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Bathroom Design Trends


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Bathroom Design Trends

BathroomBathroom Design Trends

Whether it’s getting ready in the morning before leaving for work or treating yourself to some well-deserved R&R at the end of a long day, the bathroom is a space where one spends a considerable amount of time. And that’s why a bathroom that’s been hit hard by the passage of time can quickly become a nuisance, both in terms of function and aesthetics.

7 Bathroom Design Ideas

Want to start the new year off with a bathroom renovation project? Here are some of the most popular design trends of 2023, in which attention to detail is synonymous with harmony and audacity!

1) Freestanding tubs

bain autoportant

Source : Canva

The freestanding tub is in the spotlight again this year! Bringing an undeniable touch of elegance to the overall design, this type of bathtub is favoured due to its easy-to-clean aspect. 

Furthermore, with its clean lines, it can blend in perfectly with any décor. For those who prefer a vintage design, the clawfoot tub is a perfect choice.

Do you consider your design more contemporary or modern? If so, you can always opt for a round, oval or square shape tub. 

Dare I say that elegance is your calling? Clear or frosted freestanding tubs are all the rage in 2023! Available in many different hues, these tubs will add a touch of glamour to your ambiance. Note that you can match your sink to your tub. 

If the room’s dimensions allow for it, position the bathtub in the middle of a sleek room, like a kitchen island. That way, the bathtub will be front and centre, making it the real star of the show!

2) Add colours & textures to break up monotony

Salle de bain coloré

Source : Canva

Among the trends that’ll shape your layout and design this year, let’s mention mixing materials and patterns as well as accent colours. These aesthetic choices, if done well, are far from creating an eclectic or disjointed decor. On the contrary, a personalized bathroom that solely has your imagination for limits can very well be tasteful and timeless.

Try these new trends:

  • A tiled shower wall with colourful patterns and irregular shapes;

  • A unique and high-quality–for humidity controlwallpaper behind the vanity;

  • Flooring halfway up a wall;

  • A colourful grout to set off the ceramic tiles, but a colour that meshes with the overall décor;

  • Trending colours at the moment are foam green, blue, and pink. Whites and beiges are still in vogue. 

Albeit, make sure you’re respecting select rules before changing everything. If you want an accent wall or really colourful accessories, favour the same colour. Furthermore, opt for soft colour palettes and timeless elements for the rest of the room to avoid overloading the space, thereby creating the exact opposite of what’s desired. 

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3) Faucet colour palette

Robinetterie noir matte

Source : Canva

While faucets aren’t considered the most important aesthetic decision, we’d argue against it. 

Indeed, gold or black faucets are still trendy in 2023, and can greatly help define your bathroom’s style. While gold obviously goes very well with vintage-inspired finishes, black will fit perfectly into more modern, mid-century, or retro decor.

Pink or green faucets are actually making a trendy come-back. Seeking a more sophisticated and stylized aesthetic than in the ‘50s, these plumbing fixtures will do a lot in personalizing a neutral space. 

4) Wood for a hint of warmth

Source : Canva

Although this material is often associated with rustic decor, it brings warmth and softness wherever it’s found. And that’s exactly why it’s still shining this year! Furthermore, considering that wood is featured in three very trendy aesthetics:

  • Farmhouse, in which the standard barn-like, cottage-by-the-sea-inspired looks meet while adding modern, high-end furniture pieces. 

  • Minimalism is in which straight lines, rattan, and soft colours adorn the layout, which showcases functionality. 

  • Lastly, the famous Sandanavian-inspired design echoes spas and elicits rest and relaxation.  

We shouldn’t forget to mention that wood can be sparsely integrated, for those who would rather have a more understated approach. Whether installed on a section of the wall or opting for wooden furniture, the sombre and soothing ambiance provided by this material will hardly displease!

5) A bit of indoor greenery


Source : Canva

As we pointed out in our article about highlighting bedroom decor trends, the current context naturally pushes us to want to let a little bit of the outside world inside. This trend will also be seen in bathrooms, where plants and greenery will continue to be all the rage in 2023.

To this point, it should be mentioned that tropical plants need a lot of humidity. Therefore, the bathroom is actually the ideal place to ensure their growth! More so, installing big windows will transform the bathroom to meet current trends while also allowing a generous amount of natural light to seep in, which is quite favourable to plants.

6) Terrazzo

Salle de bain avec terrazzo

Source : Canva

Following its heyday in the 80s, terrazzo gradually turned into the worst of the worst when it comes to flooring. Its unique look never failed to get people talking though! Surprisingly, it made a comeback in 2020, bestowing patterns as diverse and colourful as can be.

Therefore, for those wishing to revamp their bathroom with of splash of uniqueness that sure won’t be mediocre, terrazzo is surely worth the try. 

7) Technology

Source : Canva

For a few years now, we’ve familiarized ourselves with heated floors, touchless bidets, zero-contact soap dispensers, and other little gadgets. But did you know that towel warmers were a thing now too? Along with mirrors with Internet-embedded options, self-cleaning modern toilets with heated seats, and the list goes on.

Along the same lines as modernism, which embraces smart and connected homes, the bathroom won’t be left behind. However, be wary of adding too many revolutionary gizmos, or else your guests or future buyers are going to think they’re on the set of a sci-fi movie. Ponder over your actual needs and the environmental impact of transportation prior to purchasing useless items to avoid compromising your initial vibe. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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