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How to Obtain a Renovation Contract

How to Obtain a Renovation Contract

Advice for contractorHow to Obtain a Renovation Contract

For an entrepreneur, receiving a large number of requests for various projects bodes well for business. However, your phone ringing off the hook shouldn't be enough to reassure you.

Don't get carried away too quickly, because the time between getting in touch with your client allowed and the conversation following that first contact will have a big impact on your chances of completing the proposed contract. Or, it may slip through your fingers.

How to maximize your chances of securing a contract

Respond quickly to increase your chances of getting a contract

Signature de contrat de rénovation_Comment maximiser vos chances d'obtenir un contrat de rénovation?

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A study conducted at Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea and publicized by Harvard University states that the time allowed to respond to a request submitted by a customer shouldn’t exceed one hour. Speaking of which, it seems that responding to a request for information in such a short period of time increases your chances of having a meaningful conversation with the other person and capturing their interest.

If you think one day won't make a big difference, well, think again. By waiting 24 hours to respond to your client, your chances of obtaining the contract are 60 times lower. Returning a call early confirms your interest in carrying out the project proposed by your potential client. Clients clearly tend to favour this application to the detriment of contractors who may be slow to come into personal contact with the client.

Be informed

S'informer des rénovations

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However, there’s one caveat regarding the one-hour deadline. Indeed, although it’s important to respect it, contacting a client without being able to answer general questions about the ramifications of the project they’re proposing will in no way increase your chances of being selected to perform the proposed work. Thus, being hesitant or providing partial or inaccurate information is likely to damage your credibility and is indicative of a situation to be avoided at all costs.

Providing a personalized response to the precise context of the project will allow your interlocutor to be reassured about your level of competence and experience. To this end, they’ll understand that to you, no situation presents an insurmountable challenge. Of course, this isn’t about claiming that you can accomplish the impossible, but only about showing your persistence in bringing full satisfaction to your future customer if they should choose to do business with you.

Prove your skill level

travaux de construction_Comment maximiser vos chances d'obtenir un contrat de rénovation?

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In the event that certain difficulties arise during the work, take the lead in discussing the solutions you plan to implement. This will also confirm your competence in the eyes of the potential client, and prove that you’ve learned from past experience.

Remember that competence is closely linked to the context of the realization of a project. Thus, it’s in the heat of the moment that you’ll be able to truly prove your skill level.

Talking indiscriminately to get a contract can cost you dearly when the time comes to prove your skillset. Remember that being unable to meet a customer's expectations when you initially asserted your ability to do so will take a toll on your reputation in the long run.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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