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Renovation tips

7 min read

7 Renovation Projects That Should Be Completed in the Spring

Renovation tips

7 min read

7 Renovation Projects That Should Be Completed in the Spring

Renovation tips7 Renovation Projects That Should Be Completed in the Spring

As the layers of winter slowly begin to shed, we start to consider all the possibilities of Spring. With warm weather approaching, it’s normal to feel like you could take on just about anything, including all those home renovation projects you’ve been dreaming of during winter months. Of course, there are lots of ways that you can update your home while Jack Frost is visiting. However, there are certain jobs that should be left for Spring.

Yes, access to the outside world is finally possible, and renovation projects that require proper ventilation or decent weather conditions can come to fruition. With that in mind, we’ve decided on 7 projects that would be best completed during the temperate months of springtime.

Here are the 7 best Spring renovation projects!

1- Exterior Painting

Source: Canva

Spring is the most comfortable time to complete an exterior painting job. The winter months are too cold and unpredictable whereas summer is muggy and sun-drenched. Exterior painting takes time, energy and patience. Thus, to avoid rushing this job,  you want weather that allows you to stand outside for long periods of time.

Another great reason to consider completing exterior painting in the spring is that landscaping and gardening jobs involve mulch. Mulch is used to improve the soil around plants, giving gardens a neat appearance. Mulching is generally completed towards the summertime, and since you wouldn’t want to risk stepping all over your newly mulched plants while painting that picket fence white or your exterior siding, you should consider completing these jobs in the springtime and before the gardening season.

Lastly, most exterior latex paints, which form durable and protective finish, adhere better when the weather is temperate. Therefore, this job is best completed before the humid summer months crop up. By painting in mild weather, the lifespan of your paint will be extended. Just think, you won’t have to do a touch up until a very distant Spring!

For more info, check out: "Advice and instructions for exterior wall painting". 

2- Resurface Your Driveway

Source: Canva

Every winter, your driveway deals with a significant amount of wear and tear. Between snow, ice, and the effects that this harsh weather brings, the surface of your driveway is challenged. Thus, it will require a new coat of asphalt or a resealing every now and again. Repaving a driveway isn’t a simple process, and won’t be as straightforward as just painting a new coat over the old one.

If you’re fixing potholes in the driveway, it’s especially difficult. Heavy equipment is required to dig and remove any soft material underneath, as well as setting for the correct base material. After these jobs are complete, then the asphalt or concrete can be laid. If your driveway is in good condition, it may need only a new seal coat.

Regardless, it’s imperative that the weather conditions for completing the repaving are exact. Spring is the most favourable time to repave, as mild weather conditions are best, due to the fact that asphalt and other repaving materials often need moisture and warm weather. Waiting until the time is right is key to preserving the longevity of your driveway!

3- Drywall Projects

Source: Canva

Maybe you’ve finally decided to turn your basement into a man cave, or your attic needs to be correctly sealed to keep energy costs next winter. Regardless, if you’re going to be taking on the task of new drywall into any of the rooms of your home, this is a project to complete during mild weather.

Though this might seem like a project you’d want to complete when it’s cold out, warmer temperatures allow for open windows. This will help to expedite the time that the drywall compound needs to dry. The process of refurbishing walls requires time, but the spring season offers the perfect conditions. If you’ve been putting it off, there’s no time like the present!

4- Landscaping

Source: Canva

If you’ve been wanting to improve the curb appeal of your home, and are inspired by the buds growing back on the trees, Spring is a great time to do so. This project would obviously be redundant to complete during the winter months, and summer is often too hot, drying out greens and buds.

Springtime weather conditions are perfect for new landscaping projects. You can lay sod or seed during this time, having a beautiful fresh front lawn in no time. Make sure that you wait until the ground has fully thawed, as you don’t want seeds dying on you before they’ve had a chance to sprout. Regardless of if you’re installing a mini pond, a rock garden, a new patio or grass, Spring is ideal for each and every one of the projects we’ve mentioned. Plus, who wants to be stuck in the hot sun meticulously setting up a rock garden? Not us!

For inspiration, check out: "7 landscaping tips for your driveway". 

5- Build an Addition

Source: Canva

Home additions are a tricky thing to tackle, regardless of the weather outside. To make this project a little bit easier, we’re suggesting that you consider taking it on in the mild temperatures of Spring. Since it may be necessary to knock down walls in your home or demolish them all together, you may be living with holes in your home for a fair amount of time. Therefore, the warmer weather can make it just that little bit easier.

If the job takes more time than expected, at least you won’t have winter breathing down your neck forcing you to rush the project. These jobs can also be completed during summer, but we are suggesting Spring as the hot weather might also make things that much harder.

To learn more about home additions, read "The cost of a home addition project" or "House extension project: what you need to know". 

6- Staining exterior siding

If you’re looking to brighten up the facade of your home and don’t feel like taking on a full-blown painting project, staining is an excellent option! Stain works by penetrating siding materials like wood, altering or enhancing the natural colours and texture of the material. This is a project best to complete in Spring, as much like painting it requires patience as you’ll be standing outside for long periods of time.

Not only is personal time and energy a factor in this project, but staining adheres best in temperate weather. It’s important to avoid staining your home when it’s hot or humid outdoors. This is because it will have trouble drying and will likely leave an uneven finish. Another note is that you want to avoid staining in direct sunlight. Since springtime is mild but with plenty of cloud coverage, this is the perfect time of year to take on the project.

Curious about staining your exterior siding? Check our article all about it!

7- Install a screen door

As warmer weather approaches, we begin to air out the house and let a fresh breeze circulate indoors. Especially true if your home is equipped with a back patio or balcony, it’s pleasant to open the doors and left air waft in. However, bud can find their way in an open door, as can dirt and debris. One common remedy for these unwelcome guests is to install a screen door or screens between windows.

This is a fairly straightforward renovation project, so don’t be fearful! There are a few types of screen doors on the market. So, depending on which entrance you’ll be installing it at, your chosen model may be different from the next. Do a little bit of screen door research while also checking out our article on the instructions for this weekend project!

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Last modified 2023-12-04

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