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Which Exterior Siding Material Should You Choose?

Which Exterior Siding Material Should You Choose?

Exterior renovationsWhich Exterior Siding Material Should You Choose? has prepared a comparison chart presenting different exterior siding materials that are available on the market.  The most commonly used are brick, aluminum and vinyl. 

When choosing your exterior siding material, one of the most important things to take into consideration is the weather conditions that prevail in the area where you live. Don't hesitate to ask your contractor for some advice. They will be able to help you. Try to determine your budget.

Prices vary greatly from one material to another. You should also take into account the amount of time you are willing to put into the maintenance of the outdoor siding. If you opt for wood, know that it will require a lot more work than brick, for example.

Different types of exterior siding materials

Exterior siding type
Vinyl siding
One of the most popular choices;Available in different colours and textures;Vinyl siding costs approximately $2,50 to $8/square foot.
Light;Affordable;Easy to install;Shock and scratch-resistant.
If it isn't properly installed, the material can warp;Vinyl can be affected by the temperature;Under sun rays, dark colours can become pale.
Aluminum siding
It can be painted to match any colour you wishClick here to learn more about the pros and cons of aluminum siding;Aluminum siding costs about $4,50 to $12/square foot. 
Very resistant to strong winds and temperature changes;Doesn't warp;Durable material.
Less shock resistant than vinyl;If bumped, chances are a permanent mark will appear;Not fire-resistant.
Wood siding
Gives extra value to the house due to its noble nature;Galvanized or aluminum nails must be used to prevent rust;It can be painted or stained;Available in many different colours and textures;It can be used on one section of the wall, to add a nice stylish touch to the house;Between $6 and $17 per square foot
Affordable;Nice look
Beware of fires!Must be treated to prevent mould;Requires more maintenance compared to other materials: flax oil treatment every 5 years;Contact your local authorities to know if this type of siding is allowed.
Wood fibre siding (cannexel)
Engineered wood: wood fibre, resin and wax;Top-quality wood imitation;Found in many different colours, textures and designs;Approx. $4 to $14 per sq. foot, including installation.
Requires little maintenance;Better resistance against humidity and UV rays compared to regular wood;Good durability;Good for the environment.
Fibro-cement panel
A mix of cement, sand, and cellulose;Can be smooth or textured, sold in boards or panels;Architect associations warn owners about using this type of material;Fibrocement panels cost approximately $4 to $10/square foot.
It is very resistant against fires and bad weather;Unlikely to develop mould or to attract parasites;Some affirm that it is very durable (although others have disputed this fact)**It doesn't require a lot of maintenance.
**The Quebec Architect's association has noted that although it has been presented as durable, it is not as resistant as it should be: cracks, discolouration and chipping are common problems. However, manufacturers say that this is not true.Manufacturers say that past problems have been fixed. You'll have to check with your contractor to get their opinion on the matter.
Brick exterior siding
Still a very popular option amongst homeowners;Brick exterior siding costs around $13 to $55/square foot. 
Very good for soundproofing;Very resistant;Lasts a long time;It requires little maintenance.
Expensive;The house's structure must be thicker to support the weight of the brick. Therefore, this may create extra costs;It can lead to serious problems such as bulging walls.
Bricks without mortar
Made of calcite and cement;Different colours are available.
Can be installed on top of the mortar;Easier to install than other types of bricks;It requires a little bit of maintenance.
Installation should be done by a professional as it requires more work than putting up vinyl or aluminum siding.
Acrylic coating
Factory-made products;A mix of cement or expanded polystyrene with an acrylic base;Approx. $10 to $12 per sq. foot, including installation.
Gives a nice look to the house;Resistant to bad weather.
Must be installed by a professional;Making this product creates a lot of pollution.
Resembles brick and stone siding but costs a lot less money;Bricks or stones are installed on a polystyrene mould which is bolted to the house using stainless steel sheets and screws;Known for its insulating properties; Esthetically pleasing;Costs approximately 10 to 12$ per square foot (materials only).
Easy to install;Much quicker to install than brick;Insulation (R13.5);Same advantages as brick and stone but costs a lot less money;Offers good ventilation;Weatherproof (if the joints are well done);Possible to install it on a new home or an older building.
If not properly installed, certain problems can occur (especially when it comes to the joints);Since the product is relatively new, there is not a lot of documentation about its durability. However, up to now, the feedback is positive. 

To find out about the average prices of different home renovation projects, check out our Home renovation price guide. 

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Last modified 2024-01-29

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Table of contents

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