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Add a Touch of Wood to Your Bathroom


7 min read

Add a Touch of Wood to Your Bathroom

BathroomAdd a Touch of Wood to Your Bathroom

The mere thought of adding wood accents to your new bathroom design is enough to bring a big smile to your face, but are you still a bit skeptical about it? Note that the use of wood in bathrooms has been a growing trend over the last few years. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also a durable choice. Courtesy of wood, your bathroom exudes warmth, and that’s here to stay.

With the help of our guide, unveil the different ways you can use wood in your bathroom. You’ll learn how to choose the right wood essences, discover tips and tricks tailored to your style, and how to maintain and ensure your wood’s durability over time.

How to Choose a Wood Essence for a Bathroom

wooden bathroom design

When deciding on adding wood to your bathroom, you’re essentially making an aesthetic and practical decision. Wood adds natural warmth to a space, thereby distinguishing it from other colder materials, such as tile. Furthermore, wood is versatile, and pairs perfectly with various decoration styles, anywhere from rustic to contemporary. However, with such a renovation project, the wood essence shouldn’t be chosen at random. Here’s what you should consider to make an informed decision and make the best out of this material.  

Humidity Resistance

Consider this factor, first and foremost. Bathrooms are amongst the most humidity-prone rooms in a house, and wood is susceptible to moisture, which isn’t all that surprising. To prevent warping, rotting, or moulding, choose the right essence, seal the wood against humidity, and maintain it adequately.


Choosing the wood essence will determine the overall look of your bathroom. There are numerous wood essences. Whether it’s teak for its exotic look or oak because it’s the ultimate classic—you’ll have plenty to work with to find the one that best meets your preferences.  

Which wood essences can be used in a bathroom?

Here’s a selection of wood essences most commonly used in bathrooms. Each one of these has its advantages and drawbacks. Choose the one that best suits your project. 

  • Teak: Very much liked for its resilience against moisture; it’s a bathroom favourite. It’s very exotic in appearance, with golden hues creating a warm and inviting setting. 

  • Oak: Famous for its durability and timeless look, it’s a true classic. It can be stained with various shades to suit different styles.

  • Birch: Liked for its smooth finish and subtle grain; it adds a subtle elegance to a bathroom.

  • Walnut: It’s a sombre and rich wood, perfect to create a sophisticated design. Its unique grain makes for a distinctive choice.

  • Western redcedar: Rot-resistant; it’s a safe choice for a bathroom. It also gives off a nice smell. 

  • Bamboo: This is an eco-friendly choice given its rapid growth. Perfect for a light, modern look.

  • Pine: It’s affordable and versatile, yet not as humidity-resistant compared to other essences. However, it can be stained easily, just like oak.

  • Chestnut: A durable and humidity-resistant wood. It’s well-liked for its light brown colour and distinct grain.

Advantages of Wooden Bathroom Vanities 

wooden bathroom design

Without question, a wooden vanity adds a natural charm to any bathroom, giving it a warm and inviting aspect.

Here are some of the advantages of a wooden vanity:


A wooden vanity makes for a rustic style come to life, reminiscent of log cabins or lake-side chalets. The wood’s irregular edges and grain add to its authentic charm. 


Wooden vanities can be personalized based on your preferences. You can choose the wood’s finish, the vanity’s size, knobs or handles, and shelves, all based on your bathroom’s aesthetic. 


If your wooden vanity is well-maintained throughout the years, it can easily withstand the harsh conditions of a bathroom environment. Polishing and sealing treatments help protect the wood against humidity.


Wood is versatile and meshes beautifully with other materials, such as stone, ceramic, or metal. Given so, you can mix and match your favourite materials in your bathroom. 

Custom-Made Wooden Furniture and Cabinets: A Sure Allure

wooden bathroom design

If you’re looking for a truly unique bathroom, consider custom-made furniture and cabinets. 

Custom-made bathroom furniture is, bar none, the most adaptable option. You can choose dimensions, configuration, and features, to meet your very specific needs. It can be a rather practical option for a bathroom remodel, given that in such tight quarters, every centimetre counts. Going the custom-made route is a sure way to optimize your space while giving your bathroom a personalized elegance.

Make sure to work with a trusted carpenter or cabinet maker. They can help you make unique pieces that will perfectly mesh with your bathroom, creating a design that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing. 

