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A Taste of Affordable Luxury: Marble-Look Tiles


7 min read

A Taste of Affordable Luxury: Marble-Look Tiles

FlooringA Taste of Affordable Luxury: Marble-Look Tiles

You can now reap the unique benefits of marble while leveraging the functional qualities of ceramic tiles. The all-new marble-look tiles are suited to all rooms in a home, spanning traditional and modern styles. Whether used throughout or subtly, design and colour are both striking, resulting in a definite eye-catching result that resonates with all.  

How to Choose Marble-Look Tiles

Source: Canva

The faux marble look fits all styles and every décor. It underscores exclusivity and the much sought-after, one-of-a-kind factor. Marble-look tiling is functional, elegant, and a seamless fit. People tend to steer toward porcelain tiling on account of its value for money, low maintenance factor, and stain- and shock-resistance. It’s also resilient when exposed to temperature fluctuations and ideal in moisture-prone areas. 

Given the different finishes, marble-look tiles can be covered with a fine plastic film that perfectly recreates marble veining for a rich-looking and natural aesthetic. 

Ever since tile finishing processes were improved, quality replicates with random and imperfect marbling have been available for purchase. These tiles flawlessly emulate natural stone veining and its diverse shades. 

The tile finish is also manufactured. As such, you can choose between a smooth or textured, matte or glossy finish. Beyond aesthetics, choosing a finish is guided by the tile’s intended use. Therefore, in bathrooms, one tends to steer clear of smooth finishes, preferring anti-slip tiling.

In a nutshell, if you choose a quality product, you can barely tell marble-look tiles from natural stone tiling.

TRICK: Beyond traditional square- or rectangular-shaped tiles, marble-look tiles are retailed in hexagonal or mosaic-like shapes. Large-sized tiles can also be used to create a rich, luxurious, seamless look. Don’t overlook marble-look wall tiling! 

Characteristics of Marble-Look Tiles

Marble-look tiles have several appealing factors, way beyond their stunning beauty. 

1. Anti-slip tile

Anti-slip versions are ideal for humid areas, even as shower tiling. 

2. Water-resistant material

With a practically non-existent water absorption rate, marble-look tiles are resistant to water infiltration and can be installed in humidity-prone areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Some even use them outside as patio tiling or around a pool perimeter. Unlike natural stone, which is porous and vulnerable to water, marble-look tiles don’t require a water shield treatment. 

3. Resilient flooring

Much like genuine stone, marble-look tiles are known for being solid and resilient.

4. Highly durable

Over time, natural materials develop a sort of patina, which transforms their look, in some cases, for the better, but others for the worse. Marble-look tiles preserve their look throughout the years, making it a durable material. Also, it's especially scratch-resistant.

5. Low maintenance

Unlike the genuine product, marble-look tiling isn’t porous and practically unaffected by moisture. This sort of tiling requires minimal upkeep and is resistant to stains, as its surface doesn't allow dirt or liquids to seep through. Therefore, it’s easy to clean without the need for specific treatments or harsh chemical products. 

6. Plenty to choose from

Additionally, marble-look tiling is retailed in a wide range of stunning colours, with a multitude of different finishes, veining, textures, and formats.  

Marble-Look Tile Colours

Elegant, luxurious, and refined, marble-look tiles are just as suited for a sobre, minimalist décor as a one-of-a-kind, daring, and exuberant setting. The various shades retailed mean they can be paired with numerous materials: wood, leather, brass, copper, etc.

Time-Honoured Marble-Look Tiles: White, Black, Grey, and Beige

White marble tiles suit luxurious, Baroque-inspired homes like a glove, while contemporary or high-tech settings are perfect for darker-coloured marble-look tiles, like anthracite or black. White Carrara marble-look tiles suit blond wood grain for a Japandi décor, in other words, an aesthetic that’s mid-way between Scandinavian- and Japanese-inspired.

In a nutshell, time-honoured colours are perfect when creating trendy, urban, and casual décors.

