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Laundry Room Design Ideas

Laundry Room Design Ideas

Interior renovationsLaundry Room Design Ideas

While a laundry room is, first and foremost, a space designed for practical use, and its aesthetic aspect is often neglected, one shouldn’t overlook the overall appearance of the often-forgotten space to fine-tune it to the rest of the house. With this in mind, here are décor suggestions for your new laundry room. 

Wide-Ranging, Custom Laundry Room Designs

washing machine

A Laundry Room with a Vintage Twist

For those pining for the past, a retro décor seems like a no-brainer. To replicate this look, choose light and sober shades for the tiling (white is always a winner) that’ll elegantly coat your floors and span your walls. Designing a diamond-shaped tile pattern will recall the typical 1930s bathroom with an incomparable classy touch. And, for the more daring, why not fuse some black and white, a truly timeless classic? 

Another winning look can be achieved by combining both vintage pieces with raw materials of industrial-inspired designs, giving life to a décor that’s both clean and refined. Note that brass pieces blend in beautifully with a vintage décor.

Looking for a few tips to better organize your laundry room? Check out our article: 10 Storage Tips for Your Laundry Room.

A Colourful Laundry Room

While white is often the colour of choice for laundry rooms, nothing’s stopping you from swimming against the tide with this trend and designing a colourful laundry room. A bright yellow space with a merging of blue and green elements will give your décor a bright and especially striking look. 

If you’re more intent on subtly adding bright colours, a black or white background will make any lighter shade pop and stun visually, thereby showcasing these elements. Now that’s a great way to highlight artisanal items, frames, and knick-knacks, while also adding an artistic touch to your newly designed laundry room as a whole. 

You may also want to add a touch of bright colours to your décor by way of red or blue appliances. It’s a clever way to customize your décor against more conventional ones. 

laundry room design and layout

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Even though tiling is the first option that comes to mind when designing a laundry room, wood is a judicious route for anyone who prefers a farmhouse-inspired look. Wood prevails in such warm settings, most notably by way of flooring, clothing racks, and a raw wood countertop. 

Adding some wrought iron material to complement the wood scattered throughout is ideal to add a delicate touch, courtesy of its rounded edges that sometimes sparsely feature leaves or flower patterns. Deep-vessel black or white sinks reminiscent of traditional farmhouse sinks are perfectly suited for country living or rustic décors. 

Small metal or aluminum bins or baskets will recall the aforementioned materials that are often featured in farmhouse-inspired aesthetics, much like wood panelling, which automatically brings to mind the charm of old country homes. Distressed or discoloured wood shouldn’t cause pause, both will heighten the rustic side of your laundry room. 

laundry bin

Time-Honoured Tips for a Well-Designed Laundry Room

To design a laundry room that doesn’t seep dullness nor feature an overall bland décor, don’t shy away from using unique patterns and materials during the course of your renovation project. On that note, wallpaper is a great way to blend in detailed patterns within the room, while recalling the colours used without having to add knick-knacks or other decorative objects. 

In the spirit of things, keep in mind that decorative extremes are typically advised against. A colour, pattern, or material overload won’t do the room’s design any favours, and will barely reflect the designer’s personality. It’s best to maintain a connection between the different decorative elements to prevent there from being a lack of cohesion between the two, which may result in a disorganized and neglected look as a whole.

It’s equally crucial to bear in mind the space’s décor should blend in with that of the rest of the house. Otherwise, it may be detrimental to your laundry room’s revamp altogether. 

Don’t overlook lighting! While it may not be the number one recommendation for the rest of the house, fluorescent lighting may be a practical choice to ensure comfortable working conditions, both during daytime and nighttime. LED lighting is also an interesting option due to its high luminosity and durability, withstanding shocks and vibrations.

Limited Items, Peak Results

While a functional laundry room requires a certain amount of items, some people just can’t handle clutter, which is often inherent to this space. So why not opt for a minimalist look? Built-in laundry bins to conceal clothing, as well as stored away ironing board, laundry detergent, or bath towels—these are just a few useful tips to keep your laundry room looking clutter-free and visually pleasing.

Are you all about a clothing rack hack? Note that some models can be concealed inside a wall, rendering it completely invisible when not in use. This is especially practical to declutter a room’s floor space.

Choose metal furniture with fine, long lines that’ll use up storage space, height-wise, while benefiting from the little space occupied by the structure itself. Also, clear containers are especially useful to have laundry detergent or pods, as well as dryer sheets readily available, while doing the most with see-through glass to bring a lighter touch to the décor as a whole. 

What about the appliances?

laundry room

It may be equally appealing to use the top of the washer and dryer to set up a countertop, which will facilitate folding the laundry. Obviously, having front-loading machines is a must to proceed as such. 

Along the same lines, the dryer can be mounted atop the washer if your laundry room is more of a tight quarter. If you don’t want to look at them every time you walk by, conceal them behind shut doors, and there you have it! That way, they’ll be as discreet as can be. 

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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