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Making environmentally-friendly choices is becoming a common concern these days in terms of home renovations. Eco-responsible options are available for each type of material and each type of service. It is a commonly-held belief that green renovation projects are more expensive yet oftentimes, prices are the same. Moreover, since they represent savings in terms of energy consumption, the amount of money that is spent for things like utility bills will compensate any difference in price, either in the long or short term.

Renovation projects that are deemed environmentally-friendly are also characterized by the fact that they aim for good energy efficiency and that they are made using products with low environmental impacts. There is also a marked concern right now for the health of the home occupants. Lastly, locally sourced products are prioritized over imported products.

Are you planning a green renovation project?

We can help you find contractors! Our network is made up of renovation companies in all fields of the home construction and renovation industries. Here are a few examples of the green renovation projects that can be carried out by our contractors:

  • Improving the home’s insulation;
  • Green kitchen renovation;
  • Green bathroom renovation;
  • Solar panels;
  • Eco-friendly and renewable materials (hemp, straw, wood, flax, cellulose wadding);
  • Heating systems;
  • Low consumption toilets;
  • Durable floor coverings;
  • Recycled products (paint);
  • Energy star products and appliances;
  • Low consumption lighting;
  • Etc.

Are you looking for a general contractor for energy-efficiency improvement projects in your home?

We refer both licensed trade specialists and general contractors.  However, for large-scaled projects, working with a general contractor is recommended. These types of contractors are able to carry out full projects from start to end, by subcontracting the tasks that they are not able to complete themselves. They are responsible for completing each step of the process, which takes a considerable amount of weight off your shoulders.

3 important facts about environmentally-friendly renovation projects

  • Are you afraid of having to spend fortunes to update your home according to environmental norms? Know that several financial assistance programs and subsidies are available to help you save money. Programs change often and differ from one province to another but here are some that are available at the moment:
    • In Ontario, the Home Reno Rebate program allows home owners to get a $2500 rebate for eco-friendly home renovations
    • In Quebec, Renoclimat is a renovation program that touches on structural elements (roof, foundations, exterior walls), floors, ventilation and heating, among other things.
    • In Nova Scotia, Efficiency Nova Scotia offers rebates, free upgrades and other goodies for green home renovation project.
  • For an eco-friendly insulation, recycled materials or plant materials should be prioritized. The main criteria to take into account is thermal conductivity and renewability.  
    • Plant materials: cork and hay
    • Recycled materials : cellulose wadding
  • Green roofs help reduce the urban heat island effect. They protect the roof’s membrane and encourage the biodiversity of the environment in which they are installed. There are intensive green roofs, which require a lot of maintenance, and extensive green roofs, which are more wild and easygoing.

Check out our blog to learn the latest news about green renovations.

Here is a photo gallery showcasing different renovation projects carried out by contractors that are a part of our network:

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Are you a contractor that specializes in green renovation projects?

We want to work with you! Fill out our registration form. It’s easy and comes with no obligations. Click here to learn more. 

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What a productive and pleasant experience. The entire process worked like clockwork. We got responses from contractors who clearly understood their craft and were consequently able to make the best choice for our particular needs.

Ron Hinzel
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Very efficient to find local contractors within a day. Extremely quick, and the contractors usually contact you. You only need to fill out one form instead of contacting multiple contractors. They offered us a wide range of contractors, at varying prices and experience levels. They were also able to find us contractors who had smaller businesses - they were much more affordable than the competition, but we wouldn't have found them otherwise because a lot did not have websites.

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Very prompt service, they found me a good contractor! 10/10

Kevin Blakeley
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I stumbled on Renoquotes while searching for a local painter. I found their website and was pleasantly surprised by the service. It’s like a search engine for local contractors. You enter the details of your project and your location and they will put you in touch with three or more local contractors. You get estimates from those and then decide what to do next. It worked very well. I would recommend them.

Shiraz Elkheir
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In Vancouver BC, I went with SN Consulting for my painting project. They are great and have been doing it for years. They also do other services!

Martin Nowak
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Very good portal and was able to find a contractor for a very niche project.

Paolos Betros
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We have been in business for 20 years now, We decided to signed up with and we only have good things to say, they're fast to reply and they bring a lot of potential customers for your business. This is a reliable company. Thanks Renoquote !

Christine and Christian Charbonneau
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Excellent website help customers find a good contractor. The service of web agent is knowledgeable and provide extra help. Highly recommended.

Allie Sandra MIN
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We needed a window seat made for our bow window in the playroom. We dealt with Hassan from J and H renos. We had started the job with someone else, but they were unable to complete the job due to illness. Hassan came in and priced the job and worked with what we had. He did an amazing job and his workmanship was impeccable. I would highly recommend this company for any renovations.

A Waterson
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Supplied some Great Company Names and quick Quotes. Used one of them and they did a GREAT job at a reasonable price. Will refer to others.

Doug Sontag
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