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It’s no longer a secret that the construction industry is facing a labour shortage, as many companies report a lack of labour to meet... Read more
As a construction contractor, you’re likely committed to growing your business over the years and increasing the size of your customer base. To... Read more
If you are a renovation contractor, you are likely to have difficulty finding qualified employees to fill vacancies in your business. Aware of this problem... Read more
As a renovation contractor, being able to provide your clients with a fair cost estimate for upcoming work or projects is of great importance.... Read more
Are you the owner of a home (or commercial) renovation business? To show off your work, you should have a website! There is no... Read more
As you likely know, some provinces are working on reopening construction and renovation sites in the upcoming weeks, after being closed for a certain... Read more
As a contractor, the trust-based relationship that you build with your customers is essential to your success and to the growth of your company. If you... Read more
A few months ago, if you had told us that we would be telling contractors to present quotes remotely, we would've had a hard time believing you. We are... Read more
We are currently going through an unprecedented situation around the world. It's hard to predict how much time the containment measures adopted to control... Read more
You are a renovation contractor and you have experienced bankruptcy of your company? There are all sorts of reasons why a renovation business can... Read more
As a contractor, you are familiar with the routine practice of getting your customers to sign contracts. Of course, managing this paperwork... Read more
As a renovation contractor, are you already thinking about the impressive amount of jobs that you will be working on in the peak season? Although this... Read more
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