cost up to $150 per linear foot if you’re one to prioritize aesthetics. You can also opt for 3 to 6-foot high panels, which will naturally increase the cost of the project as a whole. Note that the pricing listed includes installation. 

Ornamental Fence 

Fencing model and cost

Source: Canva

Rather appealing to the eye due to its refined and detailed look, the ornamental fence won’t rust over time, which is a considerable advantage in its favour. It doesn’t require any maintenance, however, do anticipate a relatively steep price point should you opt for one of these. Plan to spend $50 to $70 per linear foot to purchase and install this type of fence. Note that it’s available in many different colours. 

PVC Fence

Fencing model and cost

Source: Canva

This type of fencing is also extremely durable and doesn’t require any maintenance. Moreover, it’s available in slat- or panel form. Since it’s rather opaque, this type of fencing will provide a higher sense of privacy compared to the other available options. Its price point is quite similar to that of the ornamental fence, therefore, it comes out to about $90 to $100 per linear foot. Unfortunately, this type of fence is only available in white, though you can definitely paint your fence after having adequately prepared the surface. 

You can choose between two types of PVC materials, either conventional or recycled PVC. Let it be said that the former has a more refined look, and the white material has a nice, clear sheen.

Wood Fencing

Fencing model and cost

Source: Canva

The traditional wooden fence will allow you to benefit from that cozy, sought-after look, and that in a wide variety of styles and colours. Although it has the advantage of being easily built and repaired by just about anyone a bit handy, this type of fence still has some caveats. First off, it’s worth mentioning that one must avoid building this type of fence near ground level since doing so risks damaging the wood as of result of ground moisture. 

The obvious price gap is to be expected, depending on the type of wood chosen, the options being pine, spruce, western red, or white cedar. If you choose wooden fencing, plan on spending between $20 and $70 per linear foot. You can choose between 5 or 6 feet high by 6 or 8 feet long panels, which will definitely alter the cost depending on what you’ve ultimately landed on.

Furthermore, a treated or non-treated wooden fence needs a protective coating or a stain at least every five years, but preferably every two years. This is rather noteworthy if you choose a white cedar fence since this shade of wood risks turning grayish if you decide to overlook our above-mentioned advice. As for this last choice, note that you’ll also need galvanized steel nails, without which black scratches could be noticeable on the wood. 

Composite Fencing

Source: Canva

Although it physically very much resembles the wooden fence, composite wood is completely different. Before going ahead and choosing this material, note that there are different product lines of varying qualities, whether it be for full or hollow panels. You can (and should!) ask for material samples of the models you like best to test their resistance, especially to scratches. Note that good-quality composite fencing is rather heavy. As such, you’ll have to think about adding a very solid foundation and fence posts that can adequately support it, as well as a very secure fastening system. Also, bear in mind that some manufacturers include solid aluminum fence frames, which will definitely make the task at hand easier. 

Everything considered, composite wood is still a rather expensive option. In fact, its manufacturing method, invaluable features, elegance, eco-friendly factor, and various custom model designs don't come cheap. However, this material is easily maintained, has a UV protection coating, and has an average service life ranging between 10 to 25 years, depending on the model chosen. If you choose composite fencing, plan on spending about $155 per linear foot.

Factors to Consider

Prior to undertaking any step toward replacing your fence, take a minute to call Info-Excavation to ascertain whether you risk digging into an electric cable, gas line, or phone or television cable during the excavation process. 

You absolutely have to be aware of the municipal regulations regarding the height and materials compliant with the law. As a matter of fact, there are many differences when it comes to various areas of residence.

Furthermore, it can be worthwhile to inquire with your next-door neighbours regarding your plans prior to replacing your current fence. They might be willing to split the costs with you, which is a great advantage, financially speaking. Moreover, consider their opinion on the chosen material to please all parties. Lastly, don’t forget to look into your property limits to avoid any conflicts with your current or future neighbours. 

How to Calculate the Cost of a Fencing Installation: Price Per Linear Foot Chart Rundown 

Fencing Type or Material

Average Price

Chain link fence (standard model)

About $25 per linear foot

Chain link fence (high-end model)

Up to $35 per linear foot

Chain link fence gate

Starting at $200

Pack of fence slats

About $60/5 feet

Aluminum fencing (standard model)

About $35 per linear foot

Aluminum fencing (high-end model)

Up to $150 per linear foot

Ornamental fence

Between $50-$70 per linear foot 

PVC fencing 

Between $90-$100 per linear foot

Wood fencing

Between $20-$70 per linear foot

Composite fencing

Up to $155 per linear foot

To learn more about the average cost of various renovation projects, check out our 2023 Home Renovation Price Guide.

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Last modified 2024-02-18

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