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What Trends to Follow for Your Christmas 2023 Décor?

What Trends to Follow for Your Christmas 2023 Décor?

Trends in renovations and home decorWhat Trends to Follow for Your Christmas 2023 Décor?

Christmastime is meant to be magical. It’s a period during which you invite your nearest and dearest into your festively lit-up home, give and receive, delight and amaze. 

Are you looking to make a name for yourself this year? In this article, we feature all the latest—and most exceptional—Christmas décor trends. But, don’t throw out all your old vintage Christmas ornaments just yet; there might just be hope for them at last…

What is the official Christmas colour this year?

Source: Canva

Christmas 2023 beats to a Nordic-themed drum. It’s transitional, sparkling, and lush. While the colour palette is rather unexpected, the forever classics are here to stay. Here’s how best to recreate them based on these newest trends. 

Blue Will Shape Christmas 2023

Chic and elegant, maybe even a bit over the top, in terms of Christmas decorations, but blue is basically everywhere this year. Deep blues can be perfectly paired with golden hues, while misty blues are especially suited to white, reminiscent of winterscapes. Lastly, turquoise or peacock blue, paired with silver, frosted tints or pink, add a fairy-like flair to your décor.

We’re especially taken with soft pinks: powder pink, rose gold, blush pink, even an iridescent white. In such a fantastical realm, it’s all about unicorns, angels, and fairies. 

What are the other trendy Christmas 2023 colours?

Source: Canva


Fated and captivating, red has always embodied the Christmas spirit. Enriched with golden or silver hues, it’s festive to boot, that’s for sure. Traditionally styled, a red, white, and green pairing is timeless. For a more modern touch, go with a deeper red, one hinting at shades of burgundy.


Green is an everpresent and symbolic Christmas colour. Beyond pine tree green, we’ll tend to see a lot of pistachio, sage, and lichen greens, as well as teal. Just a little something to give Christmas a modern twist!


Drawing inspiration from this year’s trends, purple adds an elegant yet mysterious flair to your décor. It's celestial when paired with gold, sublime with a powder pink, refined with silver, and perfect with copper hues. Purple is simply no hurdle!


Chestnut, coffee, ginger, copper… Brown hues add a warm and cozy touch. For a Nordic-, Scandinavian-, or rustic-inspired flair, various wood species can make for a beautiful, natural-looking colour palette. 

How to incorporate Pantone’s colour of the year 2023 into your Christmas décor?

Viva Magenta is Pantone’s colour of the year. It’s the colour that set the tone for 2023; it easily found its fit within festive settings since it’s a perfect pairing with any of the other trendy colours. For a more showy look, it can be paired with blues. For a safer option, it refines metallic colours. Lastly, paired with fairy-like combinations of powder or iridescent pink, it’s a chef’s kiss!

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Must-Have Christmas 2023 Decorations

Source: Canva

What are the Christmas home decorations trends for 2023?

Brightly-lit décor

Whether inside or outside, the décor tends to shine from a mile away. Most commonly, we’ll go for energy-efficient LED light strings to prolong the magic of Christmas while still saving money at the end. Warm white and multi-coloured lights are definitely our go-to.

Christmas wreath

Natural-looking wreaths, made with Christmas tree branches adorned with berries, pine cones, ribbons, and some sparkling elements. 

Christmas tableware

This year, a stunning tablescape is where it’s at. Tablecloths can be festive, and napkins feature a theme-inspired ring. From the serving plates, table runner, and buffet, to the chair cushions, nothing is random. Everything is well-thought-out to create a warm setting. 

What ornaments should you feature in 2023?

Source: Canva

One-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments

The true epitome of the Christmas 2023 trend is customized Christmas tree ornaments, featuring cheerful statements. We also like clear, blown glass ornaments or ones featuring metallic, sparkly, or mirror-like designs.

Showcasing the real stars of the show

Christmastime characters are all the rage: Nutcracker, angel, Santa Claus, etc. We also have a sweet spot for bears, birds, reindeer, owls, etc. 

Traditional shapes and natural materials

Wood ornaments and pine cones can give any décor a Nordic flair. Use wooden stars, pine cones, or faux snowflakes to further your traditional Christmas spirit. 

Handcrafted ornaments

Everyone knows DIY is where it’s at, so anything handcrafted is valued: made of sculpted wood, knits, kraft paper, fabric… Family fun-filled times!

What type of Christmas tree is trending in 2023?

Real-looking artificial Christmas trees

In 2023, feeble replicas just won’t cut it. We’re looking for a high-end artificial Christmas tree that perfectly mimics the real deal. Flocked or not, forget about artificial-looking colours. This year, the tree of your choosing is here to stay. 

DIY Christmas trees

You read that right! Handmade Christmas trees are taking over the festive season. Honourable mention to all DIYers out there making it so that we have modern and minimalist wooden trees to assemble, origami paper trees, or eco-friendly stand trees… The ball is in your court!

How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Source: Canva

Here are the four trends of Christmas Present…

The Nordic look wins, popularity-wise, again and again, and 2023 will only reinforce this trend. Largely inspired by Scandinavian designs, the Nordic Christmas puts forward a classic look that’s based on the cozy concept of “hygge,” which showcases gnomes and elves for a wonderfully folky look. 

