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Wow! Thanks for this excellent service, it's a really neat concept - February 24th 2017
Bergis Haché
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Reliable, fast service that saves us tons of calls and callbacks. I sent them my request in the middle of the afternoon and I had 2 contractors already contacting me early in the evening. They also took the time to surveyed the quality of service I got from the contractors. The contractors that gave me a quotation did an excellent work detailling and explaining the cost of the work to be done. If needed, I would not hesitate to do business with them again. - May 11th 2016
Lucy Chartray
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Laurie De Paola
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I am completely satisfied with the services you offer. Everything happened very quickly and it's your team that found contractors to do the work. Contractors are qualified people. AAA Renovations who carried out the renovation at my home was very professional. I am completely satisfied with the work performed. Thank you for your help. - December 2016
Hubert Lanoue
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When you search for a contractor on the South Shore, this is the best place to find one... We had the choice between a few contractors that wanted to give us a quotation and we decide on which one we prefer!!! It's a service that work with us and really helps! - May 30th 2016
Mireille Perron
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Well done for this service that saves us from hours of searching! - April 10th 2016
Johanne Pomerleau
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Very courteous and keep their word. This is a very good site to help accomplish your renovations. - May 14th 2017
Lucia Contrino
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Excellent service. Got quick answers from professional contractors. They were available to give quotations on site. A website to keep in mind for renovation and construction projets. - November 2016
Jacques Labrecque
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Maryam Toumrai
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I loved the experience :) You have sent me great contractors and the quotes came back within 3 days... All of them were professionnals. The work was completed in no time and it was well done. I'm very impressed! I strongly recommend your service! - June 9th 2017
Guylaine Cloutier
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Carol Waterman
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Are you looking to hire a mason? Don’t hire a person that doesn’t have the necessary certifications! Working with experienced specialists is important. can help you as you search for contractors.  We have several masonry specialists in our network, all of whom have the necessary permits and licences to complete this kind of work.

Does your project require you to replace a few bricks? To replace a whole exterior brick wall? Or to build a stone wall in your back yard? Fill out the project registration form and we will refer you to trusted professionals. They will visit the jobsite to present a detailed quote.

Here is an overview of the different services that are offered by masons in our network

  • Brick wall repair
  • New brick wall installation (interior and exterior)
  • Roughcast
  • Stone and paved stone installation
  • Structural anchor installation
  • Sills and lintels
  • Masonry maintenance
  • Stone walls
  • Chimney building and repairs
  • Etc.

Need estimates for your masonry renovation project? No need to look anywhere else!

No matter the size and span of your project, our goal is to make your life easier. Don’t lose hours searching for competent masons, we’ve done this part of the job for you! With our system, you will save time and money.

Are you looking for a mason that has a general contractor licence?

This type of licence allows the contractor to oversee a renovation project that touches on several types of renovation fields. If some of the tasks don’t fit with their own specialities, they will hire trusted subcontractors to complete these tasks.  In the end, a general contractor is responsible for carrying out all aspects of the renovation project and making sure that the end result suits your expectations.

4 things to know about masonry renovation projects:

  • Bulging walls are a common problem for exterior brick walls. Many people land on our website by typing the “bulging wall” keyword on search engines. Despite this fact, the condition remains little known. Unfortunately, the consequences can be quite serious. The main sign to help you recognize a bulging brick wall is that a section of it is either sinking in or leaning out. If your house is covered in bricks, it is important to conduct routine inspections to catch this type of problem before it gets too bad. In worst case situations, the wall could end up collapsing because the structural integrity would be affected.    
  • Prices can vary from one extreme to another, depending on the amount of work to be done and the type of repair that needs to be completed. Try to seek out the opinion of several companies before signing a contract. Compare the quotes according to the final amount they are charging and the services that are included.
  • Masonry is a field where people often try to DIY. Although good tutorials can be found on the Internet and some tasks can be completed without having advanced skills, it is always recommended to hire professionals. Mistakes are too easy and can have dire consequences.
  • How is it possible to recognize a brick that is too damaged for possible repair? Crumbling bricks are a common problem. Sometimes, the damage is entirely superficial and doesn’t affect the stability of the wall. This means that it isn’t necessary to replace bricks as soon as they show signs of wear and tear. However, it is still important to investigate in order to make sure that the damage isn’t too serious. In order to do so, use a metal rod or a utensil. Without hitting too hard, lightly tap the brick. If the surface starts disintegrating and turns to dust, this indicates that the brick needs to be replaced. Often, several bricks in the same area will have to be changed.

Check out our « blog » section to find out more information about masonry related renovation projects, including the average budget to plan for this type of renovation project and advice from specialists, covering a wide variety of subjects.

Here is a photo gallery showcasing different renovation projects carried out by contractors that are a part of our network:

Masonry 01 Masonry 02 Masonry 03 Masonry 04

Are you a mason or a masonry specialist?

We want to work with you! Fill out our registration form. It’s easy and comes with no obligations. Click here to learn more. 

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