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How to expand a mobile home

How to expand a mobile home

Exterior renovationsHow to expand a mobile home

If you’re living in a mobile home or you’re in possession of one for traveling, chances are you're already well aware of the benefits. A mobile home is a dream for nomads, travelers, and all those in between. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has access to a mobile home, you may feel a little bit stunned by the size of the structure.

Remember, just because your home is mobile, doesn't mean it can't be renovated to a larger size. If you’re curious about taking on this project but have no idea where to start, we’ve got it covered.

Here’s how to expand a mobile home

To consider before building an addition on a mobile home

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Firstly, make sure an addition is within your budget. Home additions are time-consuming and costly, no matter what the size. Carefully map out a budget that includes all material and labour costs.

Another point worth mentioning is that additions should not be attached directly to a mobile house, but should instead be built as a completely separate piece. This piece will then be butted against your mobile home. This is because if the addition is attached to the mobile home itself and the ground beneath it happens to shift or move, the addition will break loose. This can cause it to be destroyed. Therefore, it’s best to allow the addition to stand independently. In this case, make sure to consider if you have the space on your property for a static mobile home addition.

If you're considering taking on this renovation to increase your property value, we'd say this would not be a worthwhile venture. An addition to your mobile home will not increase its resale value, and unless it's permanently installed, it won't be able to exist in a different market.

This is also important in terms of taking out loans to finance the project, as they may be harder to obtain. If your home is already paid for, and you’re not looking for a way to refinance it, then this is a perfectly possible renovation project. Next, we’re going to look at permits and how they work in the world of mobile homes!

Home Addition Permits for Mobile Homes

As a mobile home is mobile, it's governed by different rules than a regular home. This is especially true in the case of renovations. Some municipalities may have strict rules against mobile home renovations, so make sure to do plenty of detailed research before driving in your hammers and nails. If you live outside of a major city, the rules that apply to mobile home renovations may be slightly more lenient. However, within a city, this project will likely involve permits, inspections, and fees. This is why it’s important to talk to as many people as possible about the renovation before moving forward with it.

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Last modified 2023-11-07

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Table of contents

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