On top of the bathroom vanity, consider using other wooden furniture pieces, such as:

  • Shelves

  • Benches

  • Wall-mounted linen cabinets

  • Built-in closet

Wood and Marble: A Sophisticated Countertop Combo

wooden bathroom design

Choosing a countertop is a crucial step as it’ll impact not only the bathroom’s aesthetic but its functionality too. When it comes to putting together an elegant and refined overall look, mixing and matching wood and marble is a winner on all accounts. Wood adds warmth, while marble adds a dash of luxury. 

Take a look at the advantages of this winning combo.

Wooden Countertops

They exude a warm and natural feel. They’re especially suited to rustic- or traditional bathroom aesthetics. You can treat your wood against moisture and water splatter, which then makes it a viable bathroom countertop option.

Marble Countertop

As for marble, it’s synonymous with luxury. It’s a noble material that adds a sophisticated touch to any bathroom. It’s available in a wide range of colours and veining, meaning it suits different décor styles. 

When pairing these two materials, wood creates a warm base, while marble adds a refined elegance to the mix. Using wood for the cabinets, shelves, and other bathroom furniture creates a visual continuity and balances out the other elements. 

Sconces and Decoration: How to Highlight a Wood-Accented Look

wooden bathroom design

Decoration plays a vital role in showcasing the true value of a wood-accented look in a bathroom. You can add a few final touches to the overall aesthetic of the room with a few meticulously chosen decoration pieces, such as the following.

Wooden Sconces 

Wooden wall sconces are a great way to add a touch of nature to your bathroom. Sconces come in a variety of styles, from traditional designs to more modern options. Wooden sconces create a warm and natural ambience.

Wooden Items

To strengthen the wood-accented concept, use wooden accessories such as:

  • Wooden towel racks

  • Wooden toothbrush holders

  • Wooden soap dispensers

Such minor details add a cohesion between the bathroom’s overall décor, creating a harmonious setting. 

Wood Alongside White, Black, and Grey

wooden bathroom design

Pairing wood with colours such as white, black, and grey can be a skilled way to create a striking visual balance. Opposing colours such as warm wood with more neutral hues can create a really modern and sophisticated look. 

Black and Wood Contrast 

The juxtaposition between black and wood makes for a modern and elegant look. For example, taking a dark wood piece of furniture and setting it against a black wall can be really stunning. Using black as an accent colour can strengthen the contemporary look you want to convey in your bathroom.

Pairing White with Wood 

Aligning white and wood conveys a soothing and refined setting. White creates a bright and fresh atmosphere. Wooden furniture beautifully stands out on a white backdrop, making for a sleek and timeless aesthetic. 

Wood and Grey: An Elegant Alliance

Adding grey to your wooden bathroom design can be an elegant option if you’re looking for a more subtle colour scheme. The alliance formed between the warmth of wood and the grey hues makes for a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. You can, for example, opt for grey tiles to complement your wooden bathroom design. 

Wooden Bathroom Maintenance and Durability

wooden bathroom design

Wood care and maintenance in a bathroom are vital to ensure its long-term durability. The humid conditions in the room paired with frequent temperature fluctuations can impact the wood, which is why it’s important to upkeep it. 


Applying a quality sealant on the wood to protect it from humidity is a must. Doing so prevents to wood from warping or rotting due to constant humidity exposure.

Regular Maintenance

Regularly clean the wooden surfaces with specially made products. Avoid using abrasive products or acid-based cleaners. Doing so could damage the wood. Simply dusting and carrying out a gentle cleaning typically suffices. 

Quick Fixes 

Repair all scratches or discoloured spots right when noticed to preserve the appearance of the wood. Use quality wood repair products for long-lasting results. Minor regular maintenance can make a world of difference in your wooden bathroom design holding up over time.

Wood—Your Go-To for an Elegant and Durable Bathroom

By choosing a wooden bathroom design, you’re essentially opting for an aesthetic and functional space. Wood is a great base to personalize your bathroom rooted in your preferences and style. Whether it’s a rustic-looking vanity, custom-made furniture, or a stunning pairing of marble and wood, the latter transforms your bathroom into a genuine peaceful oasis. It brings warmth, elegance, and durability to this often-neglected space. Make wood your go-to bathroom material for comfort and elegance, a true beckoning to unwind and nurture your well-being.

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Last modified 2024-01-05

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