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Everything you need to know about carports

Last modified: 2023-01-19 | Approximate reading time 4 mins

You own the beautiful home, the beautiful car; some may say you have it all. But, are you taking good care of your car and giving it a place to rest the engine at night? If you don’t have the room for a full garage, you may consider installing a carport. The carport finds just the right balance between a place to store vehicles and additional items without taking up an excessive amount of space.

If you’ve never heard of a carport before but are looking for somewhere to shield your vehicles from the wear and tear of the great outdoors, then look no further. We’ll offer everything you need to know about the versatility and advantageous structures.

Here’s everything you need to know about carports!


What is a carport exactly?

A carport is fairly simple to understand. This structure can be made of fabric, steel or other material of your choosing and is in place to provide protection from the weather for vehicles including cars, trucks, boats, tractors and anything else you might want to keep out of harm's way. The majority of carports are built as free-standing structures and are simple in design, including a roof and support posts. Since they are free-standing, carports have the ability to be placed virtually anywhere in an outdoor space.

Instead, you might decide to attach it to your home or an adjacent building. The material you choose for your carport will have a huge impact on the level of protection it offers. Obviously, if you’re living in a snowy and rainy climate, we’d suggest you avoid using a fabric material and opt for something more substantial.

What use does a carport have?

As we’ve already mentioned, a carport’s main purpose is as an effective place to store a variety of vehicles. The majority of carports are placed in the driveway, either leading into an entranceway to your home or adjacent to the house itself. But as we mentioned, these structures can be placed pretty much anywhere on your property, as long as they have a flat surface to rest on. Without a carport or additional storage facility and with exposure to the outdoor elements, your vehicle runs the risk of developing exterior damage, rust, nicks, scratches and other forms of destruction.

Although the premier function of carports is to protect and shield vehicles of all different types, these structures have many other uses. One of those might be to provide shade or an awning over your patio, picnic table, deck or yard. Unlike a garage which takes up tons of space and often comes across as bulky or unattractive, carports can be seen as the middle ground since they offer the versatility that a static structure cannot.

Not only can a carport be used for shade and shelter on the homefront, but they can also be used in public parks and other areas that need shade or a temporary cover. This is especially true for cities where temperatures climb during the summertime, a carport can offer an excellent solution and provide some much-need shade for vehicles as well as people by apartment complexes, institutions, office buildings and so on.

Different styles of carports

source: unsplash

As mentioned, carports are made of various materials and come in different styles. The choice you make will depend on the purpose of the carport as well as your local climate. Let’s look at some of the different options on the market right now:

Poly-fabric and steel

This is a seasonal option for those in colder climates or one that can be used year-round if you’re not dealing with any major rain, snow or ice. In most cases, the polyethylene used is treated for UV rays while also heat sealed for extra protection. This means that the surface is fade-resistance and waterproof. The steel frame is sturdy and this material will resist chipping, scratching, and rust, making it an attractive option for a backyard as an awning over a patio or deck. These models are simple in structure and design and are therefore easy to both assemble and disassemble.

Galvanized steel

This type of carport is for the homeowner looking for something stronger than a poly-fabric. Galvanized steel is excellent in wet conditions, as this material will resist chipping and rusting as well as corroding. Unlike a fabric carport, galvanized steel can be used year-round. This is even true in snowy, rainy or high-wind conditions, as they are sturdy! Not to mention that they are great for shade, shelter as an addition to a community center or apartment complex. When it comes to the actual installation process, you might require the help of a friend or a professional, as the roof itself can be too heavy for a single person to take on.


The vinyl-coated carport is the strongest option on the market. The vinyl-coating is applied over galvanized steel, and this extra layer has five times the strength and durability due to its thickness. These models are excellent as an adjacent piece to a home. As with the other models, the steel is scratch, rust and corrosion-resistant. This model of carport often comes as a freestanding structure or as one which can be attached to the home. In terms of style versatility, this is the one which will have the most options.

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