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Register your business

Before registering, we suggest that you view this 6 minute video that covers how our service works.

To register, you can fill this form out and we will verify that everything is in order. You will get an email once the account has been opened.

Here is an overview of our services:

  • Free registration and no obligations, no monthly or annual fees;
  • You can select the services and territories that you cover;
  • You will receive projects according to your criteria;
  • You will have the option to say “yes” or “no” to projects and only pay if you say “yes”, Prices vary according to the type of project and will be indicated within the description of each project. In general, prices vary from $5 to $50;
  • No commission is charged when you sign a contract;
  • On average, we refer 3 contractors per project, with a maximum of 4 contractors;
  • Under certain conditions, you can ask to be credited for a specific project. Valid reasons for credits include having never been able to reach a client despite trying to do so in a manner that is deemed reasonable;
  • You can pay your invoices using a credit card or cheques.


Terms and conditions (hereafter “we”) offers a referencing service in the field of renovations. More specifically, we find potential clients which we refer to trustworthy contractors(“you”) that are a part of our network.


How the service works

  • We determine if the project matches your criteria (based on the services you offer and the areas you cover);
  • Each project is sent to a maximum of 4 contractors (3 contractors on average);
  • Projects are referred according to an order that is based on priority. This priority is determined by a quality score which is attributed to each contractor. The score is based on several factors such as customer satisfaction;
  • If you are chosen for a project, we will send you an email which includes all the basic information relating to the project (a short description of the work to be done, the location of the project site and the desired date);
  • After you have opened and read this message, you are free to decide if the project suits you or not. Simply click “YES” or “NO” accordingly:
    • If you click on “NO”, no fees will apply and the project will be sent to another contractor;
    • If you click “YES”, the price that is indicated in the message will apply. Shortly afterwards, you will get the client’s full contact information;
  • We contact our clients for follow-ups throughout the process to make sure that they are satisfied with the quotes and the work that has been properly completed (when applicable).



Our pricing methodology works as follows: each project is assigned one specific value (i.e. 30$) that will be clearly indicated in the email that contains the basic information about the project. When you click “YES”, this amount will be charged to your account.

To calculate the value of a project, we evaluate a wide array of factors including the size of the potential project. A bathroom painting project will be less expensive than a home extension project.


Account limit

When you register, you will be assigned a limited amount to your account. This limit will allow you to accept clients on credit up until that limit is reached. Once the limit has been reached, you have to pay your account before you are able to accept other clients. Your account limit will be increased over time (provided you have a good history with us).

For example: Your account limit is $100, meaning that you can accept clients until that limit is reached. Once it has been hit, you can pay your account balance directly using a credit card and after the payment has gone through, you will be able to start accepting new clients. If you use the service on a regular basis, your account limit will probably be increased to make your life easier.


Payment method

Here are the different methods you can use to pay your account:

  • Credit Card
  • Cheque


Your responsibilities

Our business model is based on a network of highly qualified contractors who we have selected for each category and region. Our main objective is to build “win-win” relationships with a limited number of contractors for each category.

To that end, here are our expectations towards the contractors with whom we build partnerships:

  • Answering quickly to the projects that we send by saying either “YES” or “NO”;
  • Following-up promptly with potential clients through email and/or by phone;

We enjoy working with qualified contractors who give quick answers for the projects they receive, are good at following-up with clients rapidly, offer high quality customer service, are competitive in terms of prices and have earned good feedback from clients.

Regarding privacy, you are not allowed to share the personal information of these clients to another person or company that is not a part of your company except in cases where the project is partly or completely carried out by a subcontractor.


Duration and cancellation

Our goal is to build a relationship that serves interests for both sides, thus meaning that there is no long term engagement. If at any moment you feel that our services are not reaping expected results, simply contact us and we will deactivate your profile. However, you will have to pay any unpaid bills before you are able to close your profile.

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