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Price calculator - Painting project

The main factors that can influence the price of a painting project are:
  • The number of colours per room
  • The dimensions of the rooms
  • The number of roomsHowever, there are other factors that are not taken into account in our cost calculator such as
However, there are other factors that are not taken into account in our cost calculator such as
  • The number of elements that need to be circumvented (eg: window, cabinet, door, etc.)
  • The delay to complete the work (eg: requiring that the work be done in the summer, which can be more expensive)
Note: This cost calculator includes the amounts for the paint and for the completion of the work for 2 coats and the ceilings.
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Average price:
Including materials and labour
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Everyone has been through this type of situation: putting on an old t-shirt, covering the ground with a tarp and taking out a few paintbrushes to paint the walls of their home. The results weren’t always perfect but at least, the work was done. This was done to save money. Yet, when we think about it, hiring professional painters can actually be very cost-effective. All the more so seeing as even though paint is a renovation task that is accessible to anyone, top-notch results, like those obtained by experts, are hard to replicate.

Professional painters have seen it all: cathedral ceilings, multi-coloured living rooms, damaged walls… Nothing is intimidating to them and they know the best techniques and products for each situation. Although completing a painting task yourself is less expensive, there’s no way to match the precious advice and work quality that can be offered by pros., an online quoting service that helps you with your painting projects

Do you have a paint project in your home or business? We can refer painters! Paint companies in our network have been vetted through a selection process, in order to keep only those that are competent and trustworthy. Fill out the project registration form to be put in contact with the right people. These contractors will then come over to your house for an in-person meeting.

The types of services offered by residential painters: 

  • Residential painting (interior and/or exterior)
  • Commercial paint
  • Staining (balcony, patio, deck, wood accessories)
  • Drywall taping
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Minor repairs
  • Moldings
  • Painting cabinets
  • Plaster repairs
  • Decorating services
  • Cornices
  • Varnish (floor, balcony, deck, patio, wood accessories)
  • Wrought iron paint and repairs
  • Exterior cladding
  • Sealant products
  • Etc.

Does your renovation project go beyond painting? We have contractors in all fields

Electricians, woodworkers, landscapers, roof specialists, masons and much more! For all your renovation needs, go through Our network is made up of hundreds of certified renovation contractors.  Don’t lose hours looking for the perfect contractor! Our team takes care of the verification process for each company that signs up to our service. We only accept companies that have the required skills and licences, and that have a good reputation.  

4 things to know about residential painting projects

  • Paint is a great customization tool. It is a relatively affordable way to transform a space to suit your personal taste. However, when you decide to sell the house, according to experts, you should replace bold colours for more neutral shades (beige, gray, white), so that potential buyers can see themselves living in this house.
  • Don’t forget that dark colours tend to make a room or an object look smaller, whereas lighter colours make it look bigger. Therefore, a smaller room, especially one without a window, should be painted using lighter shades. The same rule applies to moldings. If you decide to go for contrasting colours for the wall surfaces and moldings, be careful not to choose a combination that will create too much contrast.
  • Kitchen and bathroom paint is different from the paint that is used in other parts of the house. First of all, because the product needs to be highly wear-resistant to elements such as heat and humidity. The surface also needs to be easy to clean, as grease and dirt tend to accumulate. Choose a paint product that is specifically made for these rooms.
  • When paint companies come over for the first meeting and the quote process, don’t forget to look over the details of what is included in the contract. In some cases, companies add options or include them by default. This may explain certain price variations between different proposals.

Check out our blog section to find out more information about paint, average prices for painting renovation projects and advice from experts.

Here is a photo gallery showcasing different renovation projects carried out by contractors that are a part of our network:

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