A Hint of Blue or Green

For a bohemian or modern décor, it’s best to emphasize daring marble-like flooring showcasing shades of blue or green. Used subtly, here and there, it’s a whimsy pop of colour making for a distinctive ambience.

Bathroom and Kitchen: Reasons to Choose Marble-Like Tiling

Source: Canva

Whether installed as flooring or a wall covering, marble-look tiling is a clever choice compared to natural stones. Marble, no matter the type, is a limestone that’s vulnerable to acidic substances, one that can easily stain when exposed to chemical products, but also vinegar and lemon juice.

In a kitchen or bathroom, marble-look tiling will withstand physical shock and have simple upkeep, preserving its appearance over time.

TRICK OF THE TRADE: Polished tiling isn't known for its slip resistance. As such, people tend to avoid installing such flooring in bathrooms or kitchens. 

Marble-Look Tile in a Bathroom 

In a bathroom, whether used on the floor or walls, marble-look tiles make for a refined, modern or classic setting. 

Paired with other types of flooring, it’s used sparingly to delimit specific areas, such as a shower corner or vanity. 

For a more daring décor, marble-look tiles can just as well be used floor to ceiling. For an even more unique aesthetic, focus on contrasting colours like black and white, opting for shades of black and golden brown to convey a luxurious aesthetic or even white and blue for a fresh new look.

Marble-Look Tile in a Kitchen

In a kitchen, marble-look tiling showcases its full potential. Whether it’s used as flooring, wall treatment, backsplash, or countertop, it combines the refined authenticity of marble with the low maintenance of tiling. Its resistance to scratches, stains, and heat is also a non-negotiable asset. 

Preferred aesthetics:

  • Large format tiles to dress up a kitchen island or countertop

  • Large tiles used as a backsplash

  • One-of-a-kind tiling featuring small tiles, herringbone, or mosaic patterns

Installing Marble-Look Tiles

Source: Canva

While tiling doesn’t require any specific skills, hiring a professional is best to ensure a flawless and durable result. 

Next up: Marble-look tiling guidelines.

How to Install Marble-Look Tiles

  1. As a precautionary measure, wear gloves, work goggles, and a mask

  2. Remove the existing flooring, if any

  3. Meticulously clean the surface

  4. Make sure the surface is flat and smooth

  5. Plan the installation based on the size of the tiles and the surface to cover

  6. Recreate the design on the intended surface

  7. Start tiling in the middle

  8. Grout between the tiles

  9. Clean the tiles

  10.  Let the grout joints cure before applying a sealant

How to Maintain and Clean Marble-Look Tiles

As already mentioned, marble-look tile maintenance is much easier compared to genuine marble upkeep. Given that it’s not porous, it can be cleaned with water and a gentle soap as necessary. 

Its maintenance routine doesn’t call for strong products nor does it need specially designed water, moisture, or stain shielding treatments. Since it’s easy to clean, it’s perfect for shower tiling.  

The Cost of Marble-Look Tiles

While low maintenance is marble-look tiling’s main advantage over genuine stone, its price point is without a doubt a close second.

Marble, on top of having an expensive retail price, requires a rather pricey maintenance routine. While shockingly similar in looks, faux marble is decidedly more budget-friendly.

Marble-look tiles are practical, affordable, and aesthetic, costing between $2.39 and $9.99 per square foot.

Affordable Elegance: The Appeal of Marble-Look Tiling

Marble-look tiling is an appealing option for those seeking budget-friendly luxury. This article detailed how marble-look tiling pairs the timeless allure of genuine marble with the practicality and durability of tiles. Such tiling is available in a wide range of patterns and shades, making for versatile and unparalleled design options for all areas of the home. Furthermore, its low maintenance factor along with its stain-resistance make it an ideal choice for daily use, devoid of compromise, style-wise. By opting for marble-look tiling, you’re essentially choosing refined aesthetics boasting a functionality tailored to a modern lifestyle. Considering the above-mentioned, this type of tiling is proof that luxury and affordability can coexist, adding a sophisticated touch to your home without so much as turning it into a financial burden.

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Last modified 2024-01-29

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