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2021 Bathroom Decor Trends

Last modified: 2022-07-11 | Approximate reading time 3 mins

Whether it’s getting ready in the morning before leaving for work or treating yourself to a pleasant moment of relaxation at the end of a long day, the bathroom is a space where you’ll likely spend a considerable amount of your week. 

This is why a bathroom that’s been hit hard by the passage of time can quickly become a problem, in terms of both function and aesthetic.

Would you like to start the new year with a bathroom renovation project? Here are the popular trends for 2021!

2021: 7 decor ideas for the bathroom

1- Freestanding baths

bain autoportant_Soumission Rénovation

The freestanding tub is in the spotlight this year! With its clean lines, it has the ability to blend in perfectly with any décor style. For those who prefer a vintage design, the clawfoot tub is a perfect choice.

Do you feel your decor is more contemporary or modern? In this case, it’s possible to opt for a round, oval or square shape. Due to the various forms in which this type of bath is available, it’s hard to not find one that’s fitting.

Undeniably bringing a touch of elegance to the overall decor, we appreciate this type of bath for its ability to be easily maintained. No need to worry about nearby walls or borders, thus the inside alone will need to be cleaned.

2- Mix materials to break up the monotony

Another trend that’s shaping the layout and design of 2021 bathrooms is material mixing. Naturally, a bathroom where several textures come together will have character and personality. Far from creating a disjointed or inconsistent setting, this aesthetic choice will instead have the effect of offering breathtaking life in place of monotony.

Opt for transparent glass, raw wood finishes or a selection of frosted or embossed tiles, the possibilities are endless, only limited by your own imagination!

3- Black and gold accented taps

salle de bain_Soumission Rénovation

While the bathroom faucet is not considered the most important aesthetic decision, we’d argue that’s beside the point. Indeed, the choice of a gold or black faucet will greatly help define your bathroom’s style, whether it is classic, modern or vintage. While gold obviously goes very well with vintage-inspired finishes, matte black will fit perfectly into a more modern decor.

4- The island bathtub

What exactly do we mean when we refer to an island bathtub? Only that the tub itself sits in the center of the room, in a minimalist space. Generally, this has the effect of highlighting the tub and making it the real star of the show!  Pairing an island bathtub with a refined look, the effect will be that much more than impressive!

5- Wood to provide a dose of warmth

Although this material is often associated with rustic style decor, it brings warmth and softness wherever it’s found. This is exactly why it’s in the bathroom spotlight for 2021. We shouldn’t forget to mention that for those who wish to approach this with an understated presence, wood can be incorporated sparingly.

Whether installed on a section of the wall or opting for wooden furniture, the sombre and soothing atmosphere provided by this material will hardly displease!

6- A little indoor greenery

plantes_Soumission Rénovation

As we pointed out in our article about 2021 bedroom decor trends, the current context naturally pushes us to want to let a little bit of the outside world inside. This trend will also be seen in bathrooms, where plants and greenery will continue to be in the spotlight.

To this point, it should be mentioned that tropical plants need a lot of humidity. Therefore, the bathroom is actually the ideal place to ensure their growth!

7- Terrazzo

Following its heyday in the 80s, terrazzo gradually became the forgotten floor covering. It’s unique look never really left the hearts and minds of many! Surprisingly, this one returns to the forefront in 2021, offering patterns as diverse as they are colourful.

For those who wish to bring their bathroom decor to life, a choice that won’t leave anyone indifferent, terrazzo is an option worth considering.

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