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2019 is coming to an end, and we are leaving a decade behind us. For many, 2020 promises great things: it’s a return to zero as well as a new... Read more
Whether it’s your home, condo, or apartment, it’s normal to want to change your decor after a while, and even more so if you’ve just moved... Read more
When remodelling your house, you might find yourself lacking inspiration. Either it be your brand new house or an old one you're looking to spruce... Read more
The DIY movement keeps growing every day, especially on YouTube. More and more young adults... Read more
When renting an apartment, either with roommates or by yourself, the bedroom quickly becomes our safe space. Not only does it reflect our taste,... Read more
Regardless of the time of year, it’s always interesting to make note of current decoration and design trends. Maybe you’re looking for a fun... Read more
The lighting in a home can completely transform the space, and its importance should not be overlooked. Track lighting is a wonderful option for... Read more
In 2020 the underlying inspiration is to create lush spaces by transforming traditional designs with a modern twist and by making use of textures... Read more
Light has an amazing impact on any room. Although natural light is the ideal form, once the sun sets we must rely on light from bulbs. This is... Read more
After the excesses of the holiday season and at the start of a new year, society becomes captivated with making resolutions that often manifest... Read more
Hygge, pronounced phonetically as "hoo-gah," is a concept that originated in Denmark but has made its' way to the renovation and interior... Read more
With all the aspects that need to be taken into consideration, renovations can be tricky and can put you through a lot of stress. For this type... Read more
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