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Here are some Home Renovation Contractors in Stouffville, Ontario

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Your home renovation project

Thinking of reinvigorating the design of your home? Here are some ideas to inspire you and make you want to finally launch those renovation projects that need to be carried out!

Renovation projects

To begin a transformation project, it may be wise to think of ways to modernize your interior or make it more functional. Lacking ideas? Here are a few:

In terms of trends that will take center stage this year, we must mention the use of wood into various developments and in architectural styles.

Secondly, open space layouts are making a big comeback. The deficiencies inherent to a lack of soundproofing and privacy are now being addressed through the integration of divisions and strategically placed furniture.

In the kitchen, patterned tiles will bring warmth and cheerfulness, while the quartz countertops will add a touch of luxury.

Your basement development project

If your basement is lackluster, why not rethink its lighting by adding artificial lighting or optimizing natural light? You could also decide to simply change the color palette, this initiative could help you change the mood, increase the brightness and accentuate the effect of size. If space seems insufficient, tearing down partitions could be an avenue to consider.

For other suggestions, see our article 10 renovation projects to transform your basement.

The most profitable renovation projects

For those who do not know where to turn, why not opt ​​for projects where the return on investment is the best? On this point, let's say that it is well known that bathroom and kitchen renovations are wise choices. Indeed, each of these projects is synonymous with a return on investment between 75% and 100%, which is quite considerable.

Kitchen renovation

For your kitchen, be aware that changing your countertop is a project that can adapt to all budgets and can quickly enhance the appearance of the room. In the same vein, painting the cabinets or changing the backsplash could bring new life to your outdated kitchen at a low cost.

Bathroom renovation

For this room, the modernization of elements that reveal signs of wear can have a major impact. That's why replacing the old floor for a brand new ceramic covering or installing a new bathtub will make a big difference. If you need more details about the costs of renovating your bathroom, read our article Bathroom Prices: Renovation.

Not a fan of spending your weekends on a renovation project? Hire a professional!