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Hygge: 8 Renovation Tips to Embrace and Enjoy Winter This Year

Last modified: 2021-05-27 | Approximate reading time 5 mins

Hygge, pronounced phonetically as "hoo-gah," is a concept that originated in Denmark but has made its' way to the renovation and interior design networks of North America. Hygge roughly translates to "coziness," but is often described as a mindset for fostering positivity and togetherness in negative aspects of life; an attempt to enjoy the smallest and most insignificant moments.

Winter is a particularly rough time for a lot of individuals, but the hygge mindset could assist in making those long, gloomy months pleasant and gratifying. 

Here at, we offer different ways to adopt Hygge into your renovation projects, helping to cultivate confidence and comfort at home.

8 ways to renovate your house using the Hygge mindset

1- Keep Warm

Hygge encourages us to mind the space we are surrounded by, and in the winter months, this means staying warm. Hygge asks those interested in trying out its methods to keep away from large, cold, empty places as well as fluorescent lighting. When it's below 0 outside, we look to stay as warm as possible. If you have the funds to do so, one of the simplest ways to stay in touch with this Scandinavian mindset is to install a fireplace or wood burning stove in your home.

Concrete drywall panels surrounding a wood burning stove can look stylish while protecting the walls and adding an extra layer of insulation. Before installing a fireplace, make sure to contact a professional and check the rules and regulations for your area. If this idea is too costly, consider installing pot lights on your ceiling with a warm-toned bulb, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in the home.

Hygge Window Treatment

2- Let the Light Shine Through

Another pillar of Hygge decor is letting natural light enter the home. However, this doesn't mean that windows should be left bare! There are ways to install beautiful window coverings that make the most of the light coming from outside whilst also creating a cozy, warm atmosphere with the indoor lighting. Since Hygge is a Scandinavian concept, created for colder climates with periods of the year that see little to no daylight, it's all about fostering coziness and soft lighting. When setting up the ideal window treatment for a hygge environment, there are several factors to take into account, such as colours, textures and layering. 

Although this type of decor is often associated with lighter tones, as you will notice in point #7 of this article, pops of colour are welcome and this is especially true for window coverings. Others will prefer to stick to airy sheer curtains or blinds which can be adjusted according to the time of day. There are many options available on the market, so the best approach when looking to dress your windows is to hire window treatment specialists who can share personalized advice. 

3- Bring the Outdoors Indoors

hygge home renovations

source: Flickr, Anne

Another essential element of Hygge is appreciating the winter months for everything they have to offer, including the outdoor elements. An excellent way to acknowledge your love of the great outdoors is to invite it into your home. Try decorating with kitsch accessories, such as a chandelier made of antlers (faux or otherwise) or a cowhide ottoman. Another hot ticket item this winter is a faux fur indoor teepee for children, a plush hut of their own so they can stay extra cozy while embracing the hygge spirit.

4- Let the Right People Into Your Home

Companionship and friendship are essential aspects of hygge, and figuring out ways to make your home more social is key to tapping into the mindset. Have you ever considered a bay window in your kitchen before? A bay window can become a social spot for friends to casually sit and chat with you while cooking dinner.

Don the bay window with shag rugs and faux fur throw pillows, and it quickly becomes a reading nook where you can curl up with your loved or little ones and watch the falling snow. If this renovation isn't an option for your current abode, consider creating a soft and snug nook close to a window, where all can gather and appreciate the cold, from indoors, together.

5- Minimalism and Hygge

Hygge is all about keeping things uncluttered and sharp. Clean white walls are an essential aspect of the hygge mindset, so if your home has been calling for a quick update, now is the time to search for some fresh paint! Consider an elegant white to match the snow, transforming your home to mimic the aesthetic of the season.

Also, work on decluttering your home and keeping only those necessary fixtures and accessories around. If you are finding a piece of furniture is taking up more space than it's worth, it's definitely time to re-think and re-purpose! Donating old pieces to make room for newer, sleeker, more functional updates is something to bear in mind when considering the hygge lifestyle.

6- Wood Accents to Complement Hygge

Hygge home decor

source: Flickr, travelingnearandfar

Oak is the perfect accent to the minimalist approach of white walls and a decluttered home. Wood accents can take on several forms, including wood panelling in the kitchen or bedroom as well as a new or recycled wood mantelpiece in the living room. One could even scatter a few multipurpose wooden cubes around the home, which work as excellent side tables or small footstools.

A larger change could come in the addition of new oak floors, which might be a costly project, but would up the resale value of any home.

7- A Pop of Colour

Pops of colour in respectable places can serve to balance rooms that have been stripped back and left au naturel in compliance with Hygge. But instead of thinking forest greens and warm browns, think deep reds, dark blues and even black accents. Consider an accent wall in the bedroom or living area. If you've just given all of your walls a fresh coat of paint, colour can come in the form of candles, which are a very important component of the Scandinavian lifestyle.  Scented candles with soft smells are best, as pleasant scents contribute to the overall feeling of comfort.

8- Foster Togetherness

Becoming more common in social situations is the lack of real-life interaction, as many people are spending more time with their smartphones and less time with their friends. Part of participating in the hygge mindset is trying to move away from our phone-centric culture.  Although some argue that hygge is about going analogue and switching off all devices in order to be present, there should be a balance of media and interaction.

Installing a home theatre system for listening to quiet music is one way to foster togetherness, as everyone in the room will be experiencing the same soundtrack. If you're really committed to the concept, have a "no phone" rule when friends are over, or try gathering on a faux fur rug on the floor and bringing out the board games for some fun.

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