The décor is colourful but very refined. Cheers to a joyous setting!

  • Colour palette: A Nordic look must-have, bright whites and deep reds that are reminiscent of Christmas candy and St. Nicholas' robe. 

  • Decorative elements: Nordic-inspired decoration is made with natural materials (wood, rattan, wicker) and plushy textiles (wool and faux fur). Shapes tend to be more simple and classic (stars, hearts, birds, snowflakes, wreaths). And, naturally, gnomes are all the rage with their cute round faces and pointy hats. 

  • Our DIY ideas: A wood or paper Christmas village, knit stockings, crocheted ornaments, fur-lined throw pillow covers and blankets. 

How to Create a Sparkled-Themed Enchanted Setting

Nothing conveys the magic of Christmas more than sparkles and twinkling lights. Here are a few ideas to bring joy to the whole family and create a cozy ambience that’s nothing short of unforgettable. For a well-executed décor, group your decorations around a single theme.   

  • Colour palette: A pearly white, champagne hues, and subtle pastel hues, but mainly pinks. These colours are perfect to create a magical and enchanted atmosphere. 

  • Decorative elements: Carousel music box, flocked Christmas trees, string lights, brightly-lit Christmas village, sparkly glassware, metallic serving dishes, sequin table runner, candles, candle holders, chandeliers, etc. 

  • Our DIY ideas: In any case, with whatever you create, add some Christmas magic to it and use a lot of pearly ribbons, metallic threads, pearls, glitter, and sparkles.

Lush Christmas: A Moody, Burgundy-Themed Look

Source: Canva

In 2023, a lush-looking theme mainly revolves around rich colours mixed with an organic flair. Elegance at its best paves the way to opulence.   

  • Colour palette: The colour scheme is much more dramatic featuring a deep burgundy, colours reminiscent of precious stones, and dark and mysterious hues, where black is right at home. 

  • Decorative elements: Burgundy or dark green foliage, lush berries, and velvet ribbons. For a more rustic touch, add a few wooden pieces.  

  • Our DIY ideas: Make lush garlands and wreaths with a mix of pine cone branches, precious berries, and black feathers. 

Decorate Based on the Transitional Style for Your 2023 Christmas

A transitional theme suggests the perfect balance between a classic and modern look. It revamps the idea of a traditional Christmas mixed with stylish and contemporary accents. 

  • Colour palette: Timeless hues like green and gold paired with neutral tones (beige, cream, light grey) to create a sober backdrop for a refined décor. 

  • Decorative elements: Christmas tree wreaths and garlands adorned with neutral-coloured ribbons, bells painted in cheerful hues, wooden ornaments for a rustic hint, and dark and silky velvets for an elegant touch.

  • Our DIY ideas: Revamp your retro-looking ornaments that have been sitting in your attic for far too long with gilding. Make a table centrepiece with traditional candles placed inside contemporary holders. 

  • Tip: To execute a transitional look to perfection, don’t be scared to blend styles, but make sure that your décor remains coherent and cohesive. 

Outdoor Christmas Trends: How to Decorate Your Yard

No matter how big or small your yard is, dress it up to look its best to share the colours, lights, beauty, and magic with the rest of the neighbourhood.

8 Ways to Nail Your Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Source: Canva

  1. Light up trees and bushes

  2. Make the front of your house sparkle

  3. Add a ton of LED string lights across the yard

  4. Position a few festive characters or lighted animals around your yard

  5. Outline your roofline with lights

  6. Decorate your front walk with a few festive planters adorned with fir or birch tree branches

  7. Adorn your door with a traditional wreath

  8. Put up a Christmas tree in your yard…real or fake, doesn’t matter!

String Lights Are A Must-Have Outdoor Decoration

For a cozy ambience, light garlands are a staple to any well-executed outdoor décor. Whether in trees, balconies, lining your deck, wound around pots, draping your pergola, or under your porch, we’re looking to light up every nook and cranny to create a magical setting that will bring good tidings to all. 

Opt for quality LED string lights since they’re both durable and cost-effective. Solar lights are also increasingly sought-after, much like fluorescent tubes, icicle-shaped string lights, or curtain fairy lights.

Lastly, light projectors are also a favourite in terms of providing a stunning effect in a snap. Brilliant indeed!

To effectively light up areas that are out-of-reach from outlets, opt for mini battery-powered string lights. They also work great with your tablescapes!

The Value Behind Dried Flowers for Your Outdoor Décor

Source: Canva

Nothing compares to dried flowers to add a natural-looking and elegant touch to your holiday décor. Whether inside or outside, running through the Christmas tree garlands winding between your balusters, around your wreath adorned to your front door, or even inside large planters lit up by mini string lights, they bring forth a charm and authenticity.

When should you start decorating the outside of your house?

There are no strict guidelines. While some like to get started right after Halloween (when it isn’t too cold), the rest prefer to wait for mid-November before lighting up. 

But why wait if you’re up for it? A lit-up backyard, it’s festive to boot, year-round